How to Overcome Discouragement in Blogging

This is a guest post by Peter Garety, a passionate online marketer who helps people to quit their 60 hours per week job and double their income within 90 days.

We all go through some kind of slump every once in a while. Bloggers are not any different, even the best and most experienced of them. In fact, the blogosphere is littered by millions of abandoned blogs, forgotten by their owners because blogging as a business is not at all like what they have expected or because they got disheartened and could no longer find the heart to keep working on their blog.

Such discouragement is common among newbie bloggers who had bloated notions about blogging for money, but it is not unheard of for bloggers who have been around longer to lose energy on their blogs as well.

Is that the situation you find yourself in? Are you a newbie blogger who has just found that blogging as a business are far too different from your expectations, or are you a somewhat experienced blogger who is simply disheartened by the business returns on your blog? Whichever you are, you should know that you must not give up unless you absolutely must. There are a number of ways to get over this discouragement you are feeling.

Know the Reasons Why You Are Discouraged

There is always a reason why you are discouraged. Your reasons could be of a more personal nature and external to your blog. It could be that you are not getting any support from your family regarding this project of yours. It could be that your day job or any other facet of your life is eating so much of your time and attention that you find it difficult to spare any more for your blog.

If your reasons are personal, then maybe you should take a break from working on your blog to address these issues that are bothering you. You won’t be able to give your blog your all if you are constantly distracted by your personal issues. Your preoccupation will eventually show on your blog and may turn off your readers.

It could also be that the reason why you are discouraged is in the blog itself. Is your discouragement a result of flagging readership? Are you not seeing any sales from your blog? If that is the case, rather than just giving up, you may want to revisit your strategies for driving web traffic to your blog.

Find Ways to Be Excited About Your Blog Again

There is a solution to every problem you encounter with your blog – it’s just a matter of finding out what this solution is. Maybe your blog doesn’t look attractive. If that is the case, you may want to redesign your blog to make it look prettier and more functional. Improving the quality of the content you post and increasing the frequency of your posting also helps a lot. Or maybe you aren’t getting enough exposure for your blog. Try guest posting or promoting your blog through social networking and article marketing. Whatever problem you have with your blog, more often than not there is an easy solution to it.

Perhaps you’re bored with your blog and your boredom is already driving away your readers. If that’s the situation, you should try to find ways to make working on your blog exciting again. If you’re out of ideas, you can poll your readers and ask them what new features they would like to see in your blog. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it.

Why Did You Start Blogging in the First Place?

Most of the time, the reason why we feel discouraged about blogging is that we lose sight of why we are doing it in the first place. So maybe you should take time to sit down and remember your reasons for starting your blog. Why are you trying to put up a monetized blog? Why are you selling products and services through your blog?

In the face of discouragement, it always helps to focus on what drives you to maintain your blog. A visual reminder, like a framed photograph, a poster or wallpaper on your desktop, will make you keep your eyes on your goal. When you feel down and discouraged, just stare at these visual reminders and imagine what it would feel like once you have achieved what you want out of your blog.

Discouragement happens even to the best of us. However, feeling disheartened should not be a reason for you to give up on your blog. There is always a solution to every problem you face regarding your blog and, more often than not, dispelling the discouragement is just a matter of finding the solution to the problem. Don’t give up on your blog; the best is yet to come and you’ll never know when it will happen.

Your Ways to Overcome Discouragement

Have you become disheartened or overwhelmed with blogging? What have you done to get past that and continue on your path to becoming successful?

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  1. says

    I agree that discouragement happens to the best of us, actually it happened to me a lot especially at the beginning, and I can tell it’s too bad if it comes from family or friends!

    I try to focus on my blogging and business, forget about discouragements as much as I can, I keep my eyes on my success, reminding myself always with the good people who supports me, and I try to solve my blog problems fast when I got a feedback!

    Nice post Peter
    Hesham just posted Does your Blogging Business Need a Psychology Check

  2. says

    Hi Peter,

    I think motivations for keeping going are probably different for each person. I find that the fact that I have a job that pays my bills makes it easy for me to stay motivated. I can throw my lines in the water with my blog, if I sell something..great!…if not, it’s not a crushing blow. I enjoy varying the types of articles I post, and am now posting a serial murder mystery. Thanks for helping people to keep trying.

    Lou Barba

  3. says

    Hi Peter,

    The big problem that face many bloggers is not realized that, if your target is money, you’d think like a businessman and take according your next steps, but so many get lost in the daily-routine-posting-social networking. If you haven’t clear goals is difficult.

    As all in life, is hard that all goes perfect, blogging is other item of the list when things can go wrong or not as you wished.

    Good tips and I’d add to explore new things as you mentioned including related niches for fresh-new airs.


    Gera just posted Blogging by Impact Do You Break The Blog Rules

    • says

      Thank you for great comment. It is indeed very difficult to stay in focus if you do not have a clear goal – why you are doing it. Blogging, in my opinion, is your own social networking platform, so you need to create strategy and guidelines in order to keep up all the time. You need to have that straight line from A to B, and then you just follow it.

      It is difficult, but very important for your success.
      Peter just posted How to Make Money Online Fast With No Money Down

  4. says

    I know how it feels to be a discouraged blogger. I think many of us experience it when we first get into blogging. At first, I was putting so much effort and time into my blogging that I was seeking instant gratification.

    However, I’ve now learned that a successful blog comes over time. You gotta give before you get. Just like what was mentioned in the article, you need to remember why you started blogging in the first place and make sure you’re blogging about something you enjoy and have a passion about.
    Mathew Day just posted 13 Ways to Get a New Blog Noticed Even if Your Unknown

  5. says

    I think a lot of people go through a slump at some point. Some come out of it, and others eventually give up. Maybe some are expecting to get more out of it than what they are seeing. For me it tends to be seasonal. In summer time when the weather is nice I tend to stray away from the computer more. In winter time when it’s cold and nothing better to do I tend to do more on the computer. Sometimes it’s tough to come up with something to write about, other times it’s not a problem. It’s all part of the fun I guess.

  6. says

    Hey, I have just got into blogging and I am using a free platform to start me off to see if it is right for me. I started because I have a passion for a subject and I though why not try and make money on something I love doing? I guess we all think that. Atm I am not making anything, but it is early days and I have not got anything such as Adsense on my blog atm.
    Claire just posted The In’s and Out’s of Bingo

  7. says

    Absolutely agree !!!! doubling incomes within 90 days will be a good idea while we do know principles and goals and objectives !!! reading about it made me understand many things !!

    • says

      Thank you for fantastic comment. Here comes the ultimate strategy for the business generally. If the only goal in business is just to make some money, then things might go well for sometime, but in the end it will go down. However, if the primary goal is to help people – to add more value in their lives, then sooner or later your business will rock. The same applies to blogs as well.
      Peter just posted How to Make Money Online Fast With No Money Down

  8. says

    Hi Peter,
    I’m new to this site, and just finished reading your article.
    I put up a blog site a while ago, mainly just because I was told it was good for business. I posted a few things on it, then forgot about it.
    I never realize how important they really are for your business.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  9. says

    It can definitely be discouraging to have so much to say and feel that no one is listening. The best thing you can do, really, is look at your tool box and ask yourself, “Am I doing all I can do?” Promote your blog with related articles on article publishing sites… Offer incentives to your clients for blog comments and participation… Align your blog strategy with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn… Run contests on your blog… Do your keyword research… Look into more avenues for advertising on your page… Consult with other bloggers… Conduct interviews no one else has… The possibilities are really endless!

  10. says

    Yes, I agree. I have been feeling a lot of discouragement lately about my blog. This post is what I needed. I like the suggestion on asking others what features they would like to see. How do you get readers to tell you. I was thinking of a giveaway just so people will make comments. Some of my posts ask the questions, but I don’t always get the response! Thanks!
    Julie just posted Thanks for Saving Blue Like Jazz and Being Part of History

  11. says

    I am new to blogging and I am not discouraged as of yet as I have only just started. I have sent up two different blogs on different subjects, I was not sure if this was best or have one blog and combine the two. They are completely different subjects however. I am going to bookmark this posts and refer to it in case I ever do get discouraged. I have to admit after reading it I feel that I already have tips for me not to even think about quitting blogging.
    Craig just posted Do You Love to Play Bingo

  12. says

    Great post and very interesting information! Wish you the best of luck and looking forword to checking your blog more often. I’ve subscribed to your site so hopefully you will continue to add some future content!

    Feel free to check out my blog at Make Money Online, like my facebook fan page, and subscribe as well! Thanks for networking together!

    All the best,

    Dino Vedo

  13. says

    I totally understand the discouragement issues. When I started blogging and working online, I got discouraged many times. Mostly because I was working so much and not seeing any money coming into my bank account.

    What I finally realized is that I only needed to spend a short amount of time working and blogging to see results and that those results would take time to begin to show up.

    I begin to only spend an hour online working each day and spent the rest of the time with my family (they were the reason I wanted to work online.)

    After I spent less time online and quit trying to get rich overnight, I now get discouraged much less. My advice to anyone is to just take a step back and find something you enjoy doing and just do it.
    Brandon just posted Samsung LN32C350 Review

  14. says


    a good article. I will tell you something from my personal experience- I have a blog, where I write about personal leadership. About two months ago I really felt like leaving it for a while. Everything changed, when I started inserting more time into my businesses, so the blog…became a real pleasure stimulator. I shifted my money-related attention to my business, and my blogs..became a real platform for the community growth. And this alone changed my perception. I know write articles every one or two days, and it is much fun.

    Such changes have a real impact on your general actions. You change one aspect and everything else shifts as well. Harmony needs to be maintained.

    thanks a lot!

    • says

      Thank you for great comment. I am glad to see your experience and also a take away from this. I also experienced many changes in my main business when I shifted the focus from money to helping as much people as I can. As your own social networking platform, blog is a great place to start to implement it, as you get an immediate response from your audience.

  15. says

    You are right some times you get really discouraged some times, what makes me surpass this feeling is the readers that are so grate and help me stay focus and try to provide quality content.

  16. says

    You can be easily discouraged as blog owner especially when you feel overwhelmed by the new content that is published every second on the internet, especially when your niche is somewhat large. The best tip is to keep going. Just by keeping up blogging, you’ll at least pass all the other bloggers in your niche who decide to give up.

  17. says

    Thanks, Peter! For me, the most important thing is to know that I am making a contribution in the lives of my visitors. Up to now, I have not used the blog so much, but have concentrated on adding new, helpful static articles that are introduced to my list via e-mail. The greatest boost on those ‘down’ days? An e-mail from a visitor to thank me for a nutrition or juicing tip they have been able to implement with success. That is why I do this – of course, the money is important, but helping folks is at the top of the list and this motivates me to keep going.
    Juicing With Rika Susan just posted Juicing For Beets Benefits – Top 10 Health Reasons To Drink Beetroot Juice

  18. says

    Wow, this is just a perfect post for me. I recently had a break up with my girl friend and had been having a lot of discouragement while blogging, that is why my blogging tendency had gone low and had not been able to get enough spirit to start afresh. Then I took a little break from blogging and I am still in that blogging break but am slowly starting to get back to blogging and also now feeling enough energy to start afresh. Thanks a lot for the post
    Shiva just posted Team Blogging- Ideas for New Bloggers

  19. says

    Thought provoking. I think thats the main thing I can say about his blog post. In truth, its something, a line of thought, you can apply to anything: why are you down with work, why down with anything? Careful consideration as to your action should be taken in all cases.
    With this, its blogging. Why would you want to blog? What was your blogs purpose? So many questions which might not be answerable, or perhaps you do not want to voice the answer? Can be one or the other, very distressing either way.
    I have always thought that with blogging, you should start off with the mindset that it isnt a business you are starting up, but a social network. If you do well, then maybe make it a business. Its a better way and it allows you to learn about how to be a blogger…
    (Please feel free to scream I am wrong :p)

  20. says

    I’m one of those experienced bloggers that has experienced wanting to quit I dunno how many time…from personal family, to personal health, to personal frustration in general; taking different directions and all that, I’ve gone through it all.

    I can say with confidence, taking some time away from it all can be at least a good start if not the total solution…clear your mind, think of other things and if it was meant to be, it will inevitably lead you back.
    Dennis Edell just posted Unsubscribing Gave Me Valuable Subscriber Information

  21. says

    Hey Peter,
    Nice post there. To tell you frankly, there were no discouragement for me when I started blogging.
    The only thing which made me to think quitting blogging was lack of traffic despite of updating my blog at least once a day. But the the patient paid off finally and I am happy with my 2000 UV/day :)

    Thanks for the post
    Abhik just posted Google will Rewrite Page Titles for SERP

  22. says

    I guess it will all happen to us, to have a discouragement in blogging world.

    When it happens to me, i took a break from blogging, and really did not touch my blog.

    Somehow my passion will come again, and i believe when i have a mood in blogging, i can post a valuable article or post.

    Thanks for pointing it out.
    Kimi just posted WordPress Privacy Policy Plugin

  23. says

    Very interesting and I suppose apt at this moment in time. On Sunday at church we heard about Elija being depressed. Loosing his focus and focusing on himself and his problems.

    Blogging is no different. We can so easily become discouraged and depressed if we loose focus. If we loose site of our goal. IF we concentrate to much on the negative with out seeing the positive.
    Robert Bravery just posted We Are Social Beings

  24. says

    I think the one thing all bloggers crave for and literally the only thing that encourages them is lots and lots of comments.
    Writing interesting content and then marketing like anything are 2 remedies which I feel should work to encourage bloggers.

    Good content will never go unrewarded. Hiring a writer occasionally (provided you can afford one), can also be very helpful in times when you are feeling you are not being getting any great ideas to write about.
    Siddharth Goyal just posted 7 Issues Start Ups Should Be Prepared for in their Infancy Stage