Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Finding Oregon

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

Blogging / Writing

Business / Making Money Online

Personal Development / Productivity

Search Engines / SEO

Social Media / Social Networking

Photo of the Week

This week’s top photo came from Lo Lo Mai Springs campground near Sedona, Arizona. It was the perfect first camping trip!

Camping in the Fall

Be sure to check out my photography blog for more photos and follow me @kristihines for my photography tweets or become a fan of Photostry on Facebook!

Finding Oregon

Beautiful timelapse photography of the state of Oregon from Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, and many more locations.

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  1. says

    Nice photo Kristi! Do you use the site Pinterest? I’ve never heard of it until I noticed in my analytics they were sending me a lot of traffic. Somebody had pinned a photo from one of my niche sites to their pinterest wall and it sends around 50 hits a day to a product review page! The point of this is that it seems to be big on photography and since you like that stuff it may be another vertical for you to take advantage of.

    Take care!
    Tory McBroom just posted What Band-Aids, Granola Bars And Diapers Have In Common…And How It Can Make You Rich!

  2. says

    Thanks for adding to my reading list! I am going to cuddle up with the laptop and soak up the first two categories :) If only you could curate all my weekly posts :) lol Wouldn’t that be a great service – curation on demand, by a real person not a program. If someone does that for a living – feel free to reply to this comment :)
    Amie Marse just posted Research for Professional Small Business Copywriting

  3. says

    Hi Kristi!
    I love this resource that you have given us! In fact, I went over to Corbett’s “10 things I learned from publishing a post every day…” link that you shared (above) and got TOTALLY inspired by his inspiring story of how he wrote a post EVERY SINGLE DAY for a month, and the results. That is exceptionally informative (and I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown down).

    It is amazing how much content you have given me to ponder in just this one single post! Wow! Thank you so much!
    Tons of hugs to you,
    Kath :)
    Kathy just posted Pretty “Tie Dye” or “Spirograph” Cake!

  4. says

    Hi Kristi,
    As usual great information here. I especially loved the article: 10 Things I Learned from Publishing Every Day for 30 Days. I’ve often heard people say that they get better traffic simply by posting more and it was good to hear that perspective.
    I created a challenge for myself this year to try new things. I feel that when we challenge ourselves and try new things we don’t get bored of the same routine and the inspiration grows and so does our productivity.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay just posted How to Register a Domain with Name Cheap

  5. says

    Hi Kristi, Some interesting content. I enjoyed the infographic about how Google is killing off long tail keywords. While I don’t totally agree I can certainly see the way things are trending with a much bigger focus on local results and Googles auto completion of searches.

  6. says

    Is it bad that I had never even heard of Slideshare before reading this post today? Wow, I need to start using more of these ‘social networking and resource’ sites if I want to increase exposure.

    Thanks for exposing me to something new Kirsti!