Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Purely Pacific Northwest

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+, retweeted on @kikolani, and read in RSS subscriptions this week.

Blogging / Writing

  • Secrets Of High-Traffic WordPress Blogs – There’s no question that WordPress can be used for your or my blog, but what about multi-author blogs with thousands of comments? How do developers make it scale and perform? I spoke with the developers behind some of the biggest WordPress blogs on the planet and asked them to tell me their secrets. Now I get to share them with you.
  • 18 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog Today (and Some Massive Success Stories) – Here are a bunch of reasons why blogging might be just the thing that you are after. At the end I’ll even show you a few awesome success stories to fire you up!
  • 58 Ways to Get Noticed as a New Blogger – Overnight success as a blogger is like catching lightening in a bottle, and the element of luck is something you can’t control. But this list can help you get started if you’re looking to stand out as a new blogger.
  • 41 Things Bodacious Bloggers Do to Maintain Their Blogs – Here’s a bloggers checklist to help you keep track of what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can use this to create your own personal checklist if you like once you’ve worked out what the most important jobs are for you.
  • 21 Things to Do to Help Your Infographic Go Viral – Use these 21 tips to plan and create an infographic and then help your infographic go viral.

Business / Career


Search Engines / SEO

  • How Google Panda & Penguin Affect Link Building – The past, present, and future of how Panda and Penguin affect your website and your business along with the things you can do to prevent or rectify any harm that has come your way.
  • The Ninja’s Guide to Google Alerts – How I use Google Alerts to leverage brand, authority, traffic and sales, as well as share the exact alerts I have setup for my personal SEO blog.
  • How to Automate Link Building – If you’ve been reading some of my stuff on this blog, then I’m pretty sure that you’re already familiar with the tips I’ll be sharing in this post. This is simply just a recap of the things you can execute to automate the process of attracting and acquiring more natural links to your site.
  • 20 Google Search Shortcuts to Hone Your Google-Fu – Hidden behind Google’s search box are a slew of shortcuts leading to so-called “OneBox” results that provide awesome tools and display helpful information quickly and directly. You might think you know them all, but a few are more hidden than others.
  • An SEO’s Ultimate Post-Penguin Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC] – Learn how to perform a Penguin-savvy backlink audit, make sure your on-page SEO meets guidelines, and detect a negative SEO attack early.

Social Media / Social Networking

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Photo of the Week

This week’s top photo comes from Mono Lake near Yosemite at sunrise. I missed out on this because I was asleep, but my hubby got a great shot of it!

Mono Lake

Be sure to check out Jason Hines’ photography blog and Arizona wedding photography website for more photos. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @jasonphines or Google+!

Purely Pacific Northwest

The beautiful NW through timelapse photography.

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    Hi Kristi,

    Wow to the photo and your amazing round up! Sometimes thing actually look better in photos than in real life. Though it can be the other way round too:)

    Many congratulations to you and Jason on your soon-to-be parenthood. I am very excited for you. There’s nothing like the first baby. I wonder if you’ll give him/her a Hawaiian name?!
    Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging just posted 41 Things Bodacious Bloggers Do to Maintain Their Blogs