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    @Sire: That would be a fun employee contest… whoever does the best job gets the mystery prize in the big gift boxes once the displays change for the next season!

    @Web Marketing: This was my first time to see the Christmas decor. The only other one I saw was for Chinese New Year, which was pretty amazing as well.

    @MikeC: This was really the only Christmas-y feeling place on the strip for me. Other places had decorations, but they don’t stand out next to all the rest of the glitter and sparkle on the strip.

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    @Sire: Probably to the people who stay in their hotels. :) Or maybe a slot machine mystery prize.

    @Ben: I didn’t check the name… I’m sure there was one on the description, but the place was so busy, I was just focused on getting pics with minimal crowd involvement as possible. It was hit and miss.