Developing a Kickstarter Marketing Strategy

This week, Jason Hines, my husband and fine art landscape photographer, launched his Kickstarter campaign for The Art of the Chase. This is a feature length photography documentary about what it takes to chase your dreams and create compelling images.


As exciting as it is for him, it is even more exciting for me as an Internet marketer as I get to embark on a full-fledged promotion strategy. In order to get funded, this project needs as much exposure as possible. As the Marketing Director for the film, I’m in charge of getting that exposure.

On a side note, I’m hoping this title will earn me a spot on Internet Movie Database if all goes well. But I digress…

The Gameplan

So what is it going to take to get that exposure? I’m planning on employing several strategies during this Kickstarter marketing campaign that include the following.

  • Press Releases
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Comment and Forum Marketing
  • PPC and Banner Advertising
  • Social Advertising

I’m also using a ton of tips I have found on CrowdCrux – that site is a great resource for anyone launching a crowdfunding campaign.

The Case Study

At the end of the 30 day Kickstarter campaign, I want to not only share details about the strategies that helped get the project funded, but I also want to look at how Kickstarter can increase a person’s online visibility. Before the Kickstarter launched, I recorded a baseline of my husband’s online stats including the following.

  • Website Traffic
  • Social Following on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
  • YouTube Subscribers and Views
  • Domain Authority and Links
  • Mailing List Subscribers
  • Keyword Rankings in Search

When the Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, I will re-run these numbers to see what has changed in terms of gaining more traffic, fans, and authority.

How You Can Help

If you are a lover of photography or a photographer yourself, then you will love the rewards that come along with supporting The Art of the Chase. These rewards include the following.

  • Fine Art Photography Prints
  • DVD of the Film
  • Photo Books
  • Spots in a 2014 Photography Workshop
  • Your Name in the Film Credits
  • You on the Big Screen in the Film
  • Much More!

If these sound good to you, be sure to visit The Art of the Chase on Kickstarter and help make this film become a reality! Rewards start at $10, and you can even just chip in a $1 if you choose.

Support in the form of social sharing on Twitter and Facebook is also greatly appreciated! You can use the social sharing buttons on the Kickstarter project page or the ones below.

Now, it’s your turn. Have you ever run a Kickstarter or helped marketing one? Any additional tips or resources you would suggest? Please share in the comments!

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  1. says

    Fantastic post and best blog! I happen to be a daily visitor to your blog (somewhat more like addict ) of this blog. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am looking forward for more to come!
    James just posted A Few New Features of iOS 7

  2. says

    My friend mentioned Kickstarter to me and other websites to me, about things to help with marketing (including your website) so thanks for sharing your husbands campaign. Look forward to seeing the results as we go to the drawing board to see how we can use Kickstarter as a marketing vehicle for our company.

  3. says

    I must admit your husband has a huge advantage if you’re going to be the director of marketing. The reality is you’re an amazing social media marketer this will be easy for you to do. With your experience your husbands chances of winning have increased dramatically.
    bbrian017 just posted How Promotional Marketing Makes You Money

  4. Annette says

    Backed! Great video. Love the motivational talk at the end. I needed that Jason :) Do I get to be in the movie credits?

  5. says

    I’ve heard about several successful kickstarters. From what I can tell, it’s all about selling the story of the idea so people are interested in donating.

  6. says

    Good luck with it, I will try to help as much as possible and I think you are already doing a great job. You are very convincing. I have never heard about kickstart before and still have no idea what it is, but you made it sound very interesting. again good luck with this campaign
    jossef just posted SEO link building best practice post penguin 2

  7. says

    Hey Kristi,

    Good Luck to you and your husband for the Kickstarter plan. I heard a lot about the KickStarter, and have seen many awesome things coming out from Kickstarter community. I hope you will get your kickstarter funded very soon. I am going to contribute my love to your project on Kickstarter, and will share on one of my Facebook Photography Page. Hope it will bring more exposure to your project.
    Hamza Sheikh just posted iOS 7 Beta Jailbreak Download & Status Announced

  8. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Great post, I have checked out your campaign on Kickstarter and I have to say that the quality of your husband’s photography is first rate. I hope you reach your goal and would gladly contribute if I was in a position to do so.

    I have not heard of Kickstarter before, but It looks like a great way to raise funds.

  9. says

    Very good article. We handled all the PR and social media for a very ambitious Kickstarter campaign not long ago. Aside from watching sales respond to marketing in a traditional sense, a Kickstarter project is one of the few cases where you get to see your work pay off directly. Much of what we did could be directly correlated to the way funding came in through waves. It’s nice having such a clear tangible goal in mind and see your efforts making clear progress towards it.

    Really enjoyed your article, hope his project reaches the goal!

  10. says

    I’m a little late to the party but this is very interesting. Kickstarter is really starting to gain some traction, I’m seeing more and more businesses/individuals turn to it for funding, and results have been encouraging. Like everything else online however, it needs to be marketed well to get the exposure it needs! I haven’t seen anyone else explaining their process for doing so as of yet, it will be interesting to see best practices develop, hopefully leading to more opportunities for people to fund their projects.

  11. says

    Being an avid photographer myself this was a bonus. I came to this blog for the great marketing tips now the icing on the cake is the photography resources. I will surely follow the site. Great post and thanks for sharing.
    Rahul just posted LINK BUILDING USING RSS

  12. says

    You might want to try messaging all your facebook friends that you need money. Then send a message that you’re going to work for it and point them at the kickstarter.

    I’ve actually seen this work and a guy I knew raised 7k with an unwritten short story collection. (note no previous publication record).

    Kickstarter is amazing. Hope your husband has good luck.
    David Sandy just posted Catchy Business Names