How Social Media Can Help You Live Your Dream Lifestyle

This is a guest post by Hugh DeBurgh from The Passionate Warrior, who has dedicated his life to the achievement of the ultimate family lifestyle.

I’m a personal development writer. So I don’t usually contribute to social media sites. But I thought it might be interesting to uncover how today’s social media technologies are making it possible for many people to live the life of their dreams right from their living room – or, in my case, from my RV.

An Unconventional Lifestyle

I’ll start by telling you a bit about my own family’s experience.

You see, we don’t live a conventional life. We don’t work at conventional jobs. We don’t drive conventional cars, you name it – we aren’t conventional. We travel when we want. We live how we want. We stop and live anywhere that the scenery suits us. Or where the neighbors are nice. And if the neighbors become annoying? We move, of course.

I have no boss. Neither does my wife.

My kids attend no schools. Yet they know more about the world and the people in it than most kids can ever dream of knowing. And they can read faster than I can (at least my 11 year old can). They are children of the world, just as their parents are. No, we are not hippies. We don’t live out of a VW bus and sell hemp products.

We enjoy the good things in life. Luxuries. Technologies. Comforts.

If you met us on the street you’d think we were ordinary people, though perhaps a bit well-to-do. We shed the heavy expensive crap that sucks up most people’s resources. We discovered that we really didn’t need it.

How Social Media Fits In

So, what does our unusual lifestyle have to do with social media? Everything. You see, if it wasn’t for social media, none of this would be possible.

We finance our lifestyle with it (at least in part). We use it to connect with other people who are also living this nomadic lifestyle so we don’t feel alone or isolated. Our kids utilize it to keep in touch with their friends, and to make new ones. They particularly enjoy the voice technology of Ventrillo that is associated with online gaming, which allows real-time voice communication with their friends worldwide. I’m not sure if that technically qualifies as social media, but it satisfies the same function for us.

As long as we can stay “connected,” there is almost nothing that I cannot do from the road that I can do in a fixed place. As technology improves, there is simply less and less reason to tie ourselves down anywhere. That is, unless we simply enjoy being in that place. That is a key point here.

For many years people have lived where their work requires, or have spent countless hours each day commuting to and from those places. We refuse to do this. And we sacrifice very little because of that choice. Time is our most precious asset. It is the only thing that cannot be recovered after it is spent. So why do so many of us waste so much of it?

I spend a great deal of my time with my kids. And with my wife. And when I’m not with them, I’m blogging about our lifestyle. Or just hanging out, doing whatever I want to do. I spend none of my time commuting, dealing with jealous or lazy co-workers, or kissing my boss’ rear end – well, maybe my wife’s ;-).

When you are on your deathbed, wishing with your soul that you had just a little more time with your loved ones, how will you feel about your decision to spend months of your precious life sitting in a car, in traffic, alone or with strangers, going to and from work? How will you feel about all of the special moments with your family that never happened because you were too busy doing things that you really aren’t crazy about doing anyway?

For a very long time you had little choice in the matter. But no longer. Today, technologies like social media allow human interaction, business and personal, to occur just about anywhere. And that means, for the first time in a very long time, ordinary people like you and me can organize our time around those things that truly matter to us.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s to social media and its technological cousins. Long may they empower us!

Social Media and Your Lifestyle

Whether you live a more conventional lifestyle or not, please share how blogging and social media has helped you live the way you want.

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  1. says

    Greta post…Social media if used correctly makes it that much easier to connect and build relationships with anyone in the world.. no other median let’s this happen.

    People are just open to meeting and conversating with new friends.. try doing this with a stranger and a phone

    Social media also makes it easy to be who you want to be.. introverts become movie stars, extroverts make huge daily connections.

    But there is a fine line with using, benefiting, building relationships with people and becoming a spammer.

    Find that fine line and you will be a SM super star.
    John Paul Aguiar just posted 5 Blog Posts That Attract The Most Comments

    • says

      Hey John Paul!

      Thanks for your thoughts!

      I agree with everything you said. And I would add one final point.

      What separates a spammer from a superstar is connection with the reader. If the readers are engaged by what you say, they interact. Or at least react. Whether they agree or disagree with the content, it’s not spam.

      Fail to connect with and engage the reader, and you are just noise. And spam is noise with a fancy name.

      Thanks again,


  2. says

    I’m right there with ya, trying to make social media work for me so that our family can live a bit unconventionally too.

    I traveled quite a bit as a child (my parents were missionaries) and I learned FAR more from living in countries around the globe than I ever did in school on US soil.

    We hope to move with our four kids overseas someday, and that goal is the exact reason why I’m trying to make a living in social media. I love that it can go with me wherever we end up and that it’s flexible enough so that a life change won’t make a huge difference.

    Thanks for the post!
    Amy Andrews just posted What do you think Automated Email Responses

  3. says

    An amazing way to live your life..! Very few people are brave enough to break free from the constraints they feel everyday society imposes on them. Who would have thought that social media would be the key to allow you to break these chains..!

  4. says

    It’s refreshing to have a new perspective about social media and you did make your point well Hugh. :) Your lifestyle is quite rare and one of a kind considering where I’m living in. What I love about your post is the way you appreciate life & people around you and how social media can actually contribute to it, not controlling us instead.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    Ching Ya just posted How to Detect and Deal with Content Theft- Autoblogs

    • says

      Hi Ching Ya!

      Thanks for your kind comments! :-)

      In North America, living life as we do is simply a choice. My family used to follow a very conventional life. I worked in an office, as did my wife. Our kids went to school. We had tons of obligations.

      But we intentionally transformed our life so that we could live as we do today.

      It can be done. It is simply a lifestyle choice.

      Thanks again!

      Hugh :-)

  5. says

    Congrats on living the lifestyle of your dreams. I am sure i would never be able to be able to ‘live’ that kinda lifestyle. I am more of those ‘no change’ guys. But i can see the immense advantages of your life. And good to know social media isnt all about spam. I will surely tack your blog too :)

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Scott!

      Personally, I find it easier to embrace change, but that’s just me.

      In this day and age, avoiding change is the real challenge! :-)

      Anyway, I wish you the best in your lifestyle path, too.

      Everyone’s is unique. All that matters is that the path that you are following is really yours.

      All the best,

      Hugh :-)

    • says

      Hey Ben!

      Thanks for your comment!

      But I got to tell ya, luck had nothing to do with it!

      Our lifestyle is the direct result of intentional lifestyle design – what I call “Creative Family Lifestyle Design.”

      And the number of people who can live like we do is much larger than the number who actually do. This is because people do not realize how much they can influence the direction of their life to conform to their dreams.

      It doesn’t matter how deep you are into your current life, if you want to transform it, you can. And you can bring your family along with you.

      What is required is an open mind and a good idea of what you really want in life.

      Living a free life is a choice. We chose it. If you want to, you can too!

      Thanks again!


  6. says

    This is the life I am aiming for. I’m not there yet but I’m in the process of building several websites and blogs and montizing them. I earn about £20 a week through them but it is early days yet, and it’s going to have to increase a lot from that to be able to make a living, but I think within another year or so I’ll be able to leave my job and go wherever I want, with money coming in from blogging and affiliate marketing.

    • says

      Keep it up!

      The number one cause of failure on the Internet is quitting (IMHO).

      Focus and keep going no matter what. You’ll get what you want.

      I suspect it will take a bit longer than you originally imagined, and your success will be greater than you imagined, too.

      That seems to be the way of things.

      All the best,


  7. says

    Thanks Andrew! :-)

    Check us out and learn more! :-)

    And living nomadicly is just one of a million lifestyle choices out there for anyone who is interested in deciding how they want to live instead of just accepting how they find themselves living.

    All the best,


  8. says

    I love all the tasks related to social media. Its really knowledge increasing and help to boost up site in search engine ranking. Your perspective is very excellent. Thanks for put on view this valuable information. I have the benefit of stay.

  9. says

    Hi Hugh!

    I love my family’s unconventional lifestyle, too, and posts like these are encouraging when it seems easier some days to do it the “old” way. I feel grateful to be living in a time period where making money this way is achievable, because I couldn’t think of a better way to live life.

    Tia just posted 10 Totally Fantastic YouTube Proposals

  10. says

    Hi Hugh,

    Do you earn all the money just by writing? and What does your wife do for living now? I think many readers will be inspired to live the same unconventional life. Can you please write a post which tells us the things that we need to do to make our life easier.

    • says

      Hey Colleen!

      I have found that the more I tried to use social media in a traditional way (essentially, as an advertising medium), the less effective it was.

      Social media is a forum for establishing credentials, and fans. You can’t sell to people on here who don’t already want to buy from you. So, to me, social media puts people into a condition of wanting to do business with you. Actually doing business is done in other ways, and without substantial sales effort. Once they have decided to buy from you, the deal is yours to screw up.

      I was trained in traditional marketing, so the rules here are weird. But that’s how I have found it to work for us.

      I wish you the best of luck!


  11. says

    Wow. Sounds like a very interesting lifestyle choice you and your family have made. I am new to blogging and I am following my dream of having my own home business. Did heaps of travelling when I was younger and now happy to be home and enjoying writing articles for my blog and styaing close to my extended family who live nearby. Travel sure changes one’s perspective on things. I know it did for me.
    All the best in your business which seems to be thriving. I am hoping when I am established mine will be too.
    Patricia Perth Australia
    all things lavender

  12. says

    The first thing i ever read from you has made me smile, that’s always good sign.

    I’m smiling because you reminded me of an old good friend, definitely a free spirit in his own right. This had to be 10-15+yrs ago now.

    At 21 many just thought he was flaky. Well, he was, but one of those genius level flakes, I’m sure you know the type.

    He always said his ultimate goal was to RV it around the country with a laptop. The fact that this was back when a laptop would cost more then most used cars didn’t help others opinions of him, of course he never cared.

    We lost touch when he move to California (yep) so I really don’t know if it ever came about. I recently found an old phone number for him so I may try to track him down…I’ll be sure to send him your link. 😉
    Dennis Edell just posted The ABSOLUTE Final Posting

  13. says

    I live a life similar to this and, while you style is permitted through social media, it really is the Internet as a whole. However, achieving a self-sufficient lifestyle by using the Internet does take a lot of ingenuity and time.
    Richard just posted Copy DVD To Hard Drive

    • says

      Hey Richard!

      Yeah, the whole Internet is being leveraged.

      In truth, the clean distinctions that we like to make between parts of the Internet (e.g., “Social Media”, etc.) are for our own convenience. It’s all just one big “cloud.”

      You and I use whatever tools are at our disposal to make our lives possible. The Internet (and the social media aspects of the Internet in particular) is the primary source of those tools.

      And that’s how it should be.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

      Hugh :-)

  14. says

    Great post and I agree 100%. I know not everyone thinks that the blogging/marketing/social media lifestyle is incredible, but that’s because not everyone is built the same. I think in the end it really comes down to loving what you do and having a passion to grow. Thanks for insight!

  15. says

    Fully agree with your points here. All the posts are fully informative and having very good themes. I love to visit your blog again and again its really increase my knowledge. Social media is really key to success. Thanks for the awesome post.

  16. says

    Social media is key to developing online presence aswell as generating a tidy income if done correctly.

    Great post highlighting the major points!