Google Trends, Apple News & My New iPod

If you’re stuck looking for something to write about on a particular day, a problem I refer to as Blogging Writer’s Block, Google Trends is the way to go. It not only helps jog your mind with new ideas on what to write about, but it also helps you find the most popular topics of the day in terms of keyword usage that will (hopefully) propel your latest article to the top of the search engines.

So today’s experiment with Google trends (and breakthrough of my writer’s block) will be about some related Apple news (#9 on Google Trends) – my new iPod (#29).

A few days ago, I miraculously found a 2 year replacement warranty for an iPod I bought in September of 2007 – miraculous because I had totally forgotten I purchased it, and the warranty was 15 days from expiring.

While I loved the shape of my old iPod (a 3rd generation model that is much shorter than the newer versions), the thing has been problematic from the start. I have had to restore it countless amount of times because it would freeze up while I was browsing playlists or pictures, and after it froze, the next time I plugged it into my computer (Mac or Windows) it would only allow me to restore it to factory settings and then I would have to start all over.

So now, for the same price I paid for my 8GB Nano two years ago, I got to upgrade to a 16GB Nano. Although I’m still not fond of the size compared to the older model, I do LOVE the color and extra storage space. Plus I got to buy it another replacement warranty, so if it goes south in 2 years, I will be upgrading to a future new iPod.

My New iPod

What to take away from today’s post:

  1. Use Google Trends to cure blogging writer’s block and to get the top search terms for the day.
  2. Buy a full replacement warranty for electronic purchases from a reputable retailer – it is worth it!
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  1. says

    HOLLA :) Hey I just got sent a FREE 8 gig nano and immediately sent it to my daughter’s mother :) Google trends is awesome for traffic post.
    Anyway I really don’t have more to say other then
    Stumbled and RT
    PS I just wanted to beat Frank :)
    and say HIGH
    Thanks for being the coolest :)
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Good Luck Mr President =-.

  2. says

    Google Trends really is a great way to see what people are searching for – but so far I haven’t made very good use of it. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration! :) Stumbled.
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..Gut feelings =-.

  3. says

    I never realised how tough it was thinking of subjects to write about on blogs until I tried – I thought I’d be full of it but within a few weeks it was already a struggle to get topical and interesting in my writing. Google trends isn’t something I’ve used but I always try and get on the news sites to see what silly news is spreading round the net that day!
    .-= gurgle´s last blog ..How to afford time off with your baby =-.

  4. says

    Well if you’ll be using google trends for improved traffic then you should stick to keywords used and make your post title simple. For example the trend “Prison Break Season 8″ is hot. Then you can use Prison break Season 8 as the title as is. And optimized the title by linking it to web 2.0 properties.^^
    .-= Anime Games´s last blog ..Krazy Aces Opens Close Beta Registration =-.

  5. says

    I heard about Google trends, although i never try it. Unfortunately i forgot about him for quite long time, but now thanks to you i will have new oportunities for my posts. Thanks for this article.

  6. says

    Finding a topic to blog everyday is a very tough task really, and haven’t used google trends at all, I have heard of it from here and there but really thanks for pointing that out. Hope this will give me good ideas for blogging.
    .-= Open moon project´s last blog ..Space navigation =-.

  7. says

    Thought I had commented on this before, but apparently I didn’t – I did think this was a great story, re: the ipod. There are a few times having a good warranty has helped me. I really am surprised some people think warranties are a waste of money generally, even for more expensive purchases.
    .-= ashok´s last blog ..If you want to do me a favor… =-.