Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, PageRank Updates

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring interesting discoveries and useful resources on the net, PageRank news, and a preview for next week’s posts on kikolani.com.

The Resources Mashup

Here are my favorite articles this week.

Bullet Should you show your Feedburner count
Bullet Basics about bounce rates
Bullet Writing in the first six months of blogging (highly recommended for new bloggers)
Bullet A huge RSS icon collection, the perfect supplement to my comprehensive RSS guide
Bullet 5 ways to speed up your WordPress blog

Bullet Beautiful Design Resumes & Matching Online Portfolios
Bullet Getting your groove back with design inspiration
Bullet Amazing Photoshop retouching tutorials

Personal Growth
Bullet How to calm your inner critic
Bullet Ultra-simple 3 step productivity system
Bullet What controls your happiness

Bullet Suffering for beauty
Bullet Natural sleeping aids, part of an informative sleep awareness series

Last, but not Least
Bullet How we prepared for a 50% pay cut
BulletGeological wonders around the world
Bullet Best Windows freebies and guides

PageRank News

Yes, it is that time again. Rumor has it that the PageRank update happened yesterday. While my homepage stayed at PR4, some internal page rankings have gone up.

PR3 Articles
7 Things for New & Dedicated Readers, Fetching Friday – Web 2.0 at the Bookstore, Twitter Resources, and A Tribute to My Grandmother

PR 3/PR2 Article
9 Ways to Use Social Networking for Blog Promotion is a PR3 according to Web Diagnostic, but a PR2 according to Google Toolbar.

PR2 Articles
Hummingbird Nest Haiku and Photos, Backup Your Blog for Peace of Mind, and Explaining Web 2.0 Features

These are examples of why commenting on DoFollow blogs is a powerful thing – now everyone who commented on these posts are getting a PR ranked backlink to their site. Hopefully, these page rankings will go up in the future, and new posts will gain PR as well.

One thing that does confuse me… some of my categories and tags (Blogging, Humor, and Bellagio Conservatory) have page rankings, but none of my pages do (and Love Story certainly deserves one). Do WordPress pages ever gain PR?

#FollowFriday on Twitter

Mashable’s Follow For Good post gave me a bright idea – recommending my favorite Twitter users each week in this post. So this week’s recommended users are…

@Retireat21 for sharing daily inspiration for internet entrepreneurs.

@TechJaws for offering the latest technology news, virus threats, internet scams, and more.

@ThumbsUpClub for sharing lots of useful articles and resources on a myriad of topics.

One more shout to last week’s recommendations: @TrueFollowers, @WeDoFollow, @BloggerSavvy, @DragonBlogger, @wihamilton

You can also show me some FollowFriday love by tweeting the following:
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Preview for the week of 6 April 2009

Next week’s photography subject is a mystery… even to me. I’m quite sure my Sunday travels with my sweetheart will produce something interesting.

Last week, I said I would write an article on how social bookmarking and RSS can benefit any internet user, from beginning to advanced. I ended up writing a very thorough RSS guide, so next week, I will follow up and write a hopefully as thorough guide to how social bookmarking can benefit everyone.

Be sure to check back next week to find out more, and for another Fetchingly Friday post with more great discoveries on the web. Better yet, subscribe via RSS to have them delivered to your favorite subscription reader or by email.

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  1. says

    Yet another great post. Looing at most site and realiuse the update on Google pagerank. Not a great fan of PR but guess it still works for some. Nice links Krist

  2. says

    @Vered: You’re welcome. I enjoy sharing some of the interesting articles I read throughout the week.

    @Dragos: I appreciate your support as well, and look forward to the next parts of your blogging series.

    @Paul: I’m not a huge fan of PR either, but it does boil down to getting the search traffic, and if it brings people in, then it should be dealt with. :)

    @Frank: Thanks, and you’re welcome. Always informative articles from you throughout the week!

  3. says

    PR updates suck Kristi. Just to show that Google hasn’t got a clue, Wassupblog that gets a lot of visitors and is pretty popular stayed at PR3 and my Photos2Blog site that is almost dormant goes up to PR2. I’m over PR, give me SERPS and the love of a good woman any day.

    Sires last blog post..747 Rudd Rage Reduces Flight Attendant To Tears

  4. says

    I agree with Sire on PR its the serps that count for me. The writing in the first six months is a great link thanks and given me some ideas.

  5. says

    Hi Kristi!

    Fantastic links as always! I just love how you covered so many areas – really something for everyone!!!

    And wow I was looking at the links I want to check out and there I noticed the Evolving Wellness link – thank you so much for the inclusion. I am touched as always and hope that it can give people more answers when it comes to their sleep. We really do have too many people sleeping way too little and that is such a big place for where so much of the health problems come from.

    Congrats on the page rank increase. I think it does count or if nothing else definitely does not hurt 😉

    Evitas last blog post..SkyWatch Friday – Ethereal Views

  6. says

    @Sire: I’m sorry to hear that, but I like your positive take on it. Although I’d put the love of a good man like I have above my SERPs! )

    @Ally: You’re welcome. I come across lots of great articles weekly, so check back on Fridays.

    @clickktdotcom: And thank you for the visit.

    @Amit: Informative link, thanks for sharing.

    @Rahul: You’re quite welcome.

    @Paul: Well, as others have mentioned, PR isn’t everything. I’m not sure I would notice as much if I didn’t work for a company who does nothing but work on SEO and improving PR.

    @khaled: Keep an eye on that series… I think it’s going to be valuable for those just starting out in blogging.

    @Extreme John: I’m glad you came over and enjoy the site! :)

    @kyrious: Thanks. I think it’s the knowledge I get from my job at SEO that helps, but the content I do for the readers – they are more important than any PR.

    @Damilik: I used the online tool at Web Diagnostic. It takes a little bit for it to complete, but it checks all your pages it can find and gives the individual PR’s.

    @Caleb: Congrats on your site moving up too, and I’ll definitely visit again.

    @Dennis: Thanks. I’m guessing internal posts get such a ranking from popularity and CommentLuv links.

    @Evita: I have lots of sleep issues recently, so it was a great series of articles at the perfect time. And PR certainly doesn’t hurt.

  7. says

    Hmmm, I’m going to have to figure out how to get into your list of enjoyable links on a more consistent basis. Guess I’ll have to find more pictures of you to talk about your smile some more, eh? lol

    By the way, when are you getting married again?

    Mitchs last blog post..Top Three Do’s And Don’ts

  8. says

    @Dennis: Confusing? Mine aren’t confusing… except for the one where I went from Twitter to my link, and I thought for a moment that I had a PR8 on that page, just to realize it was the Twitter PR that was still in the toolbar.

    @DS Trout: I think resources are timeless. :)

    @Salwa: You’re welcome.

    @Manda: You have a great site, and I enjoyed that article, so you are welcome. I hope you enjoy future Friday posts!

    @Hesham: Thanks!

    @Mitch: I’m getting married in 11 days! :)

    @Garret: That’s very sneaky, but a good idea. I was steering away from putting videos on my site for awhile just to keep the loading speed good, but I might have to try that out again.

  9. says

    Interesting list and definitely an excellent idea to spread some link luv to others. Wonder how I missed your blog along the way (too many of them I guess). Anyway, now that I have you tagged and following on Twitter, I should never miss another Friday again:)

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see more from you in the future

  10. says

    @Garret: Thanks! Any e-cards and gifts are definitely welcomed. :)

    @Dennis: Well, that’s not more confusing than my tag or category pages getting PR. I didn’t think they were real “pages” so much as php scripts generating information on a template page.

    @diTesco: You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy the Fetching Friday’s to come!