Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, 31DBBB, #FollowFriday

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, news about participating in 31DBBB, #FollowFriday recommendations, and a preview for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week.

Bullet 20 pages every blogger should consider
Bullet How I got two days of record breaking traffic
Bullet The value of positive working relationships
Bullet Promotion, Money, and Tools in the first 6 months of blogging

Social Media
Bullet Do you pass the social media recruitment test
Bullet Social media career success

Personal Growth
Bullet Leaping
Bullet Killing what scares you
Bullet Why being a perfectionist leads you to failure
Bullet Cure someday syndrome
Bullet The Master Plan

Bullet 100 free useful Mac applications Part I and Part II
Bullet CMS Simplicity

Last, but not Least
Bullet Raising baby chicks
Bullet Blogging from Corpus Christi, TX by the beach
Bullet Things to do while drinking coffee

#FollowFriday on Twitter

Here are this week’s #followfriday recommendations…

@VegetarianMom for sharing dinner plans to feed vegetarians and meat eaters

@Lea50 for sharing inspiration on Ocean of Perspectives

@FindingBibi for news about the upcoming film/documentary/movement Finding Bibi

One more shout to last week’s recommendations: @Retireat21, @TechJaws, @ThumbsUpClub. Also, check out Mashable’s Follow For Good weekly recommendations as well.

You can also show me some FollowFriday love by tweeting the following:
RT @kikolani This week’s Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, 31DBBB, #FollowFriday Recommendations & more > http://bit.ly/24UsBJ

Related News

I am one of the 9,100+ bloggers participating in ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. The first two days have already produced results. The first day’s task was to create an elevator pitch for my blog, which I shared in my new concept post. Kikolani is now The Art of Blogging | Technically Beautiful, Artfully Beneficial. The second day’s task was to write a list post, which came in perfectly for my article on ways everyone can use social bookmarking with Delicious. Day 3 is about promoting a blog post, Day 4 is a guide to researching a blog in your niche, and today’s Day 5 task is to email a new reader.

If you haven’t joined, I would suggest signing up before the window closes. Granted, you can still view the posts on Problogger’s site, but you may not have access to the forum that is coming up. Even if you don’t have time to devote to daily site improvements, you may be able to skim over an email or two and make some small improvements. You can also save the emails in a special folder and the related posts in your Delicious bookmarks with the 31dbbb tag. Whenever you do get the time, you will have a step by step guide on ways to improve your site. And you will also have a wealth of examples in the comments on these posts at ProBlogger to guide you along the way.

Preview for the week of 13 April 2009

I began a four-part photo series based on shots I took at the Desert Botanical Gardens. This week’s post displayed the beauty of blossoming cacti, and a few oddly shaped cacti as well. Next week, I will continue the blossoming theme by sharing the varieties of flowers that were in the garden as well.

Next week’s featured article will be about how blogging about your goals can be a great motivator toward accomplishment.

Be sure to check back next week to find out more, and for another Fetchingly Friday post with more great discoveries on the web. Better yet, subscribe via RSS to have them delivered to your favorite subscription reader or by email.

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  1. says


    Another great list here, and again, thank you for making me part of it, I appreciate it.

    As I will leave for Japan I suspect my 31dbbb challenge will be slightly affected but I’ll do my best. However, if I won’t keep up, I know where to look for somebody who did the homework :-)

    Dragos Rouas last blog post..The Trip To Japan, What To Read And More

  2. says

    @Dragos: I’ll be doing the homework until the week of the 27th, and then I’ll have some catching up to do myself at the beginning of May.

    @Marko: You’re welcome. There’s lots of tips and such about getting traffic, but it’s nice to see a post that says specifically how it happened, per article and source.

    @Jonathan: I was quite thrilled to see my link in that post as well, so thank you too!

    @Frank: Glad you enjoy my weekly posts!

  3. says

    Hi, Kristi. Thanks for doing followback on Twitter. Your blog posts actually inspired me to finally join Twitter. Any chance you have done or could do a post for those of us who are new to Twitter? I don’t know what RT means, or what the deal with Follow Friday is. Do we just post about people we’re following? Also, where do I go to get one of those tiny urls? Thank you!
    Electra from Electra’s Rough Draft

    Electras last blog post..I wish I were a photographer.

  4. says

    @Celes: That article hits home for me. Sometimes I’m so obsessed with being perfect at something, it takes the fun out of it and I lose interest. Glad you enjoy the mashup!

    @Electra: I’ve been thinking about doing a basic Twitter lingo post. I’ll try to get one up as soon as possible. But just a quick guide: RT = retweet, which just means you are sharing someone else’s Twitter message with your followers. Adding #followfriday and another user’s @username in a message means you are recommending them to your followers as a good Twitter user to follow. And I use http://bit.ly for URL shortening. I’ll explain why in my post. :)