Income Blogging Guide Course Review

2011 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: For 100 members only, get six months membership to the Income Blogging Course for $27 per month – a total savings of $120 off the entire course!

I have been contacted by several people in the last few months for reviews on various hosting services and make money online products. I’ve declined many because I really don’t feel comfortable writing about something that I can’t even sample, or when I do sample it, feel that it doesn’t meet up to the expectations the sales pages’ set for it.

The Blogging Income Guide Course is by someone who I have been following for awhile now, and is well know by several people that I fully trust. As a disclaimer, I was not paid for this review, although I did receive a few chapters to sample as a part of my research for the review.

The links to the products mentioned below, however, are affiliate links. Since I feel the following course would be valuable to many of my readers who are interested in making money online and will provide what is advertised, I fully support it as I do other affiliate products I mention throughout my site such as the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog and Thesis.

Who is Behind the Income Blogging Course

Personally, I like to get to know the people behind a product before I purchase it. So before jumping straight into what it is all about, here is a little about the creators of the Income Blogging Course.

Andrew Rondeau

Andrew RondeauAndrew Rondeau is the author of We Build Your Blog, a site where he shares his experiences about making a blog and making money online. He is also a regular contributor on Famous Bloggers, and provides several video tutorials on WordPress, blogging, and SEO on his Youtube channel.

He has created several products, including a book on becoming a first class manager, and offers blog setup and maintenance services for as little as $100 (plus domain and hosting costs). You can find recommendations of his products and services on his testimonials page.

You can connect with him on Twitter or contact him on his website.

Joel Williams

Joel WilliamsJoel Williams is the author of Blog Tech Guy, which covers blogging and WordPress. Joel also offers video tutorials for bloggers on Youtube.

He offers several blogging related services, including setup and customization, blog maintenance, and WordPress management training. He also has an extensive list of recommendations on his testimonial page.

You can connect with him on Twitter or contact him on his website.

Sales Page Summary

Now, if you’re like me, you want to get to the nitty gritty of the sales page. So here it is! There is a lot of great information on there, including course details, testimonials, and what you should get out of the course. Here is the shortened version.

Ideal Candidates

Are you already blogging and not making any money, or not the kind of money you want? Are you thinking about blogging as a way to generate income? Do you already have a business and would like your blog to drive traffic to your business and increase conversions? Then this course is definitely for you!

Course in a Nutshell

The course will be delivered in weekly lessons over the course of 6 months (26 lessons total), from choosing your niche to running an online business. Lessons include specific instructions for each task, screenshots, and videos – not just “go do this and you’ll make money” but go do this, and here is how to do it right from start to finish. To give you an idea, the five sample chapters I received were 30 – 46 pages each.

Income Blogging Guide Course

The six stages of lessons are:

  • Blogging Essentials (choosing a profitable niche, keyword analysis, domain name selection, setting up WordPress, and creating great posts to bring in visitors)
  • Turbo List Building (creating a free product to build your list and setting up Aweber, autoresponders, and building a relationship with your subscribers)
  • Easy Traffic Generation (utilizing social media, bookmarking, commenting, guest posting, search optimization, and collaboration with other blog owners)
  • Simple Product Creation (creating the products and/or membership site plus teaming up with others to help with sales)
  • Copywriting Secrets (creating headlines, hooks, story, benefits, guarantees, and pricing for products)
  • Outsourcing Your Internet Business (how to find, test, and monitor / manage contractors and maintain and online business)

In addition to the set lessons, there will be bonus lessons sent at appropriate times throughout the six months, such as a professional article marketing course or other methods to getting highly qualified traffic.

The estimated amount of time to complete the coursework included in each lesson is 5 – 10 hours per week. And of course, once you get to the part of what can be outsourced and how to do so properly, your work time per week will probably decrease. That or (if you’re ambitious) you will be able to outsource parts of your first project and use the extra time to start your next one!


The overall goal is for beginning to more advanced bloggers who are not yet making money online to be making an average of $500 per month by the end of the course. This is not a guaranteed number in any regards, as it is based on the niche chosen and the dedication the blogger puts into accomplishing each lesson. Because, let’s face it, you can sign up for anything, but if you half-ass it, you won’t reap the full benefits. $500 is an approximation and possibly just the start – once the fundamentals have been established, the blogger should be able to apply the same strategies to new ventures to continue to increase their online income.


What I love about the pricing of this product is that you don’t have to put up a huge chunk of change before you find out if you are going to love it or not. The course is simply $47 USD per month for six months – billable monthly, not all at once. Or you can pay all at once and save 20% off of the monthly cost.

Outside of the pricing of the course itself, you will need to buy your own domain and hosting, plus additional tools and services that will be needed to aid you in earning income on your blog (such as Aweber for mailing lists).


Your membership does not only include the lessons but also access to a private members forum where you can discuss your progress in the course with other members. It is monitored by both Andrew and Joel so all questions will get answered, and you will even have access to the forum after the end of your six month course.

Income Blogging Guide FAQ Database

You will also be able to reference a database of popular questions and answers about blogging and making money online (as you can see above, no question is too simple or complex for Andrew and Joel to answer), and get invitations to weekly teleseminars held by Andrew and Joel.

Also included in the cost of your membership is a premium WordPress theme – your choice of Headway (normally $87 for a single license), Flexx (normally $80 for a single license), or Thesis (normally $87) for an additional $40. They will also install these themes on a new or existing blog for you for free.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This course offers a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t feel that this is the right program for you after the first 60 days, you can get your money back and keep the first lessons, the premium theme, plus valuable contacts and resources from the forums. So, if you think about it, you really don’t have much to lose, especially if you are already planning on buying one of the premium themes listed above!

Why I Like This Course

Income Blogging Guide CourseI like this course simply because the creators do not promise a get rich quickly scheme with little to no effort. They don’t guarantee that if you take this course you will be a millionaire overnight. They tell you up front that it will take work to make money online. They aren’t looking to “con” anyone into buying their program thinking it will be simple just so they can make their money online without any regards to how you do in your ventures.

They aren’t simply making you pay $300 for an ebook and then leaving you in the lurch to figure out how to do it yourself. They are offering their personal assistance throughout the course and beyond through forums and weekly teleseminars for no additional cost (so even after the six months is up, you can still connect with them and other members of the forum). And they are offering a money back guarantee in the first 60 days before you put you commit to the total course cost.

Will I Sign Up for This Course?

YES! Probably not until July because I want to make sure I have the time to dedicate to really completing each lesson in the course. But for a long time, I have wanted to monetize my blog in a way that I can be proud of, without overloading it with a ton of links and ads. I am pretty good at writing and sharing information, but I’m clueless at how to take that and turn it into income.

As I said in the beginning, I received a few chapters from the course to review. Some covered topics that I felt I knew at an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge, and some covered topics that I have no idea about because I have not seriously considered monetizing this blog beyond simple Adsense and affiliate links to books and products I use and believe in.

With the topics I felt I had a lot of experience in, I found a lot of good additional information and new ways to utilize particular tools and strategies to benefit my site. And I felt the details given in the topics I was not familiar with were easy to follow and apply in my niche. So all in all, I believe this course has a lot to offer and will deliver on it’s objectives, assuming I dedicate the time that is necessary to completing the tasks.

What Will Make or Break This Course for You

I cannot reiterate enough that your success is dependent on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to this endeavor . You can sign up, get all of the lessons delivered to you, take a friendly stroll into the forums, and do nothing more for the entire six months and then wonder why you are not making any progress. But if you want results, it will take work.

You will need to read the lessons thoroughly, whether or not you feel you already have a good grasp on the topic or not, and follow the coursework. You can’t skip anything, even if it is something you have already done. You have to follow the instructions to setup your blog, create products, build traffic, get affiliates, and much more. You will have to build something you believe in and support all of the way before you can earn income. Unlike a lot of the other “how to make money online” products and courses out there, this course will help you earn an income that is honest and that you can be proud of.

Free Blueprint

Free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint EbookIf you’re not quite sure you are ready to commit to the six month course that may change the way you earn income through your blog, why not start with something for free?

Andrew and Joel have created a Free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint – a 95 page ebook that covers choosing your niche based on your passions, blog setup, WordPress (plugins and even blog security, something most of us could use more information about with the recent malware hacks going around), the basics about monetization methods, and how to manage your time between content creation, marketing, and learning about new technology.

Sign up now for the Free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint.

Learn How to Make Money Online Now

If you already have the free blueprint or are ready to start the six month course to building a money making blog, click here to sign up for the Blogging Income Guide Course now, get even more details, and dive in!

Your Review

Have you signed up for the Blogging Income Guide Course or free blueprint? What are your impressions, based on your own membership or even just this review and the information available on their sales page?

2011 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: For 100 members only, get six months membership to the Income Blogging Course for $27 per month – a total savings of $120 off the entire course!

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  1. says

    Hey Kristi,
    If one is serious about developing a career in blogging, then the price should not be an issue. One day’s IT training in the real world is between $500-800 USD.
    Saying that, I didn’t make the ‘investment’ into such products until recently. One product I bought (the guy is from Australia) cost $495. It’s worth the investment as it gives shape to my online activities.

    • says

      I think that’s very true Ivan. Many things on the internet are free and the perceived value of training can be very low when paying for it yourself, but when working for a company training is often the #1 priority. I believe people need to set aside a budget for yearly training, something I have just started to do myself. There’s nothing more important for your business than investing in yourself!
      .-= New from Joel Blogging To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking =-.

    • says


      I must point out to everyone reading – the course is a lot more than a book!

      We also provide free premium themes, a private forum for any questions including blogging reviews, a private email address for those that have ‘private’ questions and weekly live teleconferences that are recorded for those that cannot make the live call.

      Some say it is the best support and customer service they have ever received.

      Sorry – just had to say that!

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide How Do You Beat Blogging Boredom? =-.

  2. says

    To make money blogging, we need to be consistent. The results we are looking for will not show until we fully immerse ourselves in interactivity. It’s not so tough a thing to make money, but it is tough to let go and let the results mature without any guarantees. The guarantee should be that it makes sense. What is ridiculous is when we begin chasing after strategies that make NO sense, but we do it, don’t we? Post everyday, making Google Alerts out of your titles and monitoring them in Google Reader. Follow up and comment on those blog posts, making sure to analyze their keywords as well as yours before placing your keyword based anchor link back to one of your own blog posts. Being consistent with this technique will bring hundreds of visitors to your blog. They will likely subscribe to your feed and when they do, you need to act; posting and blogging interactively everyday.
    .-= New from Paul Germana@make money blogging Making Money Online =-.

    • says

      I definitely agree that it is a lot of hard work, and that’s what I love about this course – they don’t say it’s going to be easy – they tell you it will take work to be successful, and that is the truth!

    • says

      You are right – you do have to work very hard. We are very up front about that. There is no ‘silver bullet’ for making an income on-line.

      Our guide takes you step-by-step through all the stages required to build and have your own on-line business…but it takes hard work!

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide How Do You Beat Blogging Boredom? =-.

  3. says

    I snagged the free ebook when it became available and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it which is very rare for me because I generally don’t learn many new things from most ebooks.

    I also really liked that they were upfront about how blogging takes dedication and a lot of work, it wasn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or message in the book.

    I’ve been considering getting the course but like you, I will need to wait to see if it pans out and I have some additional funds to throw toward it.
    .-= New from Murlu A Crash Course On Holding Your First Blog Contest =-.

  4. says

    Well worth the $47. And of course…choosing the right niche is key. Obviously, if you enjoy what you are writing about, work will seem like play and you’ll be very successful.

  5. says

    Lately Andrew made a post on his blog that he is offering wordpress premium theme with the income blogging guide. So I think for the beginner blogger who just start blogging, they can get one fully supported wordpress theme with this course.

    Well this is very fantastic review Kristi.

  6. says

    Thumbs up for this great review Kristi. If I had the time, I would probably enroll myself right now, but unfortunately it will have to wait until later. Nonetheless, this course looks very interesting and I’ll gladly share it with my followers. RT on the way :)
    .-= New from DiTesco Make Money Online Selling Ad Spaces =-.

    • says

      The good thing about the course is that it is self-paced. While lessons do get sent out each week and build incrementally, our forums, email support and teleconferences are about any of the lessons from week 1 to week 26. The only pressure (and often the greatest) is usually the one we impose upon ourselves, but life often gets in the way – there isn’t any “I’m being left behind” feeling with our members. At least I hope not!
      .-= New from Joel Blogging To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking =-.

  7. says

    Very well written review. I would like to subscribe, but I can’t fork out the $47.00 dollars each month. At least not now. The nice thing about this course is the fact it is prepared by individuals who actually practice what they preach.

    • says


      Sorry you cannot fork out the cost now – hopefully sometime in the future.

      Both Joel and I love to share our knowledge but to do that successfully, you have to make it work for yourself first.

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide Income Blogging Guide Review =-.

  8. says

    I’m looking for information to blog better. I’m fairly untrained I suppose you could say, although I have done a lot to get better (hopefully my visitors agree!).

    I am curious if you would recommend this for a beginner more interested in writing better and retaining readers or simply trying to make money. Moreover, what is your top 1 or top 2 reads you would recommend for someone who is interested in writing better to retain readers? Thank you.
    .-= New from Robin Alley Chinese Proverbs Quotes =-.

    • says


      At the end of the course our aim is for the participants to own their own on-line business making them an income – part of which is blogging.

      We do cover what we believe are the best ways to write blog posts including all the different variety of blog posts you can write.

      Much of the course is about attracting and retaining visitors. For instance, there are specific ideas we share that you must complete before you publish your blog posts.

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide Income Blogging Guide Review =-.

    • says

      Hi Mike,

      So far, the only thing I think I may have an issue with (but I haven’t gotten there yet, so I don’t know how they will cover this topic) is the outsourcing.

      It’s a personal thing – I like keeping full control of anything that my brand is on, so I couldn’t imagine having someone else ghost write articles for me.

      Again, I’m not sure if that is what they cover in that part of the lesson, but it would be the only thing I would have a hard time following through with, even if it was a timesaver.

        • says


          I do a lot of outsourcing and it moves my business forward – certainly not down.

          I’m not saying it is easy – you have to find the right partners and that takes time and energy…but once you have found them – you find the time to work on the things that make your business grow.

          .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide Income Blogging Guide: Questions =-.

      • says

        Outsourcing is a tricky one. I control 100% of the work I do for clients and has my name on for the same reasons Kristi mentions. Ghost writing though does not have to involve relinquishing control, you don’t have to publish something you don’t like and if you find a writer who can write with “your voice” and on the topics you want to write about I don’t see a problem with it.

        It is a personal thing, however I outsource things every day, my web hosting, my email delivery, graphic design, newsletter management, and so on, so there are things that can be outsourced without thinking of it as giving up control. You can only do some much when working by yourself.

        Some people do like to go further with blog commenting, social media, writing, website setups etc, so we do cover the topic as a whole near the end of the course.
        .-= New from Joel Blogging To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking =-.

  9. says

    Kristi, this is my first time hearing about the project. This review was a great way to be introduced to it. Best wishes to Andrew and Joel. I think the forum is the real key to making sure the users are capitalizing on what they have learned.
    .-= New from Ileane @ Ms. Ileane Speaks Web Browsers – What’s Yours? =-.

    • says


      During our research (before we created the course), we found the biggest gap missing in most other courses was: the lack of support.

      AND when we completed our survey, the top thing people wanted was: Support!

      So that’s why Joel and I decided to add as many support activities as possible – like the forum, like the weekly live teleconferences, like access to our private emails.

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide Income Blogging Guide Review =-.

  10. says

    I have gotten the free report from Andrew and Joel and found a lot of great information which is normally glanced over from within the blogging community. For one, I think it’s the cover. At first, I thought it was another how-to but the content within blew me away. So I think a better graphical presentation will attract more readers. It will align with the content within. Sorry I’m not a graphic artist and if I am I will contribute. :)

    Second, the market is getting more saturated with how tos on blogging. Seems like every other blogger is releasing their e-book on the subject. So it’s kind of a challenge to pass through the information load and find valuable thought. However, Famous Blogger has done a great deal with providing great content to the community and in doing so I have recognize Andrew’s presence more on a professional level. This puts Income Blogging Guide on an expert status level.

    Overall, this review has enlightened me more so because it’s exactly like the Blog Mastermind program from Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey. However the only difference is the installation of a premium theme of your choice and a lower price tag which I think is a killer idea.
    .-= New from Thu Nguyen 34 Rules For Maverick Entrepreneurs =-.

    • says


      Thanks for the feedback on the free guide graphic. We shall take that on board and try a new one.

      Plus of course, thanks for the feedback on the actual guide.

      You are right about the market getting saturated.

      Joel and I have tried to be a little different by adding the support systems like the forum and the teleconference plus the Premium theme.

      Anyone out there who is thinking about buying either Headway, Flexx or Thesis are going to pay $87.

      So they might as well sign up for our course and get the first 2 months for free…because they get the theme for free – which is equivalent to almost 2 months course fees.


      P.S. There is a license fee of $40 for Thesis – so it’s only equivalent to one month’s course fee for free
      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide Search Engine Optimization Is Easy And Cheap =-.

    • says

      The course also differs from other courses because it contains step-by-step how to’s and also provides more than just about blogging as it covers creating your own products, launching those products, joint ventures, membership sites and outsourcing to name a few things. So a few previously separate courses rolled into one whole.

  11. says

    I scoured the comments and reread the article, but I’m still a bit confused. Is this $47 per month for six months, or $47 for six months of access with the option of paying the amount in increments?

    I ask because I have never seen an e-book with a value of over $100.

    • says

      Hi Zac,

      Sorry for the confusion. The Blueprint ebook is free. The Income Blogging Guide Course is $47 per month for six months, which will be billed monthly (unless you cancel before 60 days). The course is more than just an ebook – it includes weekly lessons (text, screenshots, and videos), lifetime forum and FAQ database access, weekly teleseminars, bonus lessons, and the inclusion of a WordPress premium theme.

      Not that it’s the case with this, but I have actually seen some courses that were over $100 and all they included were ebooks. Some had videos, but then you were left on your own to figure it all out. This one comes with the added support via forums, FAQ database, and teleseminars.

  12. says

    Thanks, this is exactly the type of thing I’d love to do.

    I don’t see any deadlines for signing up, so I’m assuming it’s open on a rolling basis? I’ll sign up toward the end of this month. Thanks for the good recommendation.
    .-= New from Joanie What’s your productivity system? =-.

    • says


      There is a limit – as we want to provide the best support to just a few.

      Some members are coming to the end of their 26 weeks and we expect some of those to fall away. Of course, they can continue to use the forum and weekly teleconference but in our experience some still decided not to.

      So – yes we have a few ‘spaces’ coming up.

      .-= New from Andrew @ Blogging Guide The Biggest Cash Blogging Contest EVER =-.

    • says


      We wanted to put together a course that is logically sequenced. Each week follows on from the previous.

      I agree with your comment, “There are a number of such resources out there and one would naturally be confused as which one to pick.”

      We can only ‘promote’ and ask others who have used it to share their thoughts.

      Andrew just posted Do you like unsolicited feedback?

  13. says

    Hi Kristi,

    I know Andrew and have worked with him before. He’s absolutely brilliant and really knows his stuff. I know Joel slightly through another forum and know that he’s also top notch in his field.
    I have thought and thought about this course especially as a) I know Andrew (and Joel slightly) and trust them, b) their expertise and approachableness makes it a real winner plus c) the additional benefits added to the actual course ie support, professional blog theme etc.
    I’ve decided that as I’m serious about wanting to make money working at home and online then I need to take action NOW so despite the fact I could sign up on my own I’m going to use your link so that you get the affiliate sale.

    After blogging and working online is about sharing, community and support. I thought your review was excellent and hope that it helped others to take the plunge.

    Thanks for helping me take the plunge.


  14. says

    I’m a believer in good courses and invest in them regularly. I’ve seen some good ones and some bad ones, like everything in life. But Kristi, you do a great job of making me believe this review. The level of detail is very helpful, and you outline what I need to do to make it work. So I say, let’s go for it and see what happens…