How to Create a Sales Page for Your Own Products

This is a guest post by Karl Staib.

Have you ever tried selling a product or service on your blog?

Then you know how maddening a sales page can be.

What do you say?
How long should it be?
How do I actually convince someone to buy my product?

You’ve probably seen some really good sales pages and it almost looks easy. That is until you actually try to do one yourself.

I’ve sat, stood and paced in front of a blank screen for days, not sure where to start.

That’s why I’m here today on Kristi’s blog. I wanted to share a few tips with you to make your sales page a little easier to create and improve your conversion rate.

I was recently working with a client on his sales page. We finally flushed everything out of his brain and onto a document. As we were finishing this we began to see a story immerge that I could see was very gripping.

That’s where you need to start!

1. Your Why

Before you do anything like create a product or sales page. You have to know your story.

Think about what makes you worth their time, trust and money.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should someone buy from me?
  • What makes my angle interesting?
  • How can I infuse my passion into my sales page?

If you can’t answer these questions then your ideal buyer is going to struggle to click your “buy now” button.

2. Your Story

Every blogger has a story. You need to think about why you started this journey? I started a blog back in 2008 because I hated every job I’ve ever had. I named it Work Happy Now. My goal was to help people find happiness in their present work, so they could build their skills to do even greater work.

Your story might come from your childhood or maybe it’s an accomplishment that you wanted to help others reach as well. Whatever your story is you need to talk about this on your sales page. It’s this connection that will help people see themselves in you, which builds trust.

Here are some tips to create a story that builds trust:

  • Show your personality in your story. If you enjoy talking about your dog on your blog make sure to include this part of you in the story too.
  • Use your story to show why you are an expert.
  • Include testimonials that back up your story.

Earning people’s trust is the foundation of a great sales page. That’s why it’s important to have a tribe that already trusts your work and is ready to buy if your offer fits their needs.

3. Your Offer

You’ve probably come across a cool product on a blogger’s site then you read about why they think this product could help you. It’s completely off base. Now you have some doubt and end up leaving the sales page. Little did the person/company know that you were minutes away from buying until you read their offer.

Your offer is the Holy Grail of a good sales page. A good offer hits your ideal clients right in the middle of their hearts and compels them to buy.

Most bloggers make the mistake of offering a service or product that they would want. Your product is not about your needs. Your amazing ebook, e-course, etc is about your customer. They have different desires from you.

You have to find out what these desires are and craft an offer around these pain points.

  • That may mean asking your audience, asking other people’s audiences or testing out your sales page. You should be testing out your sales page no matter what.
  • Make sure you make your offer super clear. So clear that it almost seems too clear.
  • No more than 3 choices in your offer. Less is more.

If you aren’t trying to tweak your sales page to increase your conversion rate on a monthly or quarterly basis you are missing out on sales.

The Big Picture

You have an opportunity like very few people do in this world. As a blogger you have an audience of people who listen to you and need your help.

The hard part is showing them that you deserve their time and money. Your sales page will dictate how many sales you close or don’t close.

It’s why I suggest most of my clients put at least 10 hours into their sales page if it’s a lower priced item. If it’s a higher priced item I usually suggest 20+ hours for their sales page.

A lot of my clients struggle with how to create a high converting sales page, so my partner Stacy Stone and I created Sales Pages that Convert. To help creative entrepreneurs such as yourself develop sales pages that tell a great story and close sales.

Your Turn

What do have you noticed about great sales pages that more people should do?

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  1. says

    Hi, Karl! I liked your article and I want to add my two cents: I can’t remember where I’ve read this tip, but here it goes: transform the second most visited page in a sales page: usually the “about me” page is quite popular, so why not transform it in a sales page? 😀
    Cristian Stan just posted Leaf Blower Reviews

    • says

      Hey Cristian, That’s true for a lot of bloggers. That’s why, like you suggest, it’s good to have a call to action on your about page. I would refrain from turning it into a sales page though because you want people to learn about you without feeling sold to. The key on your about page is to be yourself and at the end have something interesting that they can do to deepen the relationship with you.
      Karl Staib just posted Sales Pages that Convert

  2. says

    Karl, I was very interested to read this post as I have written many a sales page in my day, but I have not always been successful at framing the “offer” as you say in your article in a way that appeals to the person wanting the product. I bought books (Maria Veloso – Web Copy That Sells) , read articles, researched what looked like good sales pages. Finally I think I structured a sales page that gives the reader what they want in a 9 tips format. I tried to appeal to the BENEFITS to the reader. If you get a moment, it’s right here:
    Thank you! Suzanne
    Suzanne just posted Monday Motivation 9/10/2012

  3. says

    I think providing the “why” “who” and “what” as you suggest is a great way to make visitors comfortable with purchasing. My question is, at any point, does too much information on a sales page ever clash with conversion? Even if it is unified and driving customers to a single, clear CTA, can a lengthy message give a viewer too much time to change there mind?

    While different products will, of course, require different levels of reader engagement to entice a sale, I wonder if there is a limit on when the information goes from helpful to intrusive. Perhaps even a variation in the platform used to deliver the message (video vs. copy) could change up how effectively it converts.

    I only ask because I’m used to a very sparse conversion funnel that works well and am curious if you have found that more content on your sales page is most often preferred by your customers.
    Christelle Hobby just posted De-Sleazing the Affiliate Marketing Industry

  4. says

    Creating a good sales page is definitely an art form. For some items and niche blogs I find it really easy, but I actually find it a lot harder for financial products in industries I am extremely passionate about.

    I worry about over-selling and drawing people in who normally wouldn’t consider buying. There’s just so much snake oil stuff out there that you need to be careful not to be lumped in.

    So it’s a fine balance, but definitely something I need to consider longer and test a bit more to find the right solution between my own comfort level with the sell and the conversion rate. A high conversion isn’t worth it if you don’t feel right about the way you make the sale, at least in my mind.
    Garrett just posted Forex Trading Recap: 11 Sep 2012 +104 Pips

  5. says

    Hi, Carl- Thanks for this post. I had a question though, being an attorney, I wonder how I could market what I’m offering better? It has to maintain a certain level of professionalism, which kind of keeps personal character out of the equation. Any suggestions? Thanks again for the post.
    Robert Koenig just posted Wrongful Death From Fatal Police Shot

  6. says

    Karl, I simply love this post. It’s all about conversion. I think, this is where most of us fails (mostly on the first try of it). Getting traffic and ranking our landing page is just the beginning of the story, the climax of it is your landing page and how it can covert well when your target audience landed on our site.

    Hope to see more conversion oriented post from you soon.
    Ron Leyba just posted 17 Unique And Horrifying Items And Accessories Suitable For Your Halloween Decoration Needs

  7. says

    I used to find it really difficult to effectively sell the product or service (even if it only costs an email subscription) without seeming spammy. That’s the real challange, really – keeping your offers to the point, effective, and legitimate. Some marketers, though, don’t do that – they just go for the spammiest message possible. It’s kind of stupid, quiet honestly 😉

    I love the format, though. The real key is to pull in the reader and make them want to read the whole offer.
    Joe Boyle just posted Easily Making WordPress 250% More Secure

    • says

      Hi Joe, The real key, as you say, is getting people to read your whole sales page. When they do read from top to bottom you are earning their trust, which means they are more likely to buy. This is hard to do, but with a great product, great offer and great copywriting it’s possible to have an amazing launch.

  8. says

    Hi Karl,

    Creating and writing my own sales page that converts is something I am very interested in doing. I am a self-published author and I am about to release my new eBook “The Best Traffic Generation Strategies By 10Top Blogger | A Tribute” at the end of the month.

    What scares me to death was that although I am an experienced copy writer, writing my own high-converting sales page has never been something I look forward to be doing. I don’t have the smallest of clues where to start, what to include, how to keep the unnecessary things out but keep it to the point but also effective, etc.

    I have just recently started video production after deciding to get out of my comfort zone and do something that seems to be very effective for other successful people. I definitely want to include a video which I think will help the personal connection aspect to any prospective buyers.

    Any idea where one could get an idea or even a high converting template of a video sales page?

    I enjoyed your article and although you have pointed out the essential points to consider when writing the actual copy, I am still a little in the dark especially when thinking in terms of video sales copy. Have you got any experience with this?

    Excited to hear your feedback on this!
    Ruan just posted Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial: Professional Text Logo With Mirror Effect

  9. says

    Man finding a way to create your own sales pages, whether you’re a copywriter or not, is definitely a challenge. To the point where most people just plain ol’ outsource it. It’s that bad! But you know that. This post really gives a direct answer to the issue.
    Actionable steps folks can take to create better sales pages.

    I really love that you offer how many hours it really takes. So many people outsource the job thinking it’ll be a couple hours to handle. But, if as the biz owner we should be cognisant of the work load and plan accordingly. Great tips!
    Mys Palmer just posted How to Build a Solid Personal Brand by Asking This One Question