Google AdWords – Easy Tips for Bloggers and Small Business Owners

This is a guest post by Ivan Dimitrijevic.

Google AdWords is one of the most popular ways of online advertising. Even though it is easy to set up and anyone can make an AdWords account, it has proven to be rather difficult to optimize for good results. Here, we offer you some tricks of the trade that might help you optimize, maintain, and improve your advertising campaign.

How to Improve Your Keywords

If you don’t choose the right keywords or your ad, then it’s going to either not get any clicks or get clicks that don’t lead to targeted traffic and conversions. Here are some ways to improve your keyword choices for ads.

  • Use long tail keywords – they are great for long run and can be inexpensive.
  • Use negative keywords – filter out the words that only cause the user to bounce.
  • Use typo keywords – people often make spelling mistakes in their search. Take advantage of that for a small investment in your campaign.
  • Don’t just use your competitors’ keywords – instead of starting a bid war, use that time to find other cheap keywords that might achieve the same result.
  • Don’t use broad keywords – with expended matching it becomes even harder to know when your keywords will show.
  • Keep a record of all your keywords – track every detail on how it preformed.

Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Destination URLs or a Landing Pages are customized pages on which a user arrives after clicking on your ad. Make sure not to use your home page as you landing page unless it directly relates to what your ad is portraying. Otherwise, your ad may be doing swell but you will continue to have a high bounce rate and low conversion rate. It’s always a great time to optimize your landing page, or even consider trying out multiple landing pages. Track the conversions and use the recorded data in Google Analytics to see what serves you the best.

The Importance of Your Ad Text

The first impression user gets when he sees your ad is vital. In order to engage users properly, there are several things you should consider.

  • Use proper capitalization in order to create a headline which stands out from the rest of the ad.
  • Make the user interested in your ad by using a question to catch their attention or by not finishing the sentence, making them intrigued by what is going to happen next.
  • If you are doing a local campaign, make sure to include your phone number in the ad text so when a potential customer see that you are a local company they can pick up the phone and give you a call, saving you an AdWords click.

Don’t be afraid to play with the psychology of words when it comes to your call to action. Phrases such as “Order Today”, “Call Now” are a good call to action, telling your possible customer what he should do next. Using words such as “you” or “free” may trigger emotions inside the users head, making them to click on your ad. But beware of the freebie hunters. Using “free” can help people click on your ad but there are many people who are just looking for free stuff online. Those people are very unlikely to buy anything and by clicking on your ad they just cost you the money and bounce after they find out you’re not offering anything free.

Campaign Budgeting

Setting up a budget and sticking to it is very important in the beginning. AdWords is addictive, and just like anything else that is addictive, it can get out of control. So, set up a budget you feel comfortable with and stick to it. If you feel like it has significantly increased your sales then you can consider investing more. Spending it all in one week won’t help when you don’t have any to advertiser for the weeks to come. So pay only what you feel comfortable with. Don’t purchase keywords that are worth more than the item you are selling. What is more important, do not enter into bidding wars with your competitors. If you are providing a better service or selling a better product than your competitor, CTR (Click-through rate) will get you to the top.

Makes sure to track, record and follow each and every of your AdWords campaigns. Keep track of every campaign you have created, never delete anything. Learn from your mistakes, and who knows, maybe the ads you have created months ago and didn’t pay off may do today! Compare the costs of each click to the profit you make from it. Aim to create repeat customers so that you don’t have to keep spending your money each time you get a visitor just to sell them a product again.

Don’t get too over your heads though. This is an investment, even though you are spending loads of cash on AdWords, keep in mind one thing, you are spending your money in order to get more money.

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    It can seem a little counter-intuitive to not use broad words, but good keywords are those that find the right balance between being broad enough to bring in the greatest number of visitors, and specific enough to attract the right kind of viewers. If you’ve got a site that specializes in classic British sports cars, the keyword “car” wouldn’t really get you anywhere. It sounds a bit silly when you see it written out, but it can be a real challenge to not focus on overly broad terms like that, out of a fear of being too specific and losing potential viewers, and a desire to get the MAXIMUM amount of viewers possible.

  2. says

    Great tips Ivan. Adwords is a powerful tool to drive traffic but should be managed with utmost care, lest you realize that you spent oodles of cash to bring in visitors that are unlikely to turn into customers. I can say this as I have wasted quite a lot of money in a similar way with facebook adverts. So yes, as you pointed out picking up the right keywords that are saleable is the key and also calls to action are very important.
    Samaira Jonathon just posted Hostmonster Review

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    One word of advice. Make sure you understand how Adwords works before you try it. I tried to run a ad campaign and did something wrong ( I still am not sure what) but I got banned within the first day. I could never get a real reply for anyone at Google, just that I violated the rules. Not a good experience for me. I though about going to Facebook ads but didn’t want to have that happen to me again.
    Jason just posted Should Christians Let Their Kids Believe in Santa Claus?

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    Hi Ivan

    Yes, I do agree. Your landing pages are key to having a good quality score on your focused keywords, ultimately improving your overall campaign and ad groups ROI.

  5. says

    Great tips, Ivan. The sales funnel does need to be complete before Adwords will help. Having an inferior landing page is certainly a concern.

    Use of typos and long tailed keywords is a sound practice. Budgets need to be limited, as blog owners can quickly find themselves in debt after making a few “bold” decisions designed to bring in visitors.
    David Sneen just posted Be a Leader! Mix with Your Group, Yet Stand Out…