How Green Juicing Paved the Way to My Other Smart Habits

This is a guest post by Farnoosh Brock.

While it may seem out of the ordinary from the usual blogging and social media, I included it for two reasons. 1) Farnoosh is a wonderful friend and inspiring person who has contributed some great articles and interviews here before. 2) Healthy habits are an essential part of blogging – if you aren’t healthy, you won’t be able to produce great content. Enjoy!

green juicing

I believe all good smart habits are related and connected, and before I tell you about the smart habit for which Kristi invited me to write here today, that of Green Juicing (affiliate link), I want to share why and how your one good habit can lead to many more.

You have most definitely experienced this. If you start a new eating habit, for instance, first you feel better and then you get more energy, and as a result, perhaps you join a fitness program, or even more, you put a stop to your other bad habits one at a time, all the while not realizing that a single good habit can be responsible for an entire change of direction on your self-improvement journey.

I believe that this amazing snowball effect even works well across the components of physical and mental and spiritual. So for instance, if you pick up a good habit that improves your physical state, it is not unlikely for you to start feeling better on an emotional level and therefore feel encouraged to take better emotional care of yourself. And it’s possible for that new emotional state to ease you into your spiritual journey.

Your overall well-being is interconnected and all good habits feed off of each other and slowly, they can push out the bad habits one by one. The path to true self-improvement starts first with awareness and then with willingness. Everything else is detail, and details you can handle like nobody’s business when you have the first and second parts down.

Now about that green juicing, it has been the first of my many smart habits and definitely responsible for whatever came after it.

green juicing

In 2007, I was dealing with tons of stress and unhappiness, plus a few extra pounds that were driving me nuts. Honestly, I was not even sure how I ended up that way because all my life, I’d always been so health-conscious. The problem started when the old ways of taking care of myself no longer worked, and when doing what I did at 23 was not enough to restore a much older body back to the same optimum shape. Plus after a while, it all catches up with you – no matter how good you are – the stress, the frustration, the deep dissatisfaction with your life, and for me it manifested itself in my weight. I was ready to do anything to get back in shape. Except I did not know what else to do besides the usual methods that no longer worked.

One lucky morning, I was introduced to the world of juicing, and I have America’s fitness hero, Jack Lalanne to thank for it. Before I knew it, I had a juicer, I was shopping for vegetables to juice, and I was hooked on this amazing new – and yet most natural – way of nourishing my body: green juicing, and 5 years later, the habit has only grown stronger, but here’s the thing, it’s not just green juicing that became a part of my life, it’s all the other habits that snow balled after that.

After a few weeks of juicing, I was getting more motivated to exercise, but I wanted to try something new, so for the first time, I hired a trainer and started weight-lifting. The combination of my new fitness regimen with green juicing gave me double the results. The two habits kept me going, and I was having so much fun that doing one made me crave the other. Then I added a cardio program to the mix, and now I had 3 new smart habits that pushed me in the right direction.

As you can imagine, the extra weight melted away in weeks, my happiness started to soar, and the fog and confusion from my mind started to lift.

The next thing I attacked had nothing to do with fitness or with nutrition. It was my job. I realized I was unhappy at my job and even though it was a few years before I resigned and moved away from the corporate world, that summer was the first time I started considering doing something else with my professional life, now that I was beginning to feel fulfilled again in my personal life, and that was the beginning of my blogging journey.

So you see, you should never underestimate the power of a single smart habit, especially where your health is concerned.

As for my love of green juicing, I took it to new levels. After a few blog posts, an amazing community of green juicing enthusiasts started to come together, and then I published my Green Juicing Guide this past December. And this spring, we are having our first and only Green Juicing Intensive Clinic (affiliate link) this year and no, this is not a juice fasting clinic, FYI.

If you want to cleanse and detox your body, while having a ton of fun with my lovely juicing community, we want to extend you a very warm welcome. There are still a few seats but don’t wait long, the clinic starts Saturday, May 5th! Be sure to join us!

Photo Credits: Kimberly Creagan and Itchys

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  1. says

    Nice to see you here Farnoosh & am glad you had her over Kristi!

    I loved the way you described everything about green juicing and the results that you have seen when you experimented with it! Gets me temped to get started too :)

    I sometimes do go in for a combination of vegetable and fruit juices, but then that’s never on a daily or regular basis. I do want to ask though, do you only have the green juices or have your three square meals too – because managing everything in a day must be tough.

    Yes indeed, the results do work wonders when you combine juicing with exercises and workout. Glad you shared all this with us. :)
    Harleena Singh just posted Why Does Love Hurt in a Relationship?

    • says

      Dear Harleena, hello!!!
      Lovely to see you too. I am so glad I got you tempted. Will you join us in the clinic? I’d love to have your energy there.
      As for eating, yes I do eat, especially during the times when I exercise a lot, I have a very healthy appetite, I make a lot of salads, I eat snacks, I am on a kick to eat dates for dessert, and YES I do eat. I don’t cook though 😉 So I have to rely on my husband feeding me. And as for juices, I don’t juice nearly every single day – a few times a week and then I store them for the next day so that saves time.
      And every day varies for me, Harleena, sometimes I eat smaller meals throughout the day, sometimes, I do eat breakfast/lunch/dinner but at different times depending on my schedule.
      Hope this helps, and hope you join us in the clinic, my dear friend.
      Farnoosh just posted Episode 40 of the Daily Interaction Podcast: Communicating without Your Voice

  2. says

    This did make me smile as I have been threatening to re-start juicing for a while. You keep pricking my conscious Farnoosh!!! But I am pleased to report I am now getting into action. Mr D and I are committed to re-starting our juicing regime in May.

  3. says

    How very timely for us! My husband just started a juice fast with green juices this morning. I’m drinking some to support him (but I’m not fasting- I’m a nursing mom). I have read a lot of how juicing can help clarity, focus, and productivity so I’m hoping for a miracle in that department!

  4. says

    I agree, one smart decision can lead to another. So many things in life are a decision. You can either choose to be healthy or choose to be unhealthy. There isn’t much of a middle ground because one good/bad habit leads to another.
    Shaun Rosenberg just posted How To Be Positive

  5. tammy@wheatgrass juicer says

    Hi Farnoosh!

    You are right. Anything that we eat affects us at emotional level too. Before two years I started my journey towards a healthy life. I started drinking juices and including salads in my meals. Spinach soup was something that I took twice a week and salads was included before every meal. I started feeling more positive and confident about my health and till today I am following these practices. It really helps a lot to be more aware of our health and include one new habit every day, be it including nuts, more fruits, juices in your diet.
    tammy just posted Wheatgrass Benefits

    • says

      Hi dear Tammy, I love LOVE your story – and there’s nothing more convincing than when we have done it and have our own proof of something that works for us, right? Great work including the nutrition into your food. And stay healthy always! I have to admit I have not yet ventured into the wheatgrass world but you got me curious!!! I’ll be coming to you if I have questions, Tammy. Thanks for your comment.
      Farnoosh just posted On Celebrating Progress and Not Heeding Persian Myths

  6. says

    Nice one,

    This is right thing till when we are not feel good from inside then how we can give good result to others so first of all we should stay fit and updates with every new tactics and after that we should give out our best in front of our readers which should have originality also.
    India carnival just posted Goa Carnival 2012

  7. says

    I totally agree. Five years ago just before my 30th birthday I gave up smoking, I didn’t smoke much and it was just a bad habit. After that and a few other small changes I ended up making some huge changes in my personal and professional life to make myself healthier and happier. This has all lead to me now looking and feeling a thousand times better than I did 5 years ago.
    Matt Kinsella just posted Emergency Dentist For The Oxford Area

  8. says

    I’m not a juicer but I totally get your journey of starting somewhere and realizing that it wasn’t a good place. I think we all start with one step which hopefully leads to others. Much smaller in scope but I’m headed to the Tough Mudder this weekend after starting Boot Camp 2 years ago after realizing that being a tired, overweight, SAHM wasn’t really working for me. I didn’t start going to Boot Camp with the goal of being an adventure racer and yet here I am 😉
    Alexis just posted 10 Baby Sleep Questions

  9. says

    Hey cool post! I drink a smoothie in the morning that is all natural. Here’s the recipe:

    4 apples
    1/2 lemon, juiced
    4-5 leaves of kale

    Just blend it all together! It’s a great pick-me-up in the morning.

  10. says

    Juices like this are so helpful for me. I’ll admit to a pretty insatiable sweet tooth while trying to simultaneously trying to limit processed sugars from my diet. Water is even to drive a person insane when they are used to the sweet, sweet nectar that is Dr. Pepper. Fresh fruit juices have been my salvation. I can satiate my need for sweetness, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Juice on, sister.

  11. says

    Hi Farnoosh, You present another great reason to juice. I never thought of it as a gateway to other smart decisions.

    So many times we procrastinate. Yet, are there really any good reasons for not doing something that is good for you and tastes good? Yesterday was the best day to start. Today is the second best day!
    David Sneen just posted Imagine–Monthly Raises!