Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, ASW11 & Productivity Systems

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, who’s going to Affiliate Summit West, and productivity systems on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

Blogging / Writing



Link Building

  • 3 ways to approach link requests – whether you should ask for a link as a SEO professional, as a representative of the client, or as a brand advocate.
  • How I got a backlink from a PR 10 domain – proof that you need to think creatively when approaching link building.
  • The new age of link building – how to build trust.
  • What Google Place page update means to local link building – as long as your link seeking targets were chosen based on their ability to build credibility, brand and/or click traffic, nothing changes
  • Link building tip: discover broken links and request those links – short but simple tip for discovering new links.

Making Money Online / Online Marketing

Personal Development / Productivity

Search Engines / SEO / Analytics

Social Media / Social Networking



Who’s Going to Affiliate Summit West 2011?

Wynn Hotel in Vegas

Thanks to Deborah of ABCsPlus affiliate and monetization forum, I won a gold pass to the Affiliate Summit West conference in held at the Wynn in Vegas from January 9-11. This event is specifically geared toward affiliate marketing and monetization, and has a great lineup of speakers and sessions to help you learn how to make money online.

To learn more, watch the video in the sidebar under upcoming events (conveniently aligned with the Making Money Online section of the resources) or click here to visit the official website, and let me know if you’ll be attending (especially if I missed you at Blog World). Be sure to register before the event, as onsite registration prices increase $200 – $500!

Productivity Systems – Do They Work?

In this video, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger talks about productivity when it comes to blogging, and do productivity systems really work?

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  1. says

    thank you a lot , this seems a very interesting list of articles and i’ll be for sure checking some important topics i need to know about ! well done :)

    • says

      I’m glad you find them valuable! I really do enjoy putting the recaps together each week – it’s hard to narrow them down to just five per category, but I do get to discover a lot of great content in the process.

  2. says

    Great rundown once again, Darren’s video is freaking awesome for overworked dudes like me. But I literally had to check out more than a dozen of the articles you listed. So you should be syndicated by one of the major tech news mags. Anyone agree?

  3. says

    Another great resources mashup as always. I totally loved The simple technique that will make everything you write more popular, and those bed bug facts are really quite surprising as well as disturbing.

    • says

      Yeah, I know bed bugs really doesn’t have much to do with social media and blogging, but they really affect everyone and made for an interesting, if not creepy infographic.

  4. says

    Thanks for this great list. The article written by Mark Thompson over at search engine journal was inspiring. I also liked reading the Awesome WordPress Plugins to Empower Your Visitors article which gave me some great plugins I’m interested in using. Is there any way you can let me know who is supposed to be speaking at the Affiliate Summit next year, I missed it last year but want to attend the next one. Thanks

    • says

      The speaker list for Affiliate Summit West is pretty huge right now… it includes John Chow, Bruce Clay, Jeremy Shoemaker, Murray Newlands, Chris Pearson (Thesis creator), Brian Solis, Jonathan Volk, and other big names in the making money online / affiliate marketing industry. If you go to the official site, there is an item for speakers in the menu so you can see them all!

  5. says

    That is a fantastic collection covering such a vast range of topics from SEO to Social Media to blogging, not sure I will be able to finish it before the next one :-)

  6. says

    Hi Kristi-

    Great info, thx. I have a (slightly unrelated) question. I am curious as to why I do not see more companies and indivduals marketing themselves as SEO or Social Media experts in specific industry verticals. Or, am I just not seeing it? I am curious for your perspective. Thanks.

    • says

      That is a GREAT question. Most companies will work with any industry and generally don’t do a lot of targeting toward specific industries. The specialists are few out there, but you have to be searching with keywords in that specific industry. Like if you search “chiropractic marketing” you will find Internet marketing specialists in that vertical. Are you looking for someone in a specific industry?