Increase Your Blog Readership with These Social Media Techniques

This is a guest post by James King from Better Start Blogging.

social media is here to stay. Over recent times there has been thousands of thousands of self-proclaimed social media experts and gurus that have suddenly appeared from nowhere. The main reason is there is no set qualification to be established as a social media expert.

In this post, I am going to show you some social media techniques to assist you with your online marketing campaign. I don’t claim to be a social media expert I just use social media. Just like the millions of other users online.

Taking Social Media Beyond Creating a Facebook or a Twitter Account

It is simple to set-up social networking accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. A vast majority of individuals have all three and that’s good.

Social media has revolutionised how we search for our content. Although. Google is still very powerful, people read blogs, watch YouTube, use Twitter and social bookmarking sites to find their content. In addition, social media has given “power to the people” where everyone can create news.

As time progresses and our schedules get more hectic we find that social media can become less of a priority. It is very, very difficult to update every social media outlet that you may have. However, there are some tools that can make our online presence be noticed on numerous social media outlets.

I strongly recommend using a pinging program like Ping.FM or TwitterFeed because you will have more visibility for your target audience.

Advanced Facebook Techniques

One of the easiest ways to develop a community is create a Facebook fan page. Over 400 million users are signed up to Facebook. Recent studies suggest that the daily global usage of Facebook reaches 4 billion minutes a day. This is incredible amount of time. This is an opportunity to create an additional social media outlet for your blog or business.

Use Multimedia to Promote Your Facebook Page

When I used to work in eLearning, we focused on developing engaging and interactive content. Multimedia is a very important benefit of social media. The usage of videos and photos creates an additional level to promote your online presence. Research some of the most popular Facebook pages such as your favourite band or your favourite film star. You’ll notice that photographs, links and video are applied plus conversations are introduced.

Provide Exclusive Content for your Facebook Page

An additional benefit for having a Facebook page is you can provide exclusive content that is not available on your blog. Exclusive content makes your Facebook community feel special and they’ll appreciate that.

Create Giveaways and Discounts for Your Facebook Page

We all love freebies. Give your target audience a reason to join your Facebook group. Giveaways and discounts are always a good idea if you are promoting a business. Special offers work very well. Your goal is to get your products and services to go viral.

Editor’s Note: Just be sure not to break any of Facebook’s contest guidelines.

Aim to create the best content available. Focus on developing value and the results will come later. If you can offer the most value you are bound to succeed.

Your Homework for Today

Look at ways to improve your social media presence. Review ways to enhance your social media presence. This can be something as simple as networking with respected peers in your niche, set up Twitter Feed or create a new social media group on Facebook or Linkedin.

To advance in social media you must invest some time and effort into marketing for products and services that people want and provide much needed value.

Make a difference, create your social media presence today and market yourself.

Your Thoughts

How do you increase your blog’s readership and exposure through social media networks and Facebook fan pages?

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  1. says

    I do love Twitterfeed; it’s a great “absentee” tool to use.

    I enjoyed reading the post, James; however, I wish it had more usable information that I could not find on many other blogs.

    Ana Hoffman

  2. says

    Good tips! I’ve scheduled at twitter often to join my facebook page and I use them as platform to share to other articles tagging if possible to facebook users.
    Although my facebook page is relatively brand new and I don’t spend enough time in it per week, I see interactions and….the first big spammers there.



  3. says

    I liked the fact that you mentioned Exclusive content for your facebook page. In a world where there is bound to be alot of other options on facebook for you to “like” or to become a fan of, you have to differentiate your page from others, you can’t just simply toss up a page and except users to instantly flock to you, you definitely have to have content, and if you have can provide something other’s cant, then the more power to you!

    Till then,


    • says

      Hi Julius,

      You’re best bet is to create another FaceBook account for yourself and have an account for your blog. I’ve done this on many site, I guess the problem is as you’re brand is so personal. You’ll have this issue.

      Unless you create a “”, FaceBook page.

  4. says

    Great guest post. I will tell you as a small business owner I constantly read a lot of posts with this same topic target and most of them are written with the same exact words arranged differently. It’s nice to see someone add in a few key points that actually do make a difference.

    We currently employ everything in your post on our small business Facebook fan page, I also employ the same tactics on my Facebook fan page.
    Extreme John just posted Extreme Tan and Smoothies August 2010 Sales Recap

    • says

      Hi Extreme John,

      Thanks for the comment. I am pleased that you use social media. It’s another outlet to your main site or blog.

      I am going to a look at your Facebook fan page.

      Many thanks

    • says

      Hello there,

      I’ve used Facebook PPC ads and it’s not a great ROI. I’d experiment wisely on this. I am not trying to put you off, I’ve had experiences with very poor rates compared to using Google Adwords. It’s all trial and error.

  5. says

    I’ve never been particularly adept at mastering the social media scene. I know that it does take a tremendous amount of time and effort.

    For Twitter anyone can get to 100k Followers if they spend endless hours managing their account (Following / unfollowing people who don’t reciprocate).

    Facebook fans are much harder to obtain for Fan Pages since it’s more personal to “like” something on Facebook than to follow someone on Twitter.

    One of my friend’s that I started a small health blog network with is far better than I am with Twitter and Facebook. For Facebook, he has 2500 Fans and really doesn’t do too much other than use it to communicate with Fans and add blog post links.

    I have asked him a few times how he’s been relatively successful with Facebook, in particular, since he’s just promoting a blog and not spending money to create videos or compelling content on his fan page.

    Other than the usual interaction and reciprocity with other people, it’s hard to really pinpoint. However, he did mention that there’s a threshold where once these networks gain some popularity, things seem to take on a life of their own. I guess that ties into the ‘herd mentality’ with social networks.
    Jarret just posted Supplement Updates is now Commentluv Enabled!

  6. says

    I know I’m in the minority, but for me SEO experts are like Social Media experts – and you can overdo both when you do them yourself. Be natural in SEO and SM – that’s my only strategy. I “do” Twitter and Facebook because I enjoy it. Sure, I promote my sites there, but I would be there even if I didn’t have to promote anything.
    Anne just posted The Google Adsense Roller Coaster

    • says

      Anne, I tend to agree with your thinking, it is best to be natural like you say. It’s much similar to starting out your first blog, you want to blog about a topic that you enjoy and are comfortable with, otherwise you will likely lose enthusiasm too easily.

      Till then,


  7. says

    I haven’t really had any success with Social Media, but for now Twitter drives the most visits out of any other site for me. I guess it’s because you can easily get a lot of followers and they click your links. I don’t know if they actually read the articles with interest though.

    I wanted to make a note about linkedin; I can’t think of that as a way to promote your website. I had registered for an account but it seems to me like some private facebook. I don’t know anyone who uses Linkedin and I guess that’s the problem.
    Techie just posted Optimizing PHP on Apache

    • says

      Hi Techie,

      You can use Linkedin to showcase your used Twitter Tweets, so if anyone notices these you’re also promoting Twitter via your Linkedin account.

      I’ve been asked to write some more articles on social media by bloggers, this is something I will do shortly.

      • says

        But isn’t LinkedIn mainly a place to connect with other webmasters that you would already know? If I was to create a new account and go on there I wouldn’t be able to connect with anyone. At least with Twitter and RSS feeds you can ask your readers to subscribe in your sidebar.
        Techie just posted Focus on Bing Optimization

  8. says

    I have to agree with you that offering special deals to your Facebook page does increase response. I have seen the interaction between me and my “friends” just by offering only on facebook deals. Alot more thank you’s and further conversations.

    As always I enjoy your information not he same old junk and same old same old that I am starting to see online. Your information is always fresh and truly Useful


  9. says

    I thinka big and very huge problem many internet markters and bloggers make, and I judge this from myself, is that they aren’t nearly consistent in what they are doing. When I take that from you James when you say that one need to go further than just reating sociasl media accounts – it’s true. But the problem is many people don’t think that way and even when they do, they give up hope before reaching anything.

    Thanks for the great advice.