Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Baby Monkey

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

Blogging / Writing

Business / Career

Personal Development / Productivity

  • The Effortless Life: A Manual for Contentment, Mindfulness, & Flow – This ebook was meant to share ways to make life less of a struggle, to help you find contentment in a world where little exists, to instill a bit of mindfulness in an age of distractions.
  • The Anatomy of Self-Sabotage and How to Crush It – Self-sabotage can how up in many forms, change our mind, our thoughts, our perspective and worst of all, our actions. Beware of self-sabotage and how to crush it!
  • How Are You Spending Your Days – You’ve got to take action, take control of your life and spend your time now doing the things that matter to you.
  • 10 Ways to Practice Radical Self-Care – There are several layers of self-care. There are the things you do in the moment, as they are needed. There are the things you do habitually or perhaps ritualistically. And then there are the frameworks you build to create a nurturing, on-going atmosphere of self-care.
  • When You Feel Like Giving Up – Many fellow passion seekers have thrown in the towel because they’ve misinterpreted their thoughts and feelings.

Search Engines / SEO

Social Media / Social Networking

Photo of the Week

This week’s top photo comes from a little wildlife park called Bearizona. I recently dreamt over and over again that I was trying to take a photo of an owl, but something would make me unable to (camera was stuck, owl flew away, etc.). Fortunately, nothing went wrong when I got the chance for this closeup!

European Eagle Owl

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Baby Monkey Gets a Bath

Is there anything sweeter!?!

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  1. says

    Good heavens, that owl picture is brilliant!!!!!!!!!And yes, the mash-up is amazing too. Thank you for doing this every week Kristi, and for including my post on self-sabotage.

  2. says

    The video is so cute. It is so small. Superb! I liked the articles about the mobiles app. It is always nice to get something fresh.

  3. says

    Sweet! Thanks for including that post Kristi. I feel strongly about it. There seems to be many ways to get results in social media and certain strategies apply to certain situations (online business as opposed to local physical business), but one thing is for sure, either way, trust building is it!

    Nice owl! I’m really appreciating photography more and more these days. The monkey! They’re so human like. That’s awesome.