Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Vacation Announcement

This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring a shorter resources mashup and vacation announcement.

The Resources Mashup

Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon and retweeted on @kikolani this week.

Blogging / Writing

  • 8 great reasons for private blog groups – great tips on why you should get your writers together, including post promotion and strengthening your community.
  • How to become a faster writer in 12 weeks – a nice 4 step plan and 90 day challenge to help you become a more efficient writer.
  • Scribnia – why you should join this great blogging community.
  • Step by step guide to guest blogging – how to find blogging opportunities, brainstorm ideas, contact blog owners, and more.
  • Blogging struggles and the advice to overcome them – 18 solutions to issues bloggers face.

Business / Career / Finance

Link Building

Making Money Online / Online Marketing

Personal Development / Self Improvement

Search Engines / SEO / Analytics

  • Top 10 Google search results analysis after the MayDay update – which search engines bring back the results that you want, and does anchor text or meta descriptions make a difference in rankings?
  • 17 killer techniques for driving search traffic to your blog – great tips if your site is lacking search engine referrals.
  • How to make the right keyword analysis for your website – nice guide on ways to choose your keywords and organize them to be used throughout your website effectively.
  • 5 things to kill search engine rankings and their solutions – website redesigns, CMS changes, loss of links, duplicate content, and SEO spam help.
  • Search engine algorithm changes and their affects on SEO – or more importantly, their effects on SEO spam.

Social Media

  • 7 secrets of social media conversion – infographic plus some great information on making successful SMM conversions.
  • How to audit your social media efforts – 20 great questions to find out if you are doing social media the right way.
  • 4 ways to measure social media and its impact on your brand – tips on measuring exposure, engagement, influence, and lead generation funnels.
  • Youtube infographic – lots of facts, stats, and other trivia on the video sharing site.

Tech / Tools / Tips


  • Twitter adds more context to tweets with Twitter places – expanding location based functionality – how it works and what it means for marketers.
  • Celebrities’ followers have zero influence – an interesting look at who has the most influential followers between Britney Spears, Chris Brogan, the NY Times, and more.
  • 50 power Twitter tips – and this is why Chris Brogan has the most influence.
  • How to create a custom Twitter background design – why you should have one, and what it should contain.
  • 5 awesome Twitter searches – ways to monitor reputation management, find free stuff, see if people love or hate you, and more.


Why is Fetching Friday shorter this week?

Sorry everyone for the shorter mashup this week, but I had to cut it a bit because I ran out of time. I officially started my vacation on Thursday. I will be moderating comments via my Droid here and there (maybe some retweets and Twitpics), but otherwise I’ll be officially offline through Sunday. But next week, I’ll have the all the sections back in plus video. Promise! :)

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  1. says

    Interesting topic, have you read Marty Nemko’s blog by any chance? He is not shy about writing about race, religion and other risky topics. He seems to be very popular though so guess it’s working

  2. says

    Loved that ‘Paid Links vs. Linkbait’ article, but that seomoz article about getting links in tough industries was a thing of beauty. Loved the way they reasoned about “who do I need links from” and strategized about how to get those links.

  3. says

    Hello Kristi, I’m new to Kikolani. I am thoroughly enjoying your easy to understand articles via the list in your sidebar. They have been a tremendous help to someone who knows zilch about social networking, for example. I spontaneously added you on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from you. Wishing you continuing success in blogging and all aspects of your life.
    Sandra Lee just posted Healing images and guides

    • says

      Thanks Sandra. I was wondering how that list in the sidebar was going over, and it’s good to know that people are liking it! Yes, I do follow everyone back, that way they always have the option to send me a private message on Twitter as well. I think of it as good common courtesy! :)

    • says

      Hey!! I just realised one of my posts actually featured here!!
      I honestly don’t know how I missed that! Thanks for the feature Kristi, even though its coming late… :-)

  4. says

    I like the idea of networking with other bloggers but why keep it private? The more people you get it on it the more exposure your blog and everyone else involved will receive.

    • says

      That’s what I was thinking at about 11pm Thursday night… I could not publish, or just publish with a few missing categories. I’m glad no one seems to mind. :)

  5. says

    This is the time of year for vacations and relaxations. I’m looking forward to headed down to North Carolina in a few weeks for some R &R myself. I liked the post about becoming a fast writer. You should also focus on becoming a faster typer as well. Both skills will help you out when you blog for a living.