How to Create Your Own Industry Recap, Resources, & Mashups

Since I’ve been out of town all of this week and unable to collect my usual weekly roundup of great posts in online marketing, I thought I would share some tips on how you can create your own industry or niche focused resources mashup.


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Examples of Great Recap Posts

Curious who else does regular daily or weekly recap posts? Here’s a sampling…

Inspired yet? Here’s what you’ll need.

Tools to Create Your Own Industry Recap

I can’t speak for everyone, but here are the tools I use to find great articles every week.

  • Google Reader – I have tons of subscriptions organized by the topics in my Fetching Friday (blogging, business, freelance, personal development, SEO, and social media). This way I can easily star the selections I want to include in my recap and on Thursday night, go to the Starred Items section to find them. I especially like Google Reader because you can use the app on your mobile and star items while on the go to (assuming you have 3G/4G access).
  • Alltop – If you don’t have enough subscriptions in your RSS reader, you can always check out the top blogs on specific topics on Alltop.
  • SearchCap and Marketing Day – If someone in your industry does a daily recap, check it out for more link ideas and blogs to subscribe to.

Productivity Tip

The key to not getting overwhelmed by your industry recap is to find new posts every day. Since I like to tweet out a lot of the links I ultimately share in Fetching Fridays, it makes it easy at the end of the week to just look through my Twitter stream and then the above tools & resources to find my favorite five posts from the week.

Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote

If 80% of your post is links out to other sites, then you owe it to yourself to add in a little something for you. Maybe it’s a few links to your own latest blog posts, promotions, or personal updates. But don’t feel bad about it – you put a lot of effort into your recaps, hence you deserve to have a bit of reward as well!

That Little Something Extra

One thing I like to include on my Fetching Fridays is a little something extra – usually it’s just a cute video or photo. It’s something you can incorporate into your posts to show a little more about your personality and generally adds to the commentary!

Ways to Promote Your Industry Recap

Want people to know they have been featured in your industry recap? Aside from the convenience of blog trackbacks, here are some quick ways to do it.

  • Include some people or blogs mentioned in your recap in your tweet.
  • Tag some people or blogs mentioned in your recap on Facebook.
  • Tag some people or blogs mentioned in your recap on Google+.

A little hint on the above tips. Depending on how many people you include on your recap, you can’t mention everyone on each network. And you might not want to hit the same people on all three networks. But if you happen to know specific people or blogs are more likely to watch a particular network, mention or tag them on that network. Like Blog A may only pay attention to Google+ and Facebook, so there’s no point in mentioning them on Twitter. Blog B may only pay attention to Twitter, so there’s no point in tagging them on Facebook or Google+.

Do you have a regular daily, weekly, or monthly recap post on your blog for your industry or niche? What other tips or tools would you share with someone who wanted to create the same resource on their blog?

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  1. says

    Something a little different; I like it. I have lots of sources, which includes some of what you’ve posted above, yet I just haven’t gotten into the general “recap” thing. But I share links of others on social media and I pop mine out there as well; as you said, if 80% of what you do is for others, nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself.
    Mitch Mitchell just posted Commenting On Similarly Themed And Niched Blogs

  2. says

    Publishing a weekly round up requires a lot of commitment and consistency. And you need to keep yourself updated with the content published in our niche on a regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips Kristi!

  3. says

    You have always the best recap in the world. I look forward for your recaps. This tells 2 things about the blog owner, first that the blogger is serious about telling its readers that, here are the resources. Secondly, its a good idea to link to others as well to for extra credibility. I am glad you mentioned Alltop. I have recently discovered that its very good and good thing about that is that its divided in groups which one can follow.
    Shalu Sharma just posted Aryabhatta the Indian mathematician

  4. says

    One tool I use to facilitate the creation of roundups and recap posts is this toolbar plugin called CreateLink for Google Chrome. What’s nice is that once you are on a blog post that you want to include, there’s a button you can push which instantly creates a link in HTML form that you can instantly cut and paste into WordPress. Saves a ton of typing!
    steve just posted Hidden Costs Of Accepting Credit Cards Online That Most People Don’t Know About

  5. says

    I used to have a bi-weekly round up and ten I kinda burned out with too many projects at the same time so I had to stop. I was actually thinking of starting something again, because I feel bad reading so many great blogs, learning so much from those great posts and not returning more than an occasional tweet. I used to do it the same way, collecting posts almost daily so now that I am slowly back to being less loaded with stuff and more organized I hope to be able to start doing it again, at least from time to time :) Thanks for the tips!
    Brankica just posted 33 Actionable Steps for Blog Improvement in ONE WEEK