Find Out How to Increase Traffic, Engagement, and Social Shares Today

One of the worst feelings as a writer, whether you’re creating content for your own blog, a guest blogging opportunity, or a freelance client, is when you put your heart and digital soul into a blog post, publish it, and get little response.

When you wait for the traffic that never comes. Or the comments that are never submitted. Or the sharing buttons that are never clicked.

If you create great content, you deserve to get visibility for it. But you can’t expect that you will get that visibility if you sit back and do nothing. Great content doesn’t share itself. You have to promote it.

This is why I created Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course. To teach bloggers and freelance writers how to promote your content so you can get the traffic, engagement, and social shares that you deserve.

How Blog Post Promotion Began

Three years ago, I entered my first guest blogging contest. The rules were simple: to win, you had to write a great blog post and get the most comments, likes, tweets, and social shares. The grand prize: $750 cash.

I then began the quest of discovering ways to promote one blog post (without driving my audience insane). Ultimately, I used a combination of continued social sharing, reaching out to people I knew directly (via email, instant messenger, etc.), social bookmarking, and creating supplementary content on popular article marketing networks (back when those were great traffic generators).

After winning that contest, I received a lot of emails from bloggers asking me how I did it so they could get more exposure for their own blog content.

Several months later, the Blog Post Promotion ebook was born.

Why It’s Now a Course

Since I released Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide, lots of things have changed.

For starters, I entered six more guest blogging contests and ultimately won in the neighborhood of $9,000 in prizes (mostly cash plus an iPad and some premium memberships). I also started freelance writing full time, gaining clients based on my reputation for producing content that attracts a lot of traffic, engagement, and social shares. Both have motivated me to continuously explore new ways to promote my content.

Not only that, but lots of new tools and social networks have risen while others have faded into obscurity (or were bought by Google and then subsequently retired).

With ebooks, you could spend months writing it, only to publish it and have something change the next day, making your strategies out-dated in an instance.

So I decided to evolve the ebook into Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course. This way, I can…

  • Update information as needed so members have access to it instantly.
  • Insert example screenshots that can be enlarged to be legible, making everything more visual.
  • Create easy navigation so members can hop to the parts they want when they want it.
  • Add new material whenever I discover a new promotional strategy, or remove strategies when they are no longer effective so people don’t spend time on them.
  • Include bonuses that would never fit in one ebook.

Plus, I’ll get to add in some special video tutorials that I’m working on, something that can’t be done with an ebook.

Ready to Dive In?

If you want to have instant access to all of the ways I have promoted a single piece of content to make it a success, then register today for Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Course.

Inside, you’ll find core modules on how to:

  • Create shareworthy content.
  • Promote your content for increased traffic, engagement, and social shares.
  • Track your promotions to see if your promotional efforts are working for content on your blog and on sites you contribute to.

You’ll also get some great bonuses designed to help you:

  • Build your mailing list and social media audiences to reach more people with your content.
  • Track your online growth as a whole, organize affiliate marketing information, and monitor progress in a blogging contest.
  • Use RSS feeds in a whole new way to promote your content.

In addition, you’ll get to join a private, spam free community of bloggers and writers who have a common goal: to discuss ways to promote their content.

What you won’t find: upsells, recurring fees, or drip content that you have to wait for. All advertised modules and bonuses are available immediately.

If that sounds good, click the banner below to learn more about the course and join today!


PS. You have nothing to lose. If you don’t find new ways to grow your audience promote your blog content in this course, there’s a 30 day no harassment money back guarantee.

PPS. If you previously purchased the Blog Post Promotion ebook, you should have gotten an email with a special just for you. If you didn’t receive that email, contact me at for more information.

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  1. says

    You mentioned guest blogging in contests…

    Do you think it’s a good idea to launch such a contest to start a new blog? I mean, start a new niche blog and run a contest to fill it with content from the contestants (and ultimately get traffic from the contestants).. and offer a phat prize to the winner?

    I have a $1500 budget that I could put into such a contest… It seems like a great idea to me.. just curious of your thoughts… because I’m talking about a brand new site with a domain fresh from NameCheap. The topic is marketing related.

    Can you link me to existing contests that were run very well that I could possibly model?

    Any other tips you could offer?

    Thanks… I’ll be taking your course. I am particularly interested in modules 14 on!
    Keith Lock just posted MaGiKS Geo Targeting Scripts – for WordPress and PHP

  2. says

    Hi, Kristi!

    I loved the book. If I had used it, I would have done a lot better with the blogs I was running back when I bought it. I am going to be saving up to get this, maybe for my christmas present to my self this year. LOL I am sure it will be an even bigger success than the book, as people love video, audio and so forth. Best of luck, look forward to joining you in the course soon as I can!

    Jennifer Jinright just posted 9 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Relationships

  3. says

    Courses are so much better than ebooks. With blogging there is so much involved: marketing, writing, image-license issues, etc. And, as you said, it changes so fast. A course can be much more comprehensive and timely.
    Matt just posted Dreamhost Coupon Codes

  4. says

    Nice one but I have never paid that much attention to getting traffic from Twitter or Facebook. What I mostly practise is submit my new blogpost to reddit and then I share that reddit on Facebook Group dedicated to Reddit upvotes where members will upvote your post.

    This strategy has been working very good for me. What do you think of it?
    Qasim just posted Guide to Root Galaxy S3 Mini And Install CWM Recovery

  5. says

    Hey Kristi, I didn’t know you won that contest, so congrats!!

    I have the idea I could make a similar contest on my blog but I don’t want to put more than 200 dollars. Just a question, if I start the contest now, when do you think I should close it? in January? or next summer?
    Jake just posted Start Making Money Online

  6. says

    I think increasing the engagement of your readers/viewers/visitors starts with your own increase in engagement. People respond to sites that actively interact with them, communicating, taking suggestions, responding to comments/criticisms… If you want people to share your content and connect with your site, share and connect with them as well!

  7. says

    Hiya Kristi!

    As you know, I got the Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide. This looks like the “Grown-up Version” 😉

    As helpful as your Guide was, I can’t wait to see the course. Also, would love to be an ‘evangelist’ for your brand– your tips as well as Ana Hoffman at Traffic Generation Cafe are the reason that anybody sees my stuff!

    So thank you, and please let me know details if I may be an affiliate for your program.

    Keep Stepping,

    Kurt Frankenberg just posted How I’m Promoting the “ISH” Outta My Blog… FREE!

  8. says

    Seriously, it is a really big pain for a writer when no one shares and reads its content. We normally work round the clock to bring more and more interesting thing in our content but at end it turns out no one is here to read our thing. SO I am totally agree here that traffic doesn’t come with sitting. One have to implement different sort of activities to bring traffic.
    Hamza Sheikh just posted iOS 7 Download for iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch

  9. says

    Engaging continuously is a need for blogging,but many times am unable to do it. That’s because of tedious study time table, exams and all. But nowadays i had managed to spare some time for blogging but am not that much engaged on blogging.I was i need for an expertise advice for increasing the engangement.At Last i came here and very much glad to read all these tips and i will try my best to apply it too..Thanks for sharing this great information with me… !
    Nithin Upendran just posted Most Searched Tips To Increase The Number Of Subscribers

  10. says

    Guest Blogging contest is a cool idea and yes I have tried it also.It was quite successful but the main problem which I faced that some of them started making fake entries by purchasing likes and tweets from some sites,so that their entries get maximum.Overall it was nice experience and thinking to do another one but this time with more rules and regulations.
    Alia just posted Top 10 Hybrid Laptops-Windows 8

  11. says

    Hi Kristi,

    First of all, WOW! I have read everything you wrote in the newsletter and those are more than just tips. I really appreciate it.

    I don’t think I can afford this course at the moment but I am going to share this with the rest. Well, let’s hope that the next round you have one of these paid classes, I am going to be able to join.

    Wish me luck!

    Anyway, all the best and keep it up! Have a great week ahead Kristi.

    Reginald just posted What Is NoFollow Rule And How It Affects SEO?

  12. says

    Congrat’s Kikolani for releasing your brand new ebook in the market. It is like dream comes true. I also want to make an ebook on SEO and social media marketing. So, can you write an article on this topic for me and that articles absolutely work good for your blog in terms of traffic. My article’s opinions are
    1) how to add your ebook in the amazon marketplace?
    2) From where are you generated a web page of your Ebook blog promotion?
    3) How much money i have to invest to publish my brand new Ebook?

    That’s my question, Check it and tell me and Thanks for sharing your Ebook here. But, sorry to say- It is little bit costly for a Student who recently started his blog. But, in future I Guaranteed you that I will buy your Ebook with my first Google Adsense Payout.
    Gaurav Sharma just posted 6 Essential SEO Tools for content writers…

  13. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Excellent idea!

    We are always looking for new promotion channels. By meeting and chatting about traffic driving strategies you can effectively boost your traffic too.

    I dig commenting; it is a quick and easy way to make and impact and boost blog traffic if you comment effectively. Add value to posts. Share your insight.

    Prove that you read the post by referencing a point or 2; I felt the frustration you noted for many, many days, until I used an effective system to boost traffic.

    By simply commenting, aggressively promoting other people and persisting in finding new ways and means to increase blog traffic you will promote your blog from a productive space.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Kristi!

    Ryan Biddulph just posted By: Sumanth

  14. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Your post about increasing traffic through social engagement and social shares is needed at the time when most of the bloggers and site owners are scared from the frequent Google updates. I think that is one of the best alternatives used by many site owners to safeguard themselves from any unexpected changes that may throw them out of the Internet world.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as I am sure that the value of social media and other alternatives to drive in traffic are going to gain importance in the times to come.
    Ashutosh Kasera just posted Google SEO & Pagerank Taking Google on a Slow Suicidal Death Track !

  15. says

    Some of these tactics are more effective:-
    1.Build an email subscriber list from day one.
    2. Include an RSS feed option
    3.Link to your blog on Facebook.

    I always love to promote my blog with Facebook and twitter.
    thanks for sharing the wonderful post.
    Raj just posted Recruitment 2013-2014 -T Janata Sahakari Bank

  16. says

    Kristi Great post and idea for doing courses. I have been going over research for the past year and as I am slowly getting through everything Google and facebook etc have gone and changed before I got through everything.
    It is hard to keep up. It is great you are finding ways to help everyone in this fast and changing industry.
    Ryan just posted Indie Games, The Future Of The Games Industry?

  17. says

    Good points and thanks for sharing. Would be interested to know how you are finding the use of Hashtags a recent study by edgerankchecker has revealed these to have little benefit for pages using them. Although this does not mean it won’t work for everyone. I would also add video to the list. Hold a Q & A via video answering your fans most challenging questions each week. This will not only help build engagement but also trust and a stronger relationship with your audience.
    Sagar Nandwani just posted What is the Difference between Organic Fertilizer and Bio Fertilizer?

  18. says

    It’s amazing to me really how many different ways there are to promote a blog post, from social media to SEO to networking groups and beyond. There really is not shortage of methods and therefore no excuse for not getting good traffic on just about any blog article.

    I agree with the 80/20 rule some promote and advocate which is to spend 20% of your time writing content and the other 80% promoting your content. Smart and clever words to blog by.

  19. says

    I thing that should be the first rule to blog promotion. People write great content but then do nothing further then that which causes then disappointment. Well you can just site back and wait for your post to get viral. You need to promote it. Anyways Kristie, it is good of you share this experience and inspire others.

  20. says

    Social networking is great for promotion but I never rely on it because sometimes you have traffic and sometimes you don’t. I love to get traffic from google which is organic, targeted and long term.

    You are right that a new blog owner always gets demotivated when there is no traffic and no shares etc..and some sort of strategies should be used to promote the blog and blog posts.

    You post is inspiring and I would strongly recommend your course.
    Pankaj Chauhan just posted 10 High Quality Free Premium WordPress Themes

  21. says

    Hi kristi

    I always wonder how you got that many FB Likes, +1’s, Tweets etc. Now finally you share your secret with this book. I haven’t bought it yet, but will bought it soon.

    Best of luck for your new eBook.

    Tauseef Alam
    Tauseef Alam just posted How To Do 301 Redirect

  22. says

    What a great help. I have just recently discovered your blog and this was one of the first posts I read. I have just started blogging and I see now that there is a lot to learn in terms of doing it so that others will have the chance to read what I have written.

    I also admire the way you present the course material without dripping content. I am fast learner and when i want to finish something that’s what I want to do, not wait until next month for the next part.
    Stephen Anderson just posted Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway