Fetching Friday – Resources, Guest Blogging Contest & Rocket Timelapse

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a great guest blogging contest, and an amazing timelapse video of the Discovery prepping for take off.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon and retweeted on @kikolani this week.

Blogging / Writing

  • 4 reasons to add a podcast to your blog – if only I could become comfortable with the sound of my own voice on recordings…
  • Analyzing the value of a blog post – results of a succeful blog post in terms of social shares, new subscriptions, and conversions.
  • 100 hacks to help you become a better writer – a short summary of 100 articles that will help improve your writing skills.
  • 20 pages every blogger needs to hvae – I don’t have several on my site, so it’s a good wakeup call.
  • 15 tips for attracting and connecting with non-blogging readers – sometimes it’s easy for bloggers to forget about new readers who may have never left a comment or subscribed to an RSS feed before.

Business / Career / Finance


Humor / Infographics / Inspiration

  • What does your email say about you – I feel good about this since I have my own domain and Gmail addresses. Fun tip: Gmail is looked upon as “more professional” than Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., so if you are job hunting, get Gmail.
  • Oil spill infographic – find out how bad it really is in an easy to understand graphic.
  • 40 inspiring examples of dark websites – some of these did a good job combatting the hard to read on a dark background issue.
  • Creative and useful 404 page error design – a nice reminder (again) that I need to change mine up drastically.
  • The evolution of television – large, detailed infographic timeline.

Link Building

  • How to not start link building – a post on link building mistakes from a year ago that is still applicable today.
  • Tips on developing a great viral marketing idea – link building with viral content.
  • Build links backwards – what would you do for a link you really want?
  • Free link building webinar covering tools to help you succeed in link building on June 10 at 11:30 AM EST – no, it’s not a post, but I figure link building enthusiasts might find it interesting.
  • Link building tool interview with Eric Ward – a professional with some interesting insight after 15 years in the biz.

Making Money Blogging / Making Money Online

  • 5 reasons you should bank on the internet to make money online – because who doesn’t like the sound of being their own boss.
  • 10 easy ways to monetizing your blog – the basics.
  • Review of the Amazon WordPress plugin for quickly building Amazon affiliate sites – a good way to increase Amazon sales on your WordPress blog.
  • Details on whether Sponsored Tweets and other ad platforms are banned from Twitter – I haven’t tried any of these, but would be curious if they work.
  • Win an iPad and earn money for referring influencers with MyLikes – a quick review of the MyLikes program.
  • 5 steps to six figures – the formula for making money online from building a list to launch day of your product. Late addition.

Personal Development / Self Improvement

  • Performance vs. fulfillment – which drives you, and how can you find balance.
  • Why breaking bad habits just got easier – many people try to skip the “are you ready to break the habit” step which makes the actual breaking of it a problem.
  • 5 tips on how to develop an assertive personality – simple ways to expand your comfort zone and gain confidence.
  • Staying strong in times of emotional adversity – it’s easy to be strong when things are going well, but what do you do to stay stable when things are going wrong.
  • When goals stop working – or how to perservere when your plans fall through.

Photography / Digital Art

Search Engines / SEO / Analytics

Social Media

Tech / Tools / Tips

  • 27 useful screen capture tools – for when Print Screen doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Ultimate list of free Android apps – great apps. My tip of the day for Android users who haven’t upgraded to 2.1 – DON’T DO IT.
  • Top 10 internet scams you shouldn’t fall for – there were a few that were new to me in this list.
  • Top 10 Google products for bloggers – with exception to one or two, if you’re not using them, you should be!
  • How to use your iPad for summer travel – apps for planning your vacation on your iPad.



  • Top 5 plugins to convert WordPress to a membership site – convert your current blog or a new WordPress site to a membership site.
  • Clone Yahoo answers with WordPress – a great interactive addition to any website.
  • Beginners guide to BuddyPress – features BuddyPress adds onto the standard WordPress CMS, plugins, and themes..
  • Scribe SEO – a review of the WordPress plugin that can act as your blog’s personal SEO guru. If you are a Third Tribe member, look for the Scribe thread – huge savings for the advanced plan!
  • Complete to do list and plugins for WordPress site maintenance – if your site isn’t performing as well as you would like, it may be time to check “under the hood” of your WordPress install and fix some problems.

Famous Bloggers – ComLuv Guest Blogging Contest

Update 6/21/2010: My entry for this contest is a post on how to use CommentLuv to promote your articles on HubPages, Squidoo, Bukisa, EzineArticles, GoArticles, and other article networks and directories. A must read for article marketers – learn how to strengthen your article marketing strategy.

Famous Bloggers and ComLuv have teamed up to put together a month long guest blogging contest beginning on June 7th with a total of $2,450 in cash prizes (so far).

The sponsors for this contest are:

$300 Sponsors

$150 Sponsors

$100 Sponsors

$50 Sponsors

Sponsor benefits include getting a nice amount of backlinks from the following blogs: CommentLuv Community, Social Media Strategy, Income Blogging Guide, Blogging Tips, New Media Bloggers, Web Design, Good Millwork, Sharing Knowledge, Executive Gifts, FiddyP, and yours truly with your choice of anchor text for your links (as demonstrated above).

Being a ComLuv contest sponsor is a small investment for the exceptional link opportunities each sponsor receives not to mention the increased exposure you receive from over 20,000 bloggers who use CommentLuv. If you are interested, contact Hesham and stay tuned for more details about the contest on Monday on Famous Bloggers.

Week in Review

This week, Kikolani featured two great guest posts – 3 steps to find blogging inspiration and 10 things that can hurt your blog. The discussion in both are great, and definitely worth checking out and jumping in the conversation!

Rocket Timelapse

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  1. says

    Huge resources I especially like the Facebook privacy issue – 60% facebook user are satisfied over privacy issues. But some others are already quit this site. Good SMO resources here.

  2. says

    Thanks for the link luv. Terrance’s A Complete To-Do List & Plugins for WordPress Site Maintenance is just what I need as I do quite alot of maintenance/tweaks on my blog 😉

    • says

      You’re welcome. I think I need to do some maintenance too. My comments area is running slower than normal today in the admin side.

  3. says

    Thanks Kristi, i will be studying the wordpress database optimization articles in depth since my DB is soo bogged down. And the WP membership plugins article was a great catch also. I have been testing a few and hit some major problems, but maybe some of the others on the list will play nicely with my configuration.

    .-= New from Marc Al Gore, Former US VP, Announces Separation from Wife Tipper =-.

    • says

      Plugins can be your best friend or your nemesis. I’m working with one that is driving me insane… but IF it works like it is supposed to, it will be brilliant.

    • says

      Thanks. These posts sometimes kick my butt when putting them together, but they’re well worth it when I get great feedback! Thanks. :)

    • says

      It made sense… I had two weeks where I had great SEO and link building articles and had to sort them down to 5. So I just started the extra category because I always find good articles for both topics.

    • says

      You’re welcome. My theory is that if everyone learns at least one new things from my post, then it is successful. :)

    • says

      You’re welcome… your post was unique to the regular content, but still focused on topic, so it was perfect!

  4. says

    wow again good Resources Kristi, i like all points are good, if you trust any one then no bad to made admin to your facebook page, i made it also the concept is good looks like linkedin you can also made moderator on your group of linkedin profile. thanks for Timelapse Rocket Taking Off video nice one…

    one more thing i think today kristi’s Birth day….So Happy Birth day To you…
    Wish you many many returns of the day…
    .-= New from Govind Singh@SEO Company Advance tools to empower your Internet Marketing services =-.

  5. says

    Thanks for your sharing Kristi! It has been a long time I left blogosphere for my holiday. You have given me a lot of resources to read and keep on the pace in blogosphere. :)

  6. says

    Wow! What a goodie bag full of treats. Where to begin is the question, ultimately! I’m first going to take a peek at the 20 pages every blogger needs to have. You got a typo on have there, by the way.

  7. says

    I like your list. I think I already saw Modern Mami’s list somehow somewhere earlier this week when someone else showed it to me. But then I’ve been over here before too, just never commented before. Also? I’m now subscribed to your Stumbles. Thank you for all this useful info.
    .-= New from Margaret (Nanny Goats) Counting Crows (and Dead Celebrities) =-.

  8. says

    I am really concerned about the oil spill in Mexico. I hope that something can really be done to stop it now before it becomes an international crisis. The article, Skinny on the Oil Spill really explained what is really happening in simple terms. I hope that more people would understand and pay attention and act.

    • says

      I cannot believe it is still going. With all of the technology out there, it seems like someone should have some way of stopping it.

  9. says

    I find that if you start to either be a Guest on a Podcast or even Co-host a Podcast you start to get more and more confortable with your voice. I have been doing over the year, off and on and You wouldn’t believe how much better I am feeling and how I have wanted to start my own podcast but don’t have the equipment for it. I can easily buy an USB Mixer for under $100. I guess it is time to start. This is a great post for those who might want to consider alternatives in blogging!!
    .-= New from techlinkblog 5 things to do when You get scammed and burned!! =-.

  10. says

    I love your Friday roundups. I always found atleast a handful of post to read.
    Keep up the good work and I’d love to have you guest post someday :)
    .-= New from benwaynet Follow Friday =-.