How to Get More Responses for Guest Blogging

This is a guest post by Adam Riemer.

One of the hardest things to do with your new websites or blogs is to get people to find it and trust it. Once you have people finding and trusting your blog, you can then begin to build your brand and grow your following. The issue is that with all of the clutter on the web, it’s hard to start a new site and stand out. That’s why guest blogging and posting is a vital tool that you can use to help get your site off the ground, build a fan base and create a trustworthy brand. Here are some tips that you can use to help increase your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger, even when your site is not known and has no authority.

Write original and unique emails and contact form messages.

One of the most annoying things a blog owner or webmaster can get is a general template asking for a guest blog post or article submission. Before writing to the site owner or using a contact form, read a few of their posts and make a couple of comments about them. Show the owner of the site that you do enjoy their work, you have read their blog and that you know what they enjoy writing about.

Make recommendations of articles in your email.

One thing that is important to do is to let the webmaster know what you will be writing about. One thing I like to do is look through a site to see what posts have the most shares or comments, which pages get the most traffic, etc… Once I have that I come up with a few unique article ideas and mention that I noticed their audience tends to enjoy these types of posts. Not only can you help to grab their attention since they know that is where their traffic is coming from, but you can also get them excited about more posts on topics their readers enjoy.

Show other posts you’ve written.

One thing that can help you to stand out is to show that you write quality and unique content that gets a reaction from the readers. By showing a few examples of content that are relevant to the topic of the site or blog you are reaching out to, you not only show that you can write interesting and unique content, but that you pay attention to what the readers of that site enjoy.

Let the owner know of errors or mistakes.

Many blog and site owners don’t have time to double check everything. If you notice spelling errors or that certain pages and links are broken, don’t be afraid to point them out. Just make sure that you do it in a nice way that doesn’t end up offending the person.

Show that you are an authority on the topic.

One thing that is a concern is that the person reaching out has no knowledge of the subject matter. If you submit an article that has general points that exist everywhere else, you will bore the website owner or Blogger and also have wasted your time and theirs. In your article ideas and when you pitch them, make sure to mention a few of the reasons that you would be a good fit for their site. You could mention things that are relevant to the topic that you know that other people don’t as well as talk about events you attend that are about the topic. Having something interesting from an authority is always a great way to get your foot in the door.

Negotiate with other accounts and sites.

One thing that I have done in the past is offered tweets from other sites and Twitter accounts and included articles on Facebook pages for my other sites. You do have to make sure that there is a good fit, and you don’t want to start out with a trade. Instead, use this is you absolutely want to be able to write a guest post and also make sure you include why the Tweet or Facebook mention is relevant and would benefit them. Mention your follower count as well as the activity and types of people that follow or click through on your posts, etc…

Guest blogging is a great way to build up a quick following and a solid brand without having to spend money. You just have to be original, show that you have read their site and also remember that they are doing you a favor. If the person says no, try to negotiate, but just remember that you don’t want to push back to hard because if they are an authority, they probably know other bloggers in that niche and can black list you.

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  1. says

    Guest posting is needed to be done by each blogger if he is going to get more traffic back to his site.

    Even adding an article to the email already, shows that you are responsive and ready to go.

    Thanks for writing in the article about maybe emailing them certain topics the blogger might be interested. Good point and a good article here.
    Samuel just posted Top WordPress Plugins To Reach The Top!

  2. says

    Hi Adam,

    It’s really surprised me, that your post at Kikolani just is published when I was writing a guest post for someone. It’s really a surprising thing, I thought to read your post before writing that guest post.

    And believe me, I did enjoy this post in the best way. Would love to see more posts from you, in the future..
    Sending Amazing, well formatted email to the admin of a blog, where you want to guest post is the best way to get most out of Guest Posting.

    Thanks a lot Adam, for this Amazing post.
    Mairaj Pirzada just posted Get Blog Engage Standard Account for Free! Hurry up!

  3. says

    One of the best ways to get guest posts accepted is to see if the blogger has a guest posting policy in place. If you know exactly what they want just do it. I have a lot of requests for guest posting on my blog and I’m surprised at how many people won’t take the time to read it first.
    Stacy just posted How to Get Your Guest Posts Accepted Every Time

  4. says

    I find that guest blogging is more successful when as a guest blogger I submit interesting/compelling topics and treat the blogger with respect. I also get more joy doing it this way, I don’t feel like I’m harassing.
    Scott just posted Man and Dog Killed in Crash

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    Hey Adam, writing unique emails is highly recommended. I see a lot of bloggers are sharing exact email templates to contact host bloggers for successful guest blogging (no offense on those bloggers who share their templates; in fact it is so nice of them). But instead of using it by copy-pasting, guest bloggers should just steal the idea and write their unique email.

    In my opinion, the email is the key – it only decides if the host blogger will or will not see the guest post you send them. So write it wisely!

    Thanks for the good post Adam!
    Jane just posted Top 5 Benefits of Guest Blogging on Popular Blogs

  6. says

    Writing the pitch is one of the most important aspects and I’m glad you mentioned the use of a personal pitch. If you can, always use the name of the person you are emailing too.

    Another thing you could do is mention a recent project or post that they may have written.

    I’ve noticed I will respond to people that reach out personally a lot more than someone with a generic email.
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    Developing a relationship with the blog owner will go miles toward getting your guest post printed. These steps will go miles toward making and maintaining that relationship. And self promotion, wisely done will convince the blog owner that you are the right person for the job.

    However, there is no substitute for a good, well-written guest post article with a catchy title!
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    I think that if you spend some time on the blog, read some posts, and comment on a few of them. If you contribute to the topic and offer value, you will get noticed by the blog owner and will be more likely to allow you to guest post.

  9. says

    I am new to guest posting, have only done a few till date but I can see the power of guest posting. Asking webmasters is not a good experience as most of them don’t bother to reply to your emails. Some do but they are not interested. Reading their posts and using personalised emails is the best thing to do.
    Shalu Sharma just posted Ladakh: Visit The Paradise

  10. says

    Hi Adam, you laid out some great pointers here. I get tons of requests and one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is not following the instructions. It can be frustrating for the blog owner when that happens. Thanks for sharing these tips.
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    • says

      I love how guest posting can really bring your blog to live. We have had a few guest bloggers over the life of our website, and it’s always nice to bring a fresh set of opinions to the table.

      I find it hard to constantly be writing about marketing etc for my Blog.


  11. says

    I love how guest posting can really bring your blog to live. We have had a few guest bloggers over the life of our website, and it’s always nice to bring a fresh set of opinions to the table.

    I find it hard to constantly be writing about marketing etc for my Blog.