How To Write A Killer Headline and Make Your Post Shine

This guest post is by Ahmed Safwan of To Start Blogging.

Have you read a post before just because of its headline?

Attractive headlines are enough to make your readers open and check your content. So DON’T MISS this opportunity.

Try to hook your readers with your headlines.

Remember: Most readers will see your headline in a feed reader, email, on social media, or in a link on another blog. In all of these cases, if the headline doesn’t hook them, they won’t read the post.

But how to write an attractive headline?

How to write a headline that gets people to open my post?

How do you hook your readers?

This is the reason I wrote this post, and I hope you like it.

1. Count the benefits.

If you are writing a post that shows 7 tips to blog as a pro, why don’t you show in the title that you are providing 7 tips?

Also, if you are providing 99 tips, why don’t you show it? You will prove that you have a lot to say about this topic.

2. Start with a How To.

To this day, how-to posts are still one of the most-read types of posts. If you are showing your readers how to do something like how to create a blog, start with a how-to, because this will show to your readers the benefits.

3. Shrink it.

Eliminate all the unnecessary words. Your readers are busy, so try to make it easy for them to read it.

4. Summarize the post in the headline.

Try to tell your readers the summary of your entire post in your headline’s words. Be sure that they know what will they get in your post.

5. Make your readers curious.

Attract the attention of your readers by making them curious about your content. You can write an attractive headline like, “The only thing you need to succeed online”.

Headlines like these will make your readers curious to check your post.

6. Solve a problem.

Try to post about a problem that your readers have.

If they have a problem and you publish a post which solves a problem for them, will they read your post?

Of course, yes.

But, make sure to let the headline show that you will solve a problem.

7. Check your headline twice.

When you start writing, write the headline first.

After you finish writing, check your headline twice.

Leave your headline for 2 days and then check it again.

Try to see it as your reader who will check it for the first time. What is their first impression?

8. Read some blogs for inspiration.

The way to write better is to read more.

So, if you want to write a better headline, check more headlines. Check a lot daily.

See what attracts you and what doesn’t.

Read a lot of blogs, even if they are not in your niche.

9. Cheat Cheat Cheat!

The last key is to cheat.

If you try to be original all the time, you will get less done.

Let’s face it: the best writers are also the best stealers.

So it’s better to cheat your headline.

But how to cheat?

You can cheat a headline that you read in blogs.

You can cheat a headline from a magazine.

You can check a guide that has the best headlines.

By cheating, I don’t mean you should write the same headline. Tweak it to make it best fit your blog.

If you want a guide that has the best headlines that I want to check, you should check Headline Hacks by Jon Morrow, the associate editor of Copyblogger. Yes, that awesome guy.

His headlines are really awesome. The reason why is because he “cheats” them.

So, check out his guide and see the best headlines that can help you to write your next headline.

Last words:

The importance of your headline is to make people check out your post. Without a great headline, your post may be another post added to your archive that doesn’t do anything for you.

So, take action today. Apply the tips in this post, then see the change.

I am sure you will be amazed after crafting a great headline that attracts your readers.

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  1. says

    Great article Ahmed. I think the headline of a post is very important. It has to be able to hook your reader with curiosity. You covered some good points. Starting your headline with “How to” or “The 3 things you need to” makes a reader pause and pushes them into that “I should know” or “need to know category” that causes us all to look into what we might be missing out otherwise.
    Sam Martinez just posted Second Home Tax Deduction

    • says

      I am agree with Sam, you really have a point here. Seeds of curiosity is great but making promises work as well with exact and straight to the point data.
      Like “How to lose weight only eating 5 times per day with out workout”

      Still I believe each title should be crafted carefully to fit the article topic. I mean it would look I’ll say “ridiculous” to use an ad type title to show an informative article and backwards.

      For example, I don’t know if any one has seen the mgid ads titles. They use a lot the seeds of curiosity and a taunting picture to drive the visitor to visit the ad. And this works for certain types of articles but looks terrible with others.
      Daniel just posted Backup your data, Don’t wait for any disaster to happen

  2. says

    I have most of my problems with #3. I know the attention span of any readership is limited so you really need to get the point across and fast. When dealing with highly technical matters though it can be incredibly hard to convey the important information in a short article.

    I think I’m getting better through a combination of improved pre-post planning and better structure, but it’s still the most challenging part of posting for me. If you can find that sweet spot though of quality content in limited words then it usually really takes off.
    Cody Hind just posted Welcome to Samurai Trading Academy

    • says

      There is no better than cheating, it shortcuts your way and tell you what really works.
      This is what Henneke showed in her post on Jon Morrow’s blog

      THanks for your comment.

  3. says

    Great Ahmed,
    Headlines matter lot while you writing any post, it should must be punching to create eagerness in reader’s mind.
    Thanks for sharing..

  4. says

    Thanks for the killer post! I’m just starting out, and I mean ‘just’. I’ve never written for a company or the Internet. I have no proven tract record-in fact, I have no record whatsoever. How do I sound qualified and experienced when I have no qualifications or experiences to draw on?
    Another awesome mega post and one to bookmark for future reference. There are so many helpful points, written in an easily digestible format, and absolutely no fluff. This is essential information that bloggers should be guided by and refer to as a check list each time they post. I know I shall.
    Samuel just posted Best DJ Headphones 2013 – How To Choose

    • says

      You must spend a lot of time in creating headlines. IF you will spend 2 hours writing content. Then make an hour and half in creating your headline and half an hour in creating your content.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. says

    Ahmed, Title stating with “How to” is quite popular than others but I don’t care about it most time. I also try other things that really works like “Top 10″,20 “Things To”, “Top Reasons” etc it helps as like “How To”

    Well, thanks for explaining other things.. Will consider those things in my next “guest post” :)
    Amit just posted The Next Big Thing In The Internet, Facebook Graph Search

  6. says

    Hey bro,
    Headlines are really like a door through which visitors get to your articles. Poor headlines are like closed doors. No one comes in when the door is closed.

    I have got Jon Morrow’s works with me and it’s one of the books I read often. That guy really rocks.

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips
    Enstine Muki just posted Exact Anchored Text ~ Not A Practical Solution

  7. says

    Hi Ahmed!
    Great advice here! I have the most trouble coming with good titles. You gave some solid ideas on how to do it. Headlines are the hook to draw people in for sure. I especially like the “how to” since people are always searching for information on how to do things.
    I will work harder on my blog titles now. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lisa just posted Social Media Marketing for Network Marketers

  8. says

    Wow super post dude,
    i always mess up with the headline because i never understood the flow on how it works to attract the visitors with the title. but your post was informative on helping how i can write my headline and attack the visitors. great information provided. a newbie like me will surely be befitted with your article. But i wanted to know as long as a title becomes , even slug becomes longer, do we need to shorten the slug??
    Mohammed Siadath Ali just posted Best Keyboard Replacement Apps for Default Android Keyboard

  9. says

    I have to agree with a comment above. The most important part is the content itself. We have to make our posts outstanding. That is the secret. When you write an awesome post is easier to come out with a great headline.
    But you are right. A good headline makes all the difference!
    Great article!
    Felipe Kurpiel just posted Magic Submitter – How to Use it Right!

  10. says

    Great tips and unusual such as where you are saying cheat. I suppose you are right in many aspect. Its not cheating at all, its called inspiration. There is nothing wrong with it. I think making your readers curious using the headlines can go a long way.
    Also making an headline catchy and at the same time having it in line with SEO can be tricky thing to do!
    Shalu Sharma just posted Holi – Festival of Colors

  11. says

    Thanks a lot, I am satisfied with all the above mentioned points. Specially with the last one. Cheat Cheat and Cheat. For this just follow the good blogs and just see their headlines and the trick how they optimize their titles. Then try to write the same on your blog and when you will share them on social media websites, then seeing those attractive and catchy headlines, I am sure you will get more and more visitors.

    Thanks again for publishing this on your website and telling the good title optimizing tips.
    Kshitij Jain just posted SEO Optimization Tips For New Bloggers

  12. says

    Wow, what an article! I absolutely agree a great deal of emphasis must be placed on headlines . I’ve struggled with them myself, but I think with more practice I will get better with them. This post will help.

    Your writing is sublime and very eloquent. I eagerly await the next chapter of this brilliant series.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Binh Le just posted Free Traffic Boom Coming Soon