Holiday Online Hiatus

This Christmas break was absolutely wonderful – the best ever. I decided to take an online hiatus during the holiday season to focus on just absorbing every moment of life detached from the pc. It was a very relaxing, yet still eventful week, which included having our engagement photo session by The Pic Chick (I’ll do a photo post soon, but for a sneak peak, see a my engagement photo album on Facebook), getting surprised with the most lovely engagement ring on Christmas Eve morning, hosting a family get together, spending all of Christmas day quietly at home with the love of my life (which was the best present ever), playing a fair share of tennis, and seeing the Dancing with the Stars tour.

I plan on getting back on track with this site, my subscriptions, and all my online communities once the new year begins. In the meantime, I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season, and is looking forward to the start of a fantastic new year!

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    Hey Kristi, it’s good to see that you are having a great time. I reckon I will wait until you post those pics on your blog as I love to let the suspense build. Wishing you and yours the best for the new years, as always your Aussie mate, Sire. :)

    Sires last blog post..Blog No Evil,The Fourth Wise Monkey

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    Happy New Year and all the best for 2009, Kristi!
    Thank you for being Stories of Picture friend throughout 2008!
    I hope we will see each other again in 2009!

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    @Sire: Those pics are coming pretty soon. :)

    @Wayne: Thanks! We were about five rows from the front I believe, which was pretty cool.

    @Aldhis: Thanks, and I hope your new year is good so far.

    @Trader Mom: I don’t know much about trading and whether this could apply, but I’ve seen a blog that writes about business intelligence, using references to buying cars, European travels, etc., and thus is able to add photo representation of those references.

    @Debbie: Thanks. The show was good. If the security guard hadn’t given my camera the evil eye, I would’ve gotten some video. The downside of being close to the front and having a pro-looking camera.

    @Ben: Thanks, I wish you the same. Definitely trying to make time to relax, but that is little and far between some weeks.

    @Daily Google Trends: I shall do my best!

    @Ari: Yes, traffic does slow, but it makes sense as people are making more time for family, friends, vacations, etc. Best to you in 2009 too!

    @Morgan: Thanks, I hope your holidays were excellent as well! :)