The Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, AZ

The Japanese Friendship Garden is an absolutely wonderful little Japanese garden, nestled into the downtown Phoenix area. It is beautiful, peaceful, and the perfect escape from the stress of daily life. If you are in the Phoenix metro area, I definitely recommend taking a stroll around this garden. The entrance fee is only $5, and more than worth it.

Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, ArizonaWaterfall in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Teahouse in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, ArizonaJapanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Waterfall in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Blossoms in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, ArizonaButterfly at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Water Lillies in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Wishing Tree in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, ArizonaJapanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona
Waterfalls in the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

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  1. says

    Amazing Place indeed even if I didn’t visit myself. From the photos, Kristi’s, it seem very peaceful and you can spend an entire day without feeling bored there, especially if you want to break-down your daily routine.

    Hichams last blog post..Earth Hour: Lights/OFF

  2. says

    Excellent pictures and they remind me just how much I need to get out and appreciate the surroundings I am fortunate to have around me. I am one of those types that wouldn’t even know if something like this were 3 blocks from my house.

    Extreme Johns last blog post..Twitter Tweet Tools

  3. says

    @Debbie: My hubby found out about it through a co-worker, and it was just an amazing place to visit.

    @YogaforCynics: It’s certainly nothing I expected to come across in downtown Phoenix either. I guess every place has a little treasure of some sort, just waiting to be discovered.

    @Eric: It was a wonderful day… bright and sunny, and breezy. We stopped and sat on a bench and just listened to the tree leaves rustling.

    @Michael: If you get a chance, definitely stop by. Lots of great things to see in the Phoenix area!

    @Celes: Yes, I loved the Japanese elements all around the garden. I wish I could have visited the tea house, but it was closed that day.

    @Roshan: I bet it would be very tranquil and romantic in the evening.

    @Tom: I could’ve taken a nap almost anywhere in that area, it was so nice.

    @Gert: Beautiful colors all around the garden. There was a pink water lily on another side, but I couldn’t get a good shot of it.

    @Gennaro: I’m so glad I got into trying macro photography. I would have never noticed a lot of the little, beautiful things all around before.

    @MLDina: If you are in the downtown area, definitely stop in. An hour is all you need to experience the beauty of the garden, and if you have more time, the better.

    @Ally: I tried to keep the surrounding buildings out of the photos so it would more authentic. :)

    @Hicham: You could spend many hours, meditating, writing, doing yoga, and just being peaceful in general.

    @Extreme John: It gives you a new appreciation of your local hometown, finding places like this.

    @Caleb: For me, it was a good mind-clearing experience. I have issues with mental hyperactivity, and this place settled it for the rest of the day.

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    Too bad i missed this place during my visits to Arizona!! :(

    Never knew downtown Phoenix has this amazing place. When i went to downtown near the stadium, the whole town seems deserted on a sunday evening.

    I am not sure whether this is normal or not since it was the 1st time i went downtown during my trips to US.

    Kriss last blog post..New Malaysian Prime Minister

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    @Kris: The downtown area is mostly deserted when there are no sporting events going on. That’s what makes it nice on a clear, Sunday afternoon though. It’s peaceful.

    @Kim: Thanks. The Phoenix New Times did a write up about the green-ness of the water, although I’m not sure it covers where it comes from exactly.

    @KushMoney: It was definitely relaxing. If it wasn’t a 25 minute drive, I’d go there daily.

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    I love the pictures!! I live in a city and all I have is concrete garden, I can only imagine having something as beautiful as this! Japan has amazing gardens, especially in Cherry Blossom season! Thanks

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    I have to say … Thank you… for this blog and those absolutely beautiful photos. It really made my day, I had a headache and seen them and it is now gone. I hope someday to have something like this for my special lady, and dream of being married in someplace lovely like this.
    Thank you once again,
    .-= New from Kevin@Tomato Heirloom Seeds Do Follow Blog, Commentluv, Keywordluv =-.

  8. says

    I have been in phoenix from the last 5 years but never been there. I have heard of it before but from the pictures it is looking a great place for family. Will be making a plan soon///