Fetching Friday – Share Your Choices for the Resources Mashup

For the first time in over a year, the Fetching Friday series will go dark as I am currently in Australia and, needless to say, not keeping up on my online reading. :)

What I do want is to open the floor up to my readers to share their favorite posts for the week in the comments! It’s simple – just share a post that has been written this week that fits the following categories:

  • Blogging / Writing
  • Facebook
  • Infographics
  • Link Building
  • Making Money Online
  • Online Business
  • Online Marketing
  • Photography
  • SEO / Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Twitter
  • WordPress

Be sure to let everyone know why you like it too! So, for example:

For this week’s resources mashup, I would like to share http://mashable.com/2010/12/14/new-facebook-profile-hacks/ under Facebook Resources because it shows some cool ways to customize your Facebook profile in the new layout.

URLs will automatically be hyperlinked!

How Many Posts Can You Share?

I would say to not get crazy on this one and do no more than one per category as listed above. Each week I generally do only 5 posts per category as not to overwhelm the readers.

Can I Share My Own Posts?

Sure, so long as they fit within the above mentioned categories and as noted above, only one per category. Just be sure that they are something you would consider your best content.

Also note that even if you are sharing someone else’s post, you can share your own simply be registering for a free account at Comluv (if you haven’t already). Once you’ve registered and filled in your profile information (see step #3 on my hub about promoting HubPages using CommentLuv and use your blog URL & blog RSS feed in place of the HubPages URLs).

Then you can share one of your latest 10 posts with below your comment by using the CommentLuv dropdown below the comment form’s submit button like Alexa did in her comment on my last Fetching Friday.

CommentLuv Comment Example

That way, if you don’t have a post from this week that counts for the Resources Mashup, you still get a chance to share your latest (or favorite) blog post with readers.

Your Favorites

Be sure to read through the comments to find everyone’s favorites for the week, share your own suggestions, and to give other reader’s suggestion your vote by replying to their comment if you liked the post they shared! I’ll be doing my best to moderate comments when I can, so if it doesn’t pop up immediately, it will shortly!

Next Week

Next week I should be back on my regular schedule, depending on how long I get to do some reading in the airport on the way back. :)

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  1. says

    I hope Kristi is having a blast in Australia and leave it to her to have a great post publish in her absense. My guest post is THE featured post on the PR6 Adotas site today. (Pop over to their home page if you want to see that.) I would love to have everyone read it as it is a concise explanation of why Google is dangerous to our standard of living.

    Please read my post on how the Google monopoly puts a guillotine over the head of every small business, blogger, and Web site owner. I would LOVE to have comments in that post too. While few comment at Adotas their Editor Gavin Dunaway is an exceptional blogger who would appreciate more commentators and readers.
    Gail Gardner just posted Best of GrowMap – Our Most Important Posts All in One Place

  2. says

    Kristi, thanks for the mention! To be honest, I didn’t deliberately share my own blog’s post – that’s how easy CommentLuv is.

    In the spirit of sharing, here’s a good one which arguably spans all topics above. Written by Roger Ehrenberg and shared by Fred Wilson (http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2011/01/failure.html), it’s about how to “fail well”: it’s not the mistakes we make, but how we recover and what we learn from them. http://informationarbitrage.com/post/2953984660/failing-well

    Enjoy your trip! Thinking about you from the land of -9C windchill…
    Alexa Samuels just posted How LinkedIn changed someone’s life in a way you couldn’t predict

  3. says

    If you’re stuck what to write about on your own blog, Geoff Livingston shares 96 questions you can choose from to answer.

    You can also click the CommentLuv entry below which is a feature article written by Jeannie Chan that is receiving a lot of viral attention, helped in large part by a retweet from the email marketing firm Constant Contact.
    Ari Herzog just posted Feature Friday- Why Negative Blog Comments are Important and Wanted