Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Camera Battles

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

Blogging / Writing

Making Money Online / Marketing / Online Business

  • How to quit your job, move to paradise, and get paid to change the world – an inspirational story from a blogger who defied the odds and fulfilled his dreams.
  • 3 ways to make money quickly with niche sites – I’d almost guarantee there’s one thing on this list that you haven’t done yet.
  • Why your blog should have a hire me tab – want to start making income through services? Be sure you’re advertising them!
  • 22 quick tasks that increase Internet income – each even comes with an approximate time it should take, which makes them a lot more appealing to do.
  • 51 reasons why entrepreneurship is my path to fullfillment – want some inspiration to take the next step to going it on your own? This post has it and more!

Personal Development / Productivity

Search Engines / SEO

Social Media / Social Networking

Like the Lightbridge?

This week, in lieu of my photo of the week, I wanted to share one from my husband. He posted an amazing photo to HDR Spotting and needs your help!


If you like the image, please vote for it by clicking on the star. To verify that people are only voting once, it will ask to connect with your Facebook – allowing it access won’t post to your profile or anything, just confirm that you are only voting once.

Battle at F-Stop Ridge

Continuing on the photography trend, this video was brought to my attention by Scott at Scott Wyden Imagery in a post about retail video marketing. Now this is the stuff I’m talking about!

Want to be featured in Fetching Friday posts?

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  1. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Thanks so much for the link to the post about adding the Hire Me tab. I have been meaning to get that done for weeks, and this was a good reminder to take care of it first thing tomorrow.

    I read your comment on the hashtag post. In addition to hashtag.org, tagdef.com is another good resource.

    Marianne Worley just posted The Curse of the Mid-Tweet Hashtag

  2. says

    Wow!! Another useful & juicy resources to take upon. I’m amazed kristi how you managed to read & comment on all those links you’ve provided with you job, own blog, photography blog etc. From last to last week only I just focused & read yours & SEOmoz blog. Didn’t get time to read other. How do you cope up with it? Would like to see a post on this?
    hyderali just posted 5 Things you need to learn in SEO

  3. says

    Awesome! I feel like I won the lottery, Kristi. Two weeks in a row my blog has made your list. When I checked my traffic this week it had a big spike up in traffic on the day I expected it to take it’s usual dip. When I looked at where the traffic came from it was all related to your tweet about my post. Thank you so much for sharing your influence with my blog. My cat, and I, appreciate it.

    That picture is awesome. I think I like it better than the reflection stream you shared a few weeks ago. I love the optical illusion effect by the water. Those have always been one of my favorite types of still photography.
    Brad Harmon just posted 100 Twitter Ready Quotes from the Best Motivational Speakers

  4. says

    Hi Kristi, the video was so cool! I kept expecting to see Scott Kelby but I guess he wasn’t involved with that one, at the end I realized it was from the Camera Store.
    Jason’s photo is great and I’ll be sure to vote for it. I see both of you take your photography seriously too. Do the two of you swap cameras sometime or is your gear off limits?
    Ileane just posted Honestly- Your Blog Post Taught Me Absolutely Nothing

  5. says


    Another great “roundup” post. Thanks for including mine! :). I have read a few (maybe 1/3) and they were all great, so I really look forward to checking out the rest.

    Thanks for having a wonderful resource to check out every Friday and start the weekend, “right”

    Have a wonderful Weekend

    Steve just posted Is it Wrong to Want Money

  6. says

    Hi Kristi, I remember how I felt when you published the very first Fetching Friday. I thought it was one of the most brilliant ideas ever. Turns out, that’s exactly what it was (and still is). I just wanted to say how much I value this amazing resource and how honored I feel to be included. You truly rock!
    Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills just posted Can Productivity be a Trap

  7. says

    Kristi, wow, what can I say other than I’m again so very honored to be on your list here and grateful that you take the time to boost other bloggers with this post every Friday. It really is a labor of love, and it’s incredibly appreciated.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  8. says

    Thanks so much for including my post Kristi!
    I really appreciate what you do here every friday, I know how long these take to compile – and the fact that you have done it week in and week out is a testament to how selfless you are as a blogger.
    I’d go so far as to say you set a benchmark.

    Great looking information here too, let the blog hopping begin :)

    PS: Nice photo too, although I like the one from last week more (the cloud lines over the viaduct or whatever it was)

    Thanks again, see you soon!
    Alex just posted How To Get Facebook To Help You Build Your Email List

  9. says

    Kristi, thanks for featuring some of the posts that I enjoyed reading this past week.

    I want to say that I’m glad you didn’t miss that Jon Morrow’s post on how he quit his job and moved to ‘paradise’. It was filled with so much emotion and inspiration that I (cried and) drew strength from learning that in spite of all those odds, Jon defied them to succeed.
    Stella just posted Interview Famous Blogger- Mavis Nong Reveals Her Underground Blogging Success Secrets

  10. says

    I’ve heard the story by Jon Morrow a number of times online and in products. It’s always a great reminder though and I have much respect for him.

    I have to admit that I struggle with the guest posting. I don’t know what exactly a blog wants or I want to build up my own blog still with content to have something for people to find when they click to learn more. I don’t know if people want the full article or an idea for the article instead of getting the entire post and then making the decision.

    Ah guest posting still confuses me. Hopefully that article you linked to will help me out.

    Scott Webb just posted Instagram Android- What’s Taking So Long for Release