HootSuite for Blogging – Twitter Management for Bloggers

HootSuite offers many great features that can aid bloggers in managing their Twitter accounts for blogging uses including promotion, monitoring, keyword tracking, reputation management and more. The following are reasons I chose to use HootSuite as my primary Twitter management tool, and the ways I use it to help in my blogging.

HootSuite Blogging Setup
Inside Kikolani’s Twitter Management for Blogging in HootSuite


This is the reason I chose HootSuite in the beginning. It doesn’t require you to download and install any software – you can access it from any web browser. So if you need to monitor your Twitter accounts from home, work, Macs, PCs, etc. you can just login to your account and you are all set.

Manage Multiple Accounts for Multiple Blogs

If you are like me, you have multiple blogs that require you to have different Twitter accounts with a unique set of niche followers. HootSuite allows you to create tabs for each of your Twitter accounts, so you can easily see your tweets, mentions, lists, direct messages, and other relevant information under the tab of each account.

Twitter Lists

Manage your Twitter lists by including a column for your favorite lists under each account, or creating a tab full of lists. Some great ideas include the following.

Follow Industry Experts List
Whether or not you like them personally is not the thing to think about. There are experts (or at least people who know a lot more than others) in every area, and it is good to create a list of the ones that you find the most helpful to you in terms of sharing valuable information. Following one will lead you to others, as most will retweet and chat with other experts. See what they share and how they interact to learn more about engagement with your own followers in your niche.

Follow Your Readers List
It’s not just the big wigs that count. Your readers are essentially your customers, and since it is important for businesses to use social media as a listening tool to listen to their customers, so should bloggers use social media to listen to their readers. I have a list specifically tailored to include regular commenters on my site and people who regularly retweet my posts. It still has a ways to go, but is growing by the day. It is amazing the kind of relationship you can build with your community simply by following and listening to your readers.

Follow Your Collaborators List
Are you on a contributor on a multi-author blog, such as Famous Bloggers?
Go beyond just content contribution and contribute to the overall well being of the blog by helping promote other authors as well by following lists created specifically with blog members, contributors, supporters, etc. And if your multi-author blog does not have a list like the Famous Bloggers Twitter List, now might be the time to create one to help build community between your bloggers to help boost sharing and promotion.

Conversation Tracking

Another great feature of HootSuite is the ability to create columns for particular searches so you can monitor anyone who is talking about a particular subject. Here are some ideas on things you can track that will help your blogging.

Keyword Tracking
Keeping up with particular keywords that are related to your blog will help you get to know what people are talking about. If someone else starts talking about a new idea on a particular topic, then you obviously won’t be the first one to break the news to the world, but you still could be the first in your community to do so.

There are many, many ways that keyword tracking and custom searches can help you generate new writing ideas.

Question Tracking
Another way to come up with new ideas on what to write is to monitor people who are asking questions on a particular topic by creating a searches such as:

  • personal development ?
  • lose weight ?
  • make money online ?
  • social media ?
  • how to wordpress ?
  • ways to followers ?

Also, if you find that your search is producing more people promoting their own posts as questions as opposed to people asking general questions, simply add -filter:links to your search query to remove any tweets that already have links in them.

HootSuite Keyword Tracking
Keyword + Question Tracking in HootSuite

Aside from generating writing ideas, this can also be a great technique for promoting your own posts. Keep in mind that you should only send someone a link to your post if it is 100% helpful in answering their question. If you are doing it in a helpful, non-spammy way, then you will receive thanks and maybe even gain a new reader! I try to limit these kinds of @replies to those who are asking a question to all of their followers as opposed to a specific person, the latter which may be considered jumping into a conversation that you weren’t invited to.

Monitoring Your Brand

Another great use of social media is reputation management. There are many ways to use HootSuite to monitor your blog and personal brand.

Monitor Post Retweets
For the first week (possibly two, depending on post popularity) I like to create columns to monitor my post retweets. Sure you can watch your mentions, but some people come across your post and tweet it using methods other than the Tweetmeme button that may not include your @username.

HootSuite Post Retweet Tracking
Post Retweet Tracking in HootSuite

Typically a post will be tweeted with the title, so I like to create a search using a short, unique part of the post title to monitor such as Fetching Friday for all of my Friday post mentions, top link building resources for my post on link building resources, top free Twitter tools for my recent Top Tenz post, and so on.

There are two other ways this search can be beneficial besides just getting to see how many times your post is tweeted and by whom. It is particularly useful when you are guest blogging and the retweet tools on the host blog are set up to only @reply the blog owner as opposed to the author of the post. It can also help you find out if someone has scraped your post content and is claiming it as their own, or if someone has written something on a similar topic.

Monitor Name Mentions
Monitoring your name, pseudonym, website name, brand, etc. can not only lead to other retweets of your posts (in the form of check out the latest post by Kristi Hines on Twitter), but can also lead to (hopefully) positive comments and recommendations made about you that may not have been directly @replied to you. On the flip side, if someone says something negative about you, knowing it as soon as possible will help you in making a constructive reply in defense.

Keeping Track of Other Networks

Along with Twitter, HootSuite can also connect you to your Facebook (profiles and pages), LinkedIn, Myspace, WordPress (.com blogs), Ping.fm, and FourSquare accounts. I don’t have accounts with the latter three services, so I am not sure what information they pull in and what you can post to them, but with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace you can create columns to view your friend’s and your own status updates.

TwitterFeed for HootSuite

TwitterFeed is a service I have used to set RSS feeds from particular blogs to automatically tweet new posts from my account. HootSuite also offers this functionality. So if you have favorite blogs whose new posts you always retweet, you can set their feeds up to automatically tweet new posts through any social networks you have setup on HootSuite.

HootSuite RSS Updates
RSS Updates to Social Networks in HootSuite

One difference between TwitterFeed’s service and HootSuite is TwitterFeed offers the option to only post updates from the RSS that relate to particular keywords. This would come in handy for a blog feed that covers multiple topics, but you would only want to tweet posts on one particular topic.

Also, I like to add a RT @blogauthor before the tweet (option in both services) or via @blogauthor at the end of the tweet (option in TwitterFeed). Plus, be aware of the time intervals you set for the feed service to check for and post new updates from your favorite blogs. If you tweet something that you want to stay up on your account for a while at 5:59 and you have your feeds updating every hour, that tweet may only be your latest for one minute before the feed updates.

Status Updates

You can send status updates simultaneously to any Twitter or other social network account that is linked to HootSuite. Keep in mind how you have interconnected your accounts prior to sending updates through HootSuite to all of them. For example, if your Facebook is pulling in all of your tweets, and you send a status update to your Twitter and Facebook account through HootSuite, you could end up with duplicate updates on Facebook. Ditto if you use Ping.fm to update your accounts and you send an update to Ping.fm along with Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Team Collaboration

The rise of multi author blogs may ultimately lead to the need of multiple users being able to update one Twitter account. HootSuite just announced team collaboration capabilities so that multiple members can manage a single Twitter accounts when needed via HootSuite.

HootSuite Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration in HootSuite (screenshot from HootSuite’s blog)


Along with all of the great things with HootSuite, there are also a couple of things that I do not use or would like to change. These items include:

I think the name is cute. But I just have a personal preference against using URL shorteners that sort of hijack the URL of the post in the address bar, as it can be an inconvenience when you are not paying attention and end up Stumbling the Ow.ly link. This is why I still use my Bit.ly browser bookmarklet to shorten URLs and then paste them into the status update field for HootSuite. And why I also have the habit of changing the URLs in my retweets to Bit.ly (sorry). To Ow.ly and HootSuite’s credit, they do have a nice tracking feature within HootSuite to see clicks and retweets of Ow.ly links, but only if they are Ow.ly links.

Other Social Network Options
As mentioned previously, networks other than Twitter only allow you to see status updates. It would be nice if you could see your inbox / private messages, friend requests, and other relevant information for each of your social accounts within HootSuite.

Update: HootSuite Goes Freemium

As of August 2010, HootSuite has moved from being strictly free to offering free limited plans (up to 5 users with ads) and pro plans. Learn more about HootSuite Freemium Plans.

Do You Use HootSuite?

Do you use HootSuite to manage your Twitter accounts for your blog? Are there any other great uses of HootSuite for blogging that I forgot to mention, or other drawbacks? Would you recommend another tool over HootSuite with these same or better features for Twitter management?

Just to clarify, this post is not sponsored in any way by HootSuite. It’s just my personal review of the service. Also, for more information on HootSuite, see this post on using HootSuite to manage your Twitter engagement efforts for information on the tracking system, user management, and more.

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    • says

      Thanks! There are lots of guides on how to use HootSuite in general, and some even for how to use it for businesses, but I couldn’t find one specifically geared toward bloggers. It’s amazing the kind of ideas and opportunities that arise if you are monitoring your niche in real time, and HootSuite allows you to do that easily!

  1. says

    Nice post, Kristi! Good arguments in favour of HootSuite. Not sure if you mentioned the ability to schedule tweets, and team collaboration is a helpful feature if that’s how your business operates.

    Personally I like TweetDeck, not only because it does the majority of what you suggested, but precisely *because* it’s a desktop app. I have set mine up so that any time I get an @mention a subtle pop-up appears in the right corner of my monitor, then fades away. The other tool I use as well is socialoomph to schedule my tweets. While many might argue that it’s an extra step, I’ve got a system and it works for me. :)
    .-= New from Alexa Samuels LinkedIn puts job candidates in driver’s seat =-.

    • says

      I’m not much of a scheduler, outside of the TwitterFeed and autoposting updates from my favorite sites, unless I’m going on vacation.

      I liked the look and feel of Tweetdeck too. It was just the setting it up on multiple machines that deterred me from using it outside of home, and once I got used to doing it online, I never went back. The popups were nice though!

  2. says

    I always wondered what HootSuite was…but never had time to really find out. This is a great review. Helps a lot.

    I just realized the benefit of watching a “niche” (even though I’ve had a niche for 10+ years and didn’t know it – LOL). I like being able to pick some aspect of what I do and see what others are saying/doing on this topic.


    ~Cindy 😉
    .-= New from Cindy Brock Indecision Leads to a Decision =-.

    • says

      Yes, it’s amazing the things you can learn just by watching conversation. Things you may think are common knowledge may be questioned about often, whereas things you think are super secret may be widespread.

  3. says

    Kristi, full of vitamins your article with all the HootSuite characteristics! Reading it, I see that I’m using most of them, and as it’s in browser, you don’t need to download anything.
    I like the possibility of showing conversations, very helpful to catch up former tweets and also of scheduling tweets.

    I use it in combination with TweetDeck. I’d like to add that HootSuite is lacking selective sound notifications especially for DMs and mentions. In that way you can have it in background, this is handy in TweetDeck.

    Good job Kristi!


    .-= New from Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog Social Networking, Food Bloggers, Social Media, Diet & Health Blogs: Best of the Week =-.

    • says

      The show conversations has come in handy numerous times, especially when things get a little argumentative or rowdy and you wonder what provoked someone’s last response. Glad to know you are getting optimal use out of HootSuite in conjunction with Tweetdeck!

  4. says

    What an amazing tool, now if it could just automatically generate unique keyword rich blog posts every 2-3 days. Thanks for the info!

    • says

      While there are ways to do automated posts, you would be better off just doing genuine posts every couple of days. The tools that automate usually steal content off of other sites which will not look good for your business on a whole. You can certainly use HootSuite to see what is popular discussion in your industry and base posts around it, even if they are just simple answers to someone’s questions.

    • says

      I think I’m about a week late on delivery, but I have been planning this post for awhile now. I’ll keep an eye out on your upcoming post!

  5. says

    Seeing all those features written out is just mind-blowing, especially because it is all free! I’m still amazed that these guys have yet to make some money on this, apart from the bit they are picking up from the apps.
    .-= New from Josiah@Tumblr Themes Altered Perspective =-.

    • says

      I’m sure they have sponsors for what they do, considering how stable the platform is. The company that makes it also probably gets a lot of clients based on how well they built HootSuite and how popular it has become.

  6. says

    I think hands down Hootsuite is by far the best twitter client out there. They seem to always adding to features. I think the newest feature of being able to add additional users and assign roles in very important for companies that want to manage their twitter brand with multiple contributors.

    I actually wrote a post last week about Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Twitter Engagement Efforts. Feel free to check out it if you want to see more about Hootsuite.

    • says

      Thanks for reminding me about your article. I’ve been writing this one for two weeks now, and I remember when I came across yours, I wanted to add it in this one since you covered the things I didn’t. HootSuite is a great tool – I’m usually not much of a fan of tools, but I fell in love with all of the things I could do with it!

    • says

      Actually, the Twitter management is not just for your followers – some of the stuff covered in here is about keeping track of keywords, Twitter lists, and other items that you don’t need followers for! Plus, if you start retweeting people in from Twitter lists, there is a good chance they will notice you and maybe even start following, helping build your Twitter profile.

    • says

      There are definitely some great business uses of HootSuite as well. A lot of these tips, like the keyword lists and following leaders in your industry can be applied for businesses looking to learn more about their customer base as well.

    • says

      Yes… trying to do all of this stuff outside of a management tool makes the process a much longer than necessary, which is probably why people get turned off of the service. The setup for HootSuite may take a bit, but once you have it the way you want it, it is gold from there on out.

  7. says

    I have just heard about Hootsuite but not really interested to use it but, after this post of yours, my eyes have been opened to its usefulness, importance and relevance. Thank you so much.
    .-= New from Andrew@BloggingGuide Testimonials =-.

    • says

      There are definitely some things that can become absolutely crucial for bloggers (and businesses) to monitor in terms of branding, keywords, and industry. I’m glad that you found some features in this post that will come in handy in your Twitter management.

  8. says

    That’s something new concept for me. I just jumped to hootsuite after reading little but we have to read full post of Kristi to know complete details. This tool can track each possibility for your twitter needs.

    • says

      Don’t stress too much on the first time setup. You can always add things or remove them as you go along to figure out what you need the most.

  9. says

    Wow, I didn’t realize Hootsuite did so much. Lately I’ve been using Co-tweet as it integrates right with my bit.ly accounts. It also has a very nice interface and the ability to assign tasks to other team members if that is needed (something Hootsuite just announced). Unfortunately you cannot post to other social networks via Co-Tweet (there may be a work around using Ping.FM, but I haven’t researched that yet). Nice post. I think it may be time to look at Hootsuite again.

    • says

      Thanks. I actually left out some features, but I figured they were covered elsewhere already, so I tried to put more of the blogging spin on this one.

    • says

      Just like I mentioned to someone else above, even if you don’t have a lot of followers yet, there is still a lot of other great things you can do with HootSuite. It just gets more exciting with followers in the mix!

  10. says

    I utilize HootSuite every day. I prefer it over CoTweet. Even though it does have quite a few features, it’s still simple to use!

    • says

      Very true – even though there are a ton of things you can do with it, it is a lot simpler to figure out than a lot of other applications out there, and once it’s setup, it makes managing so many different accounts and tasks a breeze!

  11. says

    First, I love the idea of how you monitor post tweets, like you said, it’s important to keep track of those not crediting the source.

    Second, I agree on the ow.ly issue and even though they now give users the option to not use the bar, it is still an inconvenience. I love Hootsuite and the reason I find myself using CoTweet these days is Bit.ly, which by the way, rumors are they are about to take the whole “short url” game to another level.

    Great post Kristi, thank you!
    .-= New from Francisco Rosales How Do You Follow The Blogs You Love? [Poll] =-.

  12. says

    Hi Kristi,

    I’ve never used anything like HootSuite or TwitterDeck and although I remember hearing of TwitterDeck I only heard of HootSuite from one of the comments on my blog very recently.

    What a coincidence that you should write such a good post about it

    I wrote a post recently about my experience with twitter because of the very little traffic I’ve been getting from it.

    Thanks for your enlightening and helpful post. It may help change my view of the kind of blog traffic one can get from twitter.

    I will definitely experiment with what I learned from your post and will give HootSuite a try.

    .-= New from Vance@Get Blog Traffic Can You Really Get Blog Traffic From Twitter? =-.

  13. says

    Great tips here for sure. I’ve been using hootsuite for a few weeks now but not very active really in twitter so didn’t explore any of these features. Multiple accounts is nice but I don’t need that and I haven’t yet explored all those other features, so thanks for pointing them out!
    .-= New from Mike King 70 Reminders to Help You Break Any Barrier =-.

    • says

      I really think that self improvement / personal development bloggers will really benefit from the question – keyword searches. I’m sure there have to be lots of people asking questions about how to build confidence, get through a tough situation, etc. that can be answered by a helpful blog post.

  14. says

    I used the older version of TweetDeck before switching to HootSuite.

    I hear TweetDeck is a lot better now, but I’m too lazy to download it and give it another whirl. Maybe someone knows where I can find a post like this one for TweetDeck…??? Until then, I’ll continue to use HootSuite.

    I primarily use HootSuite to manage my lists and I also use the ow.ly shortner b/c I haven’t had any problems with it before (like bit.ly had …at least once.) I actually have a short domain that I use for redirects for my own permanent links, but when I’m linking to someone else’s blog post (like this one), I’ll use Ow.ly.

    The one cool thing is that I can have several related lists side-by-side which makes list review a snap.

    I do use the keyword/question tracking (that’s real handy) and I should use the RSS more… I just handle RSS separately for now… maybe I’ll integrate.

    The one thing I wish HootSuite would do is allow custom lists like they used to. Before Twitter Lists came out you could customize your own list. Now we can just display our Twitter List in a tab, and twitter only gives us 20… and I’d like about 50 — maybe 100.

    So, I am looking for another solution to help me more precisely segment my Followers…. hopefully someday!

    Thanks for a great post I can point others to.
    .-= New from CL Webb strategies4u: "Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there." ~ Rumi (via @DeepakChopra) =-.

  15. says

    I discovered Hootsuite after I got locked out of tweetdeck and crashed my seesmic – well, maybe crashed is too strong. It stopped working. I love Hootsuite because I didn’t have to download it. I haven’t explored all the features as deeply as you have. I’m grateful for the list of tools and good ideas. It didn’t occur to me to see who’s tweeting my posts and to see what people are saying and how they’re reacting to my work. I can’t wait to see what (hopefully) nice things people are saying 😀
    .-= New from cheryl@I love blogging tips blogging tips from expert bloggers – build traffic and boost Alexa rank =-.

    • says

      It’s kind of interesting to follow your retweets that way. I found out I have several people who are auto tweeting all of my posts via Twitterfeed, and I also can find out when someone makes the post more viral on Twitter without including my username in a mention with the tweet.

  16. says

    Maaaaan, I’m getting bored with Twitter. Most people don’t use it the right way (like myself when I first started off). I just started using refollow so I can unfollow a bunch of people at once. I use Twitter in the simplest form. I find people searching about my businesses industry and interact with them. That’s about it!
    .-= New from Innovatively Simple Things I’d Rather Do #2 =-.

  17. says

    Hootsuite is no doubt one of my favorite web clients for Twitter. Although I’m more of a desktop client user, but what I love about Hootsuite is the accessibility, page load speed and the scheduling feature. Always a good alternative when the line is slower (it’s a common prob where I live). Thanks for reminding me about the RSS feature, I have forgotten about it all these whiles.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= New from Ching Ya How to Improve Facebook Engagement by Decluttering News Feed =-.

    • says

      The page load time for HootSuite is pretty amazing, considering all of the tabs and columns I have going. Loading five searches in one tab only takes a pinch longer than doing one search on Twitter.

  18. says


    This seems like a really good program. I don’t know how much use I would get out of it right now though with my 1 new blog, and just starting out at that. I’m learning there are SO MANY components to blogging and keeping up with everything. Would you recommend HootSuite for bloggers like me just starting out? Or should I put my time into something else? I just wanted to know because between setting up my blog, twittering, doing Facebook, commenting, etc…I want to make sure I’m doing what I should be doing.

    I don’t want to miss anything but since I’m new there are obviously things I still don’t know (I just found out about FBML yesterday, have a good laugh everyone!) 😀
    .-= New from greenlants@Green Shield Intl April 15th, Get a Tax Day Freebie! =-.

    • says

      First off, don’t worry about the FBML thing – I still don’t know any of it.

      I think it can come in handy even for new bloggers simply because you can watch what people are talking about in your niche. It can give you new ideas on what to write about and a way to find more people to connect with who will be interested in what you are blogging about, hopefully bringing you new readers.

      Definitely doesn’t hurt to give it a try – setup probably takes a half hour from scratch if you get really comprehensive, and then you can just monitor it here and there throughout the day and quickly get all of your mentions, messages, keywords, etc.

    • says

      I was like that for a long time, and really just started using HootSuite about two months ago. Since I’m super active in following lots of people / lists as well as tracking / monitoring, it makes sense for me to use the application. Otherwise, the main Twitter site is probably fine for those who aren’t too into it.

  19. says

    Great wright up on Hootsuite. I have been using Hootsuite for almost a year now and I find it the most useful of all the Twitter clients. I do use TweetDeck on one computers and its good but, I think Hootsuite has more features and is easier to use.

    Only thing I do not like is its short link and the way it creates a frame at the top a website. I found that most people do not like this short link and will not click on my links. Hootsuite should allow users to select a different short link system like Tweetdeck does.
    .-= New from element321 Blogging Tips, DoFollow Debate, and Web Design Tips Weekly Round Up April 05, 2009 =-.

    • says

      That’s why I always use the Bit.ly bookmarklet to shorten links first, then tweet them through HootSuite. I even do that for some retweets – instead of tweeting the Ow.ly link after visiting a page, I change it to the Bit.ly.

  20. says

    Wow really like the feature of seeing all your accounts next to each other. I am getting into twitter marketing at the moment and the issue I am facing right now it that I have like 10 niches with 10 different twitter accounts that need my attention. This web application could be a big time saver for me thanks for the recommendation.
    .-= New from Alex@Pferdehaftpflicht Haftpflichtversicherung für Ihr Pferd: Die 5 großen Vorteile =-.

    • says

      Yeah. You really can organize it many ways, like having all of your mentions for each account in one tab, searches in another, or manage each account in its own tab. The options are really endless!

  21. says

    I have yet to really get into using Twitter clients. I instead prefer to just use Twitterific on my iPhone and only follow people I actually care about seeing stuff from rather than following everyone just so I have a big number.
    .-= New from Chris@Money Making Ideas Cash Crate Review =-.

  22. says

    Jesus, tools like this are why I hate twitter. I mean its usefull don”t get me wrong, I just hate the whole twitter concept. Its so cluttered with garbage but its been forced down internet marketers throats no so you HAVE to participate. Maddening.
    .-= New from Chattaranga Toothless Heart-Throb =-.

    • says

      Internet marketers have hit Twitter hard, that is for sure. You have to find the right people to follow to make it worth it. I think some people who just follow 50 people or less that they have hand picked probably have a much better experience than others.

  23. says

    I love this. HootSuite has become my central place for managing Twitter and Facebook, actually. I love it. I can even manage FourSquare with it. It’s got a crazy amount of potential, and I love all of the sorting abilities. I even created a tab that lists people I generally like to Re-Tweet, so I go there every morning and look for content worth sharing.

    Rocking crazy awesome tool. I LOVE it.

    Now if it only had a Blackberry App.. :)
    .-= New from Tia – BizChickBlogs.com 8 Minute Post – Becoming Un-boring =-.

    • says

      Twitter List management is definitely one of my favorite things. I have lists for bloggers and other Tweeple that I love to retweet as well, so I am always finding great articles on a daily basis.

  24. says

    I use tweet deck, but HootSuite sounds really great. I think I will try it out and then compare them…. I feel a new blog post coming on…hehehe Thanks for the great post Kristie…very informative!

    .-= New from Cindy Blog Income Video =-.

  25. says

    I am just looking into a good Twitter App that allows me to manage several accounts at once and to schedule tweets. Nothing else, no bells and whistles please. Hootsuite is overkill for me, but do you know of any Twitter App that would allow me simply to schedule tweets for several accounts? Thanks, SY
    .-= New from hospitalera@Irish Home Garden What to Consider with Metal Carports for Sale =-.

  26. says

    Hootsuite was the best app that I have ever used…They have integrated facebook, twitter, linkedin, and Ping.Fm(Big list of social networks). A very friendly interface..You can post to all your social netowrks with a single click. and the best part is you can even keep track of link @ No of Visits… If anyone is looking for a app that can manage facebook, twitter, linkedin, and Ping.Fm I would strongly recommend you to give it a try….


    .-= New from Michelle Consider Forms of Payment Before You Transfer Money to China =-.

  27. says

    I have never used it Kristi as I have always used TweetDeck, which as you would know has to be downloaded on your computer to work, which takes up CPU, and so if HootSuite does all TweetDeck does and more I think it’s about time I take a look at it. :)
    .-= New from Sire Is Disqus Costing You Comments? =-.

  28. says

    I could kiss my monitor everytime I go to Hootesuite. I love it! I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I don’t know why I waited so long to try it out. I’m praying that they develop an app for the Blackberry. Thanks for this post.

  29. says

    Me and Hootsuite are sort of in love. I have two twitter accounts I use each day, and being able to tweet to both of them in one window is great. I also schedule tweets to send out resources I find so as not to bombard users streams with tweets all at once. Great, easy to use program.

  30. says

    I LOVE HootSuite. I just discovered it and with 4 Twitter accounts and 4 Facebook pages it has made my life immeasurably easier.

    I currently use Networked Blogs on Facebook for my 5 blogs. Do you know anything about putting my blogs on HootSuite? Should I remove them from NB first? Just wondering. Thanks for this great review.

  31. says

    Wow what a full featured app. I have to admit I haven’t given Twitter much attention for my sites or others I work on (I’m sure my account feels pretty neglected) just because it is hard to manage multiple accounts. For that reason I haven’t set up Titter accounts for several other sites I work with – I’m thinking I’ll have to reconsider seeing as there is so much to gain. Thanks. (I’ve seen Kikolani floating around the internet lately – I’m glad I stopped in for a peek) :)
    .-= New from Chris@Earth Friendly Goodies Doggie Dooley 3000 – My Eco Dog’s Poop Doesn’t Stink =-.

  32. says

    Hi Kristi,
    I like what you have done here in so much detail – including the drawbacks section. I like hootsuite, used it early on…then moved into Pluggio, but I do revisit it every time they do an update and check it out as I also do whenever TweetDeck updates as well (because I stil prefer Seesmic Desktop for day to day tweeting). For me and what I do for community/brand strategy management, I like pluggio…hardly anyone has heard of it, but there are some nuances of it that just fit me and my approach to content and profile management. After reading your post, I wanted to thank you for your thoroughness as one must use an item in depth to really catch all it’s benefits (and “wish it did this’s”)…I thought I’d mention Pluggio since you seem to like the “little things” that make a big difference in an app. I am the same way. (And, no I am not one of their affiliates either! :)

    Have you tried out the beta of RockMelt yet? Just wondering what your thoughts are on it.

    Thanks again and I use the $9.95/month pluggio…btw. Happy to pay it for a great developer who is responsive (Yes ONE man (@justinvincent) develops and maintains it…I kind of think he’s a lil genius. )


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    I always recommend HootSuite to clients that are looking to do their own social/ reputation management, and have a couple of Twitter accounts to look after.

    Even the Free Social Analytics you get with a basic account are decent at the beginner level.

    Well worth a look if you’re new to social management. If you’re at a social media agency, or you’re managing Twitter accounts for multiple clients then you’re probably already using it!
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