Fetching Friday – Resources, #FollowFriday, Personal News & PageRank (Again)

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, #FollowFriday recommendations, some personal news, another PageRank update, previews and reviews, and an engaging music video.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week.

Blogging / Design

Tech / SEO

Social Media


Personal Development / Growth / Self Improvement


Last, but not Least

#FollowFriday Recommendations on Twitter

Here are my #followfriday recommendations.

One more shout to last week’s recommendations: @Wimbledon, @KushMoney, and @orlandorand.

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Personal Notes
This has been hell week. Last week at my job, my small department was cut in half, and the four of us left have been overloaded with our own work plus the stuff from our former colleagues. And next month is in the air as to what we will be doing, as the work we were originally hired for is being outsourced. The resume is getting updated this weekend, just in case.

So needless to say, with the stress of job uncertainty and the extra workload, I haven’t kept up on my site as much as I would have liked. I’m hoping to catch up soon on comments, replies, and new articles though. I just wanted you all to know that I haven’t turned evil and started ignoring my readers! I truly appreciate all the comments and social network shares very much!

Brighter Notes
My site’s design made it to the front page of the Thesis Gallery. I was featured in an article on top 10 blog designs, and also in an interview on Clickkt.com. And last, but not least, I finished my first freelance WordPress customization project for this Phoenix dance studio.

PageRank Updates
Didn’t PageRank just happen last month? Yes. And it happened again just a few days ago. Kikolani remains at a PR 4, and Soulmates Wedding got a PR 1, which is interesting considering I haven’t done any SEO work on it at all. My freelance project mentioned above also went up from PR 2 to PR 3, so getting it uploaded on Monday must have paid off.

I usually take the time out to check individual article PR, but the site I used last time doesn’t seem to do it anymore. Any suggestions as to other freebie internal page PR checkers are welcome.

Week in Review

Thankfully, I had a guest post this week on things you could be doing besides checking statistics. Without that, I’d be at a loss for new articles, and there’s nothing worse for me in terms of blogging than to have an empty article week.

Preview for the week of 22 June 2009

Since I missed my planned posts this week on continuing the Benefits of Blogging series and the Mt. Lemmon photos, I will be posting those next week.


This was sent to me by one of my friends on StumbleUpon. The visuals in combination with the beat make it quite an interesting video. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    Another great Fetching Friday. Sorry to hear you got such an overload at work. You a great person and a hard worker from what we seen on this blog. They would be dumb to let you go. I hope everything works out.

    Deneil Merritts last blog post..Twittley Review

  2. says

    Thanks so much for the feature again Kristi! I read from your comment at Ching Ya’s blog that things have been really busy at work. Sorry to hear about the reduction in the department size. On a separate note, congrats on the increase in PR for your sites! I have much to learn from you in the domain of online marketing! Right now I’m focusing on building links through comments/article directories, though I plan to start expanding beyond that soon. I’d love to consult you when that happens, if it’s okay with you of course!

    Celes | CelestineChua.coms last blog post..My 25th Birthday! :)

  3. says

    @Frank: When trying to decide whether to catch up and be late with Fetching Friday, or just do the other posts next week and make this week’s a good one, I went with focusing on FF. :)

    @Ching: Thanks!

    @Jonathan: I don’t know about that… there is a lot of great articles in the blogging world that I am sure I’m missing!

    @Deneil: Thanks. I’m sure if they do, it’s for the good of the business. I still have positive hope though.

    @Celes: Thanks… I was surprised about the wedding site getting the boost, and my freelance project too, considering the updates started only 3 days after it went live. But I’m certainly happy about it. I’m always open to any questions you might have! :)

    @Jay: I’m glad you find them useful and informative enough to keep visiting each Friday! :)

  4. says

    Hi Kristi!

    Congrats on being featured for the theme – it is awesome looking!

    Now if I may throw in some “advice” about the job situation and all. Have you ever read the book by Wayne Dyer “Change your thoughts, change your life”? That statement alone has huge power for each of our lives. We can either think that the circumstances we are in are “bad” or change our perception and think they are “good”. I just quit my job today (well I told them I was done after the school year ended) So I walked away from a great salary to no salary at a time where most people would think I am crazy, give the “economy”. And I did like the job, but needed to move on for personal growth reasons and because I want to pursue my passions of writing and speaking professionally.

    So let us look at this deeper. The economy cannot dictate our lives. If you love this job, then look for the best in it and enjoy the tasks you are given. If you don’t, then yes spruce up your resume and look actively for something that will bring you more happiness and fulfilment, not out of fear that they let you go, but before any of that is even a consideration. Be in charge of your own happiness! Own your own happiness! And make your own happiness!

    You can expect nothing but great things from that :)

    Evitas last blog post..SkyWatch Friday – Top of the Sky

  5. says

    Man, the list seems to get longer with each update. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a hellish week Kristi. I hope it all works out OK as far as work is concerned. Good to hear that you have retained your PR4, and I am not surprised that your blog was listed on the front page of the Thesis Gallery.

    Sire@ WassupBlogs last blog post..The Argument For Paid Reviews

  6. says


    I am highly appreciating your Fetching Fridays, and I have to say that you created something really special. Not only in terms of information, but also in terms of overall structure, all your Fetching Fridays are sharing a common, very balanced structure, including links, personal info, blog updates and video. What I’m saying is that you are pretty close to creating a blogging style here, and that’s a very big achievement. Dedication and persistence pays off. Period.

    Thanks again for the link love, it is highly appreciated, as always :-)

    Dragos Rouas last blog post..Amazon Kindle 2 Review

  7. says

    hi kristi,

    congratulations for getting pr for your new site. that site looks really beautiful. i have visited some sites from today’s recommendations.

    BTW, thank you so much for listing one of my blog posts “A little comparison: Part 2″ on the “last but not the least” section. i appreciate it.

    best wishes.

    irtiza104s last blog post..Bloggers Unite: Say No to Drug Abuse

  8. says

    Thanks Kristi, a useful list as always. I’m a bit of a Firefox extension junkie and there are a few on that list that are new to me so I’ll be giving them a play. Sorry to hear about your work troubles, I hope you continue to find the time to work on the blog, now I’ve found your Fetching Friuday posts I’d hate to lose them!

    Stu | T-Shirt Insights last blog post..Cannibal – New Cool T-Shirt from Glennz Tees

  9. says

    Wow… thanks for so many useful links in one post.

    Relatively speaking: if it isn’t permanent, if there’s a possibility of escape, it’s not hell. If may seem like hell at the time but it’s only seeming. I’m in my sixteenth year of a rare incurable disease that has me mostly bedridden and in intractable pain…

  10. says

    Kristi, you’re not being evil. I think we all know how things go when life go hectic specially in this unstable ecnomic crisis that’s shading the skys of almost all countries right now.

    Cogrates on the featuring your site onthe frontpage of Theisdesign, PR and the development

    Internal Pages PR: try checking an add-on for firefox called ‘SearcStatus'; it displays ‘PR/Alexa/Compete/mozRank’ all into firefox and it’s accurate to a very good limit for pageranking. Consequently, you can also use the PRChecker Info @ prchecker.info it works for domains + web pages but you’ve to enter every page manualy which’s frustrating!

    Hichams last blog post..Un Homme et Une Femme [part 1]

  11. says

    Hey Kristi! Congratulations on getting some PageRank to your new site & good job getting your design on the front page of the Thesis Gallery. I really like your design.

    Also thank you for including one of my articles in your list! :)

    Caden Grants last blog post..Best Posts On Caden Grant

  12. says

    Haha, I love this spam protection! It’s been a long time I don’t do any math without a calculator, at least it is easier. LOL

    That’s really great list Kristi! I really love the personal development links, success is more a state of mind than luck! 😀

  13. says

    We all face struggles in our lives and right now yours appears to be the possibility of being unemployed. God has granted your blog with a pr4 and apparently wants to challenge you else where.

    I’m guessing you’re job is fine?

    I don’t know what I woudl do if I was told my job might be at rick…

    bbrian017s last blog post..My First Official Blog in Advance Article