Izzonet Review – What Sets Izzonet Apart as an eCommerce Solutions Provider

This is a sponsored post from IzzoNet, an eCommerce Solutions Software provider.

As an eCommerce solutions provider, IzzoNet strives to provide their clients with both basic and advance needs. While that is true, they have their strengths and limitations still.

There are a lot of eCommerce solutions in the market and all of them have their pros and cons. Your choice will depend on what you need the most in your online shopping cart. Some packages have great marketing tools while others concentrate on shopping cart innovations. Others are a haven for web designers with a platform that provides every type of design possibilities.


On top of everything, an eCommerce solution seeker should look at two things – a platform that will provide them with everything that they need to create and manage their online store effectively, and a service provider that will teach them how to use their platform for optimum results.

These are just two factors that set apart IzzoNet from the other eCommerce solutions in the industry. Let us enumerate the other strengths of this online shopping cart.

Strength #1: Expertise

The founders of IzzoNet have decades of experience behind them that makes this relatively new eCommerce solution a formidable competition in this industry. The IzzoNet site describes the founders to consist of three professionals: an eCommerce expert, prize-winning graphic artist and a brilliant programmer. The makers and current developers of this software are constantly coming up with new developments by analysing what their current clients need.

Strength #2: Knowledge Base

While other reviews will say that IzzoNet is not the best when it comes to live customer service, they do have a very comprehensive knowledge base to refer to. As far as learning how to navigate this platform goes, they can make even the most novice eCommerce entrepreneur learn how to create an online shop the IzzoNet way.


They have everything that you need to set up shop. They have videos, articles and they will bombard you with emails on how to make your online shop creation take off.

Strength #3: User Friendly

Starting from their template selection to the drag and drop features, this is a playground for experts as well as a manageable platform for beginners. They even go as far as to provide adequate examples so web developers have a model to base their own design upon.

Strength #4: Security

In an eCommerce site, there are two types of security issues that must be dealt with. The first is the security of the hosting service that will provide both the site files and the customer data with encryption abilities to keep them protected from theft. The other is to shield the eCommerce business from thieving and suspicious customers.

IzzoNet provides secure web hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The install your store and keep up with all of the updates, so all you have to do is add your products and start selling. They also offer an easy backup system so that your product information and templates are easily restored in case of an emergency.

The Anti-Fraud and Chargeback Preventer will give store owners 24/7 protection by allowing the site owner to specify settings for each payment gateway, block blacklisted clients, and a lot more. You can also monitor your shoppers and their behaviour while they are in your online store premises.

Strength #5: Effective Marketing Tools

This strength is not unique at all because you will probably see the IzzoNet marketing tools being offered by other eCommerce solution providers. However, it all boils down to how effective they all are and how easy the tools can be implemented.


The following are just a few of the marketing tools and integrations that can help bring even more people to your online store.

  • Coupon Distribution feature allows both online and printable coupons for customers to want either of them. The eBay Integration feature is manageable from one portal only. It spells convenience while making sure the market reach is not compromised.
  • SMS Blaster will provide opportunities for the site owner to promote products, push sales and offer discounts to their target market. Even the status of their orders can be sent through an automated SMS. Not only will drive the message into the hands of the customer, site owners can easily execute it.
  • Ebay Integration allows you manage products on your IzzoNet and Ebay store in one place, helping your business easily sell more products to a larger audience.
  • Comparison Shopping Features allow you to easily create product feeds that are submitted to the largest comparison shopping networks including Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, Shopping.com, and many more to ensure that you reach the maximum number of potential customers all over the Internet.
  • IP Translator allows you to sell your products to a worldwide audience – in their own language.

All these conveniences are done so online store owners can spend their time growing their business instead of attending to every little detail involved in running an eCommerce website.

Sample Store Designs

The following are a few stores featured in the IzzoNet showcase.




Give It a Try

Ultimately, an eCommerce entrepreneur would want a package that will get them to earn online and make it very easy to do so. IzzoNet prides in providing that to their clients. There are a total of five pricing levels to choose from which allows businesses of any size to have a successful online store.


You can get started at just $19.97 per month for 100MB image hosting storage, unlimited bandwidth, secure website hosting, and the ability to create & manage newsletters. All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Additional Reviews

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Have you used IzzoNet for your online store? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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