Is the iPad Good for Blogging?

Since the Apple iPad has come out, I have been dying to get one. One of my main reasons to have one is for when I am at seminars, such as the upcoming Social Media AZ, or when I’m at conventions like the upcoming Blog World Expo in November.

In the last few months, I have been following a great blog by a fellow Third Triber that has, thusfar, specialized in iPad news as well as entered several contests to win a free iPad (because I am currently saving up for a big trip next year, so I don’t want to buy it outright), but no luck in winning one so far.

iPad for Blogging and Social Media
Image Credit: Chester and the iPad

I received some good resources on reasons for getting an iPad as well as against getting one sent to me by James from an iPad video converter software company. Each has some interesting insight into good uses or, for the negative ones, other alternatives.

10 Positive iPad Reviews

10 Negative iPad Reviews

iPad for Blogging and Social Media

Of course, after reading back and forth good and bad reviews, my main questions before I make an investment in the iPad are:

  • What will I be doing when I am not away from home?
  • Does it make a good replacement for a laptop?
  • Is it suitable for blogging?
  • How easy is it to use the on screen keyboard or do you need the dock?
  • What kind of other tools/apps are available for SEO, social media, etc.?

iPad Owners?

If you own an iPad, do you use it as your main laptop / computer or as a supplement for traveling only? What do you like or dislike about it? If you are considering buying one or have decided against it, what were your reasons?

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  1. says

    I was weighing all of these in myself when considering getting an iPad, is it worth getting over a netbook or lightweight laptop with tactile keys for typing. I think I would use one more as a gaming/entertainment device with some email reading, web browsing but likely not as a blogging device on the road unless the touch keyboard was very close in usability to a real keyboard.
    Justin Germino just posted Dragon Blogger Review of Wii Pro Pack Mini

  2. says

    I’d love one, and I know exactly what I’d use it for. If I’m hanging out with family members and we’re just casually watching something on TV, I often read blogs and answer a few emails as well as I can using my Droid (which was provided by my job). After all, my youngest son is playing Nintendo DS at the same time. I do the same thing any time I’m waiting somewhere or have a little free time but am not at home or at the office.

    If I had an iPad I could see even more and type better than with the phone. I think it’s perfect for when you don’t want to drag the laptop out but want to do some light online stuff.
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    • says

      I agree with you Christie. I think about mobile device a lot lately, passing through the iPad outlet I can’t help but wondering how convenient will it be to have one. Our local network/broadband service provider is my biggest concern. If only we could have a stable, reliable service, there’s no doubt I’m getting one for sure. So, it’s a vote for iPad for me either. :)

      Social/Blogging Tracker
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  3. says

    I don’t own an iPad, in fact, I’m dying to have a laptop computer for my blogging and news writing for the media I work on. However, what I can guess is iPad should be good for liveblogging and short-length personal-type blog posts. If you want to write a big post with lots of content in it, I don’t think the iPad is a good idea.
    Sajib just posted 10 Useful Tips to Formatting Compelling Blog Posts

  4. says

    I played with my sister’s ipad for awhile last week and it’s a fun device. But I wouldn’t favour it for blogging, purely because the cut and paste functionality can be a bit awkward (we weren’t able to find an easy way to copy URLs from the address line, for example).

    The touch keypad itself is quite useable but feels as though it is missing a few buttons (ie. cursor keys to let you navigate inside a text box aside from relying on fat fingers).

  5. says

    Thanks for mentioning my site! Well, here’s my take – as an iPad blogger. There are some really great uses for the iPad, but it’s main function is a consumption device. I use it to read, surf the web, research, etc. The hardware is not that complex so it’s the apps which drive such devices. Without the apps, it’s really not much other than a slim, perfectly designed way to surf the web. However, with the apps that are now coming out, it is truly moving to the point where you can make things and get stuff done on a productive level. I try each day to point out in my articles some new way to get more out of it than simply “surfing the web”.

    I feel we are just now beginning to see the true impact of the tablets and it will continue well into 2011/2012!
    Shane just posted 5 Ways To Be More Productive For Under 5 Task Management

    • says

      I have an iPad and I agree with Shane, it’s definitely more of a consumption device, for reading the news, checking emails, facebooking and catching up on some blog feeds.

      I’m so used to my main laptop that, for blogging anyway, the iPad is just second best – For example, I really find the WP app buggy (though I’m yet to try their latest update, which I’m hoping will have resumed some issues?)

      I could see myself using it on a train, for a commute, or to take notes at a conference or seminar but not to manage an entire blog…

      I do, however, find it invaluable as a student – my lecturers give me endless amounts of PDFs to read, and I can nearly organise them on my iPad, open them in PDF annotating software and highlight important pages and read them better than when I’m sat at my PC… but then it’s just a glorified kindle I guess 😉
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  6. says

    I use my iPad for blogging every so often, but one thing that bugs me is, many blog site interfaces either do not support iPads or you have to tweak the blog composition area to be plain text, and this gets to be cumbersome when trying to embed links to blog articles etc. It’s a good tool for reading blogs, but not for creating blogs, unless I am missing something of course.
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  7. Frances says

    Ipad post

    I have had an iPad for a couple of months and used it exclusively when visiting the USA for three weeks recently, took it and left my 15″ mbp at home. Being on a holiday all I needed was access to the internet and a way of managing my photos. I could resize and upload to Flickr easily. I could also easily access my work system if needed through citrix app so traveling with the iPad was a very good option. 

    Even though I haven’t been keeping my main blog up to date this is easily done on the iPad as I have  previously done on my iphone with the WordPress app.  I have managed very easily to regularly update my Posterous blog about iPad apps I have taken screenshot of apps being used on the ipad added comments then emailed them to Posterous. 
    I don’t think it can completely replace a laptop or PC but that was not what it was intended to do. I use it when traveling to work on public transport and writing comments in posts like this one while on the go. Like all things whether its connection to the internet, a mobile phone or a microwave, if you have a need for it get it and use it otherwise don’t bother. It’s a tool for not a necessity.     

  8. says

    I’ve owned an iPad since the first day it was available. It’s an amazing device with some shortfalls. Everyone here has some great points, especially the iPad being a consumption device. It’s great for ebooks, surfing the web and videos. As for blogging, I use my iPad for research and creating rough drafts. It’s amazing the ideas I can quickly pull together using this device (and all the great apps available). Unfortunately, updating a WordPress blog is very difficult from the device (Gary touched on that). If you are looking for a device to help gather your ideas and spring board into creating content, then this is it. If you want to replace your computer/laptop/netbook and use this as your only blogging tool, it’s not there yet. Hopefully there will be an app for that soon. Thanks for the thought provoking article.

    • says

      Ana – as a blogger that uses his iPad a lot the way that I have been blogging on it is to get a good setup. I use the apple keyboard dock and I either write my posts in Pages or I just go to WordPress online and do it. It’s been interesting. I would love to have a mouse – and often reach over to click and nothing is there! The advantage? It’s light and portable….much better to pack around than my macbook.
      Shane just posted 5 Ways To Be More Productive For Under 5 Task Management

  9. says

    Hi Kristi,

    interesting post at the right time. I’m making up my mind if I should get one or not, not only for blogging but also in order to be more flexible on the road. When it came out, I said that nobody needs something like that. When I first saw one and realized how good the screen and also the keyboard are – I fell in love with it. I didn’t follow the impulse of buying one immediately anyway in order to learn more about its practical use. I think it has its niche between smartphones and laptops.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care

    Oliver Tausend just posted Change Your Point Of View

  10. says

    For those wondering about the iPad’s advantages…I want to share a post I did today about an app that is not out yet. As professionals, you can see just how far we can go with a single device. Being able to access all your files and media without even syncing or transferring anything is truly great. Beyond blogging – these are the applications of such devices that make me even more excited.

    The post:
    Shane just posted 5 Ways To Be More Productive For Under 5 Task Management

  11. says

    I would love to have one, but I’m afraid I would wind up carrying around it AND my laptop. I think I would use the IPad for quick “in and out” computer / internet use, but rely on my laptop for my everyday things.

  12. says

    Some friends of mine have it, but no one uses it for blogging. That’s a great idea tho! I’m definately going to buy one for myself, but I’ll have to wait a while, just started my first online business, hope it goes well. Anyway, it might be useful for bloggin when you are away for your personal computer.
    This post highly influenced me on buying it somewhere in the future!
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  13. says

    And iPad as well as the laptop is good for people on the go. However, I can’t decide just yet if it’s worth it to buy an iPad. I will surely be waiting for your review too.

  14. says

    I’ve been blogging on my iPad since the first day I got it. I started writing straight to my blogs (WordPress and Drupal) via Safari but eventually settled on using the Notes app to write first and second drafts before pasting into the site for final review and publishing.

    I’ve seen there’s a WordPress app but haven’t tried it as it sounded pretty flakey, this was a few months back mind. Typing on the pad is so easy I’ve found it’s increased by blogging frequency although work still gets in the way!

    I’ve also used it for coding websites, FTP and photo editing with my laptop is gradually collecting more dust as time goes by! Oh and Twitter et all is second nature on the iPad, a real time saver. If you buy one you won’t regret it.
    Richard – just posted Griffin Elan Passport iPad Cover Review

  15. says

    I was working on the iPad this morning and thought about a comment from another reader here who uses Pages. This was an excellent suggestion and something I had not really thought of, but makes more sense because one doesn’t have to be connected in order to write up a good blog post. When you are done, you can export to Email using Pages, and if your blog can accept new posts from email, most can do this, you have a nice working copy on the iPad for reference, and the posted article. You can also export to Microsoft Word, which makes publication of the text easier for other mediums like white papers etc. Thank you to whoever mentioned this.
    Gary Stockton just posted CMS BounceBack “Instant Server Recovery” Solutions Offer Immediate Time-To-Productivity for SMBs

    • says

      Since I blog a lot (for my iPad site), I also use Pages on my iPad – and I use full screen mode to get distractions out of the way. I also use WriteRoom which is a very nice app that makes the screen black with just green text – kind of like the old DOS monitor. And then you can export that via email.

      However, more and more I have just been using the external keyboard dock, and regular WordPress Admin. The only thing I need (which I’m hoping for in V2.0 of the iPad).

      Oddly enough I truly feel like what happened is that we all WANTED a small, light, and portable device which the iPad is, but it was not initially intended as a laptop replacement…rather…Apple had a media consumption device in mind. But, we wanted it to be more. I am quite certain the next versions will be much different and with the tablet competition heating up, it’s going to get very interesting soon….
      Shane just posted 26 Ways Your Toddler Will Enjoy The iPad plus a giveaway

  16. says

    We have one and our goal is to blog from it while traveling. My husband’s blog is pretty short, just a few sentences so he can do it, but we are going to buy a keyboard for me since I talk way too much!
    In Mexico I have tweeted, done email, facebooked, surfed, etc. Next trip, keyboard and blogging!

  17. says

    Hi Kristi well I’m already jealous you’re off to BlogWorld… if you had an iPod too that would be taking it too far:) @helencrozier who’s a bit of a tech queen is answering questions about ipods on her blog at the mo so you may want to ask her. Sadly I know nothing… except that I want one:)

    Lol, hopefully we’ll both get out sticky paws on one soon!
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  18. says

    While the iPad is pretty neat, I am holding out for some of the non-apple tablets that are in the works now. There are already a few Android ones and a bunch in the works. My main problem with the iPad is the lack of openness, as you can’t just install stuff willy-nilly, but must go through the app-store, of jail-break the ipad.

    I definitely want to get something though to kind of form a middle ground between using my desktop and using my laptop. I had been thinking of getting a netbook, but kind of want something with a touch pad…
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  19. says

    Nice article Kristi. I am also not sure whether the iPad is truly worth it. My host parents just recently visited and they already had an iPad with them. I played around with it a little bit and I liked it. But the thing is that for me it seems just like a bigger version of the iPhone.

  20. says

    I must admit, I have been grappling with the same decision.

    I have a small laptop…not that much larger than an IPAD, really.

    I have a Kindle for reading the content in a more accessible way.

    I have an Iphone, that I really do not utilize enough anyhow.

    I really doubt I need an IPAD that much, but I have to admit the “coolness” factor is weighing in. All I think I need is something to give me the final push. (some new and really cool app or reduction in price…just something)

    Thanks for the article
    Steve just posted Constant Learning equals Constant Improvement

  21. says

    I think as a new tech toy, and the new current flavor for sure we all want an iPad, I think the iPad is useful if you want to use a device that is flat and takes up less space. For most of the time though, if you are able to take a laptop with you that is even better than an iPad. So for me, if I am able to use a laptop, I’d rather use that for work as opposed to an iPad.

    Till then,

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  22. Karie says

    I have both an iPad and recently purchased a laptop for running my (in-the-works) blog. Here are my pros/cons for the iPad vs. Laptop:


    Great for keeping up with email, internet, games (beware the Words with Friends addiction!), Netflix, etc. You can attach a bluetooth keyboard which is GREAT if you plan on doing more email replies, etc. However, it does take some getting used to to use the keyboard for typing but the touch screen for everything else. There is a WordPress app, which is supposed to help with posting, but I found that this is only good if you are putting up a straight forward, content only post. Anything more (including adding links) and it gets a little frustrating.


    So…I use my MacBook Pro for blogging (and email, etc.) because it gives you the full featured ease of use that allows you to focus on blogging, and not how to work around the limitations of the iPad.

    They both have their place – but I still consider the iPad for personal entertainment, and the laptop for actually getting work done.

    Good luck!

  23. says

    I’ve been back and forth on getting an ipad. The function and portability is for me almost too much to pass up. I have a friend whos a writer and spends hours a day typing on here computer. She has an ipad and swears by it. She claims the portablility is much more friendly than here laptop as she enjoys going to beautiful secluded locations to write.

  24. says

    Couple of days ago, I read over CNN tech blog that Autodesk is finally going to support Apple MAC OS for it’s infamous program AutoCAD plus supporting iPad too. I guess this means iPad is evolving to be a future compititor for Desktop PC/Laptops!
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  25. says

    Dear Kristi, you asked and you shall receive ;)!
    Ok so I am a Mac girl through & through – I can’t count all the Mac products in our house but we have them all….When my husband insisted on buying me an iPad for blogging, I was skeptical but he wants me to blog and not carry my Macbook on our micro vacations … so we bought one and we love it. I have NO issues with typing at the speed of light on that screen – I wrote all of my blogworld notes (which turned into an ebook) at BWE on the iPad – in fact, I type much much faster than I write after an experiment. I also can check on my site, manage comments, check on other blogs, leave comments, and use Twitter very efficiently. I use Twiterrific on the iPad but there are several clients. I also use a nice RSS feed which was worth the $5 I paid for it. BUT WordPress on Safari is NOT fully functional so you can’t use the full editor – there is no Visual Editor, it’s only HTML. There IS a plugin for WordPress hosted blogs but that’s not us. So that’s a huge negative for me because I use BOTH and I need both for formatting which takes a lot of my time but is important to me. I think it’s a great compliment to a main platform. And I really think as a hip and cool professional blogger, you should go for it! Here’s hoping you find one in your Xmas sock (or some special occasion soon :))!
    Farnoosh just posted Why Relationships Matter

    • says

      Thanks for the reply. Interestingly enough, I never use the Visual Editor – I’m pretty quick with HTML and find that gives me more control on the layout, so I just code in the formatting as I write, so that wouldn’t bean issue. I really appreciate the feedback – I hope I found one in there too! :)

  26. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Just saw this post.

    I don’t have an iPad, but I do have and use iPhone and Apple MacBook Pro. My impression of iPad is that it is a big iPod. So the experience of browsing websites, reading large pieces of text and watching videos is of course going to be more enjoyable. But that is all there is to it. It is not a replacement for MacBook Pro. If you have a MacBook Pro, you’ll know what I mean. :)

    If I have spare money and can spend a little more on the fun part of the iPhone experience, I’ll buy an iPad. But then I have been thinking to buy one for my little daughter anyway for sometime. Perhaps, will take another look when it’s new version is out.
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  27. says

    In my opinion, iPad is a great device, not because it is from Apple, but it has many features, but for blogging, in my case, it will only hurt my neck.

    I am experience neckache while using iPad not more than an hour, and to blog, it definitely needs a while, more than 30 minutes, at least.

    Plus iPad does not support flash, updating frequently, thinking is it marketing strategy? now iPad 2 is out, but I am sure, next summer the 3 version will be out with new features..again
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