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Internet Marketing Course

If you’ve been interested in learning more about Internet marketing for your blog, brand, or business, there are a ton of resources out there, from blogs to ebooks, classes to conferences. But if you want something structured without any expenses involved, why not start with a free 10 week Internet marketing course?

Mark Thompson of Search Creatively and Stay on Search (also a regular on Search Engine Journal) has created a great course covering all the aspects of online marketing. Everyone from beginners to advanced Internet marketers should find something that helps them improve their strategy.

Internet Marketing Course Content

So what’s in this 67 page, jam-packed online marketing course?

Week 1 – Strategy: Setting Goals, Expectations, and Roles / Responsibilities

Week 1 asks you six questions to help guide you into determining your online marketing goals and expectations, then gives you an overview of the various elements of a successful strategy.

Week 2 – Market Research & Analysis: Know Your Target Audience

Week 2 covers keyword research, from creating your initial keyword list to testing and implementing your keywords, plus a list of free keyword research tools. Then you will learn about analyzing your competitors, with some free and paid tools.

Week 3 – Paid Search: Using Pay-Per-Click Strategies to Drive Relevant Traffic

Week 3 shows you the fundamentals of PPC, from creating to targeting your ads, A/B testing, and what makes a successful ad with a great Goolgle Quality Score. You’ll also learn the importance of landing page optimization.

Week 4 – Search Engine Optimization: How to Gain Free Exposure and Traffic

Week 4 takes on everything that is SEO – domain strength, on-site and off-site optimization, a look at Blackhat tactics (aka, what to avoid), and website usability, including conversion optimization.

Week 5 – Content Creation: Creating Compelling, Valuable, and Viral Content

Week 5 will show you how to create great content that drives traffic to your website, including blogging, webinars, video, podcasting, and what makes content viral on social media and bookmarking networks.

Week 6 – Link Building: How to Find Quality Link Building Opportunities

Week 6 covers all aspects of link building: how search engines value links, why great content matters, link prospecting and tools, popular types of link bait, and a look at a great toolkit to help you find link opportunities plus other Internet marketing tools.

Week 7 – Local Search: Capturing Localized Traffic to Your Website

Week 7 is about local search, something you must take advantage of if you are working with a local based business, from local profiles to on-site local optimization as well as location based social marketing.

Week 8 – Social Media: Build Your Brand, Drive Traffic and Form Relationships

Week 8 is particularly close to my heart – because I’m the guest writer! This week shows you what information matters most in your social profiles on the top social networks, as well as how to brand yourself and connect with others. I also take a look at how you can do competitor research using free social media monitoring tools.

Week 9 – Making Money: How to Monetize for Your Website or Blog

Week 9 is what many want to know – how to make money online with the 11 most popular (and lucrative) monetization methods for your blog and website.

Week 10 – Website Analytics/Testing: Increasing Conversions

The final week of the course shows you what you need to know about your Google Analytics information – what to look for, how to interpret the data, and how to conduce A/B and multi-variate testing to make sure your website is converting optimally.


If that’s not enough, there are also some great bonuses.

100+ Online Marketing Resources

For starters, there are over 100 resource links for keyword research, competitor analysis, PPC, link building, social media, analytics, and rich media tools.

Also, if you refer 5 people to the course, you will get two additional free bonuses:

Web Traffic Explosion

This 32-Page traffic generating blueprint, gives you the ability to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website or blog. Find killer tips on lead generation, list building, link building and turning traffic into money!

Sales Copy Cheatsheet

This PDF is jam packed with 286 powerful words and phrases that the top marketers use to help them create sales pages. For anyone that is looking to create compelling headlines and ad copy, this is a MUST-HAVE reference guide.


What are you waiting for? Signup today – it’s free! You’ll get a new email every week with top online marketing tips and techniques to help you strengthen your Internet marketing strategy.

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    This sounds like something that would really help me! I have been selling things since I wasa eight years old (now 62) but internet selling is a different in a lot of ways. It offers a lot of new ways to knock on doors, that is for sure. I am relatively new at online selling, and I’m probably just thrashing around compared to what I should be doing. Thanks for making this information available in your post today.

    Lou Barba

  2. says

    What a great post. You really cover a lot of information in there and it is great information.
    I’m especially interested in Week 7 ā€“ Local Search: Capturing Localized Traffic to Your Website

  3. says

    I just signed up Kristi! I think I know almost everything that the course had covered, but I’m interested to see its PPC chapter and perhaps they have something that I still don’t know :)

    I’m curious where you find these good stuffs you share šŸ˜€


  4. says

    I have signed up also and I the first one just totally blown me away! Great Review, hopefully I can start learning what I am doing wrong and get even more readers!!

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    Good to see a few other websites linking to this resource, I have been a fan of Mark’s work for a while. I just sent it to a few of my business partners so they can work on the SERPs for their websites.

    It is good to find free resources that are actually useful; SEO is one of those niches that has a tendency to attract a lot of people claiming to be experts.

    I actually just found this website through today’s post on Stay on Search.
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  6. says

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome Kristi, looking over the content of the course, I am definitely pumped about giving it a shot! Likely will try to sign for the course over the weekend and get started! šŸ˜€

    Till then,

    used tires just posted how to dispose of tires

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    Great review! I think the hardest part of internet marketing is the link building, especially when it comes to quality. It’s easy to get 1000 links to your website, but if they hold almost no weight then they’re nearly worthless and finding high quality links becomes a huge hassle after you use up the most obvious ones.
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    I agree with Aaron Michaels that link building is quite hard to do in internet marketing because you really have to spend time finding quality links. And it takes time to really wait for your links to be posted and not t mentioned that there are times that it takes weeks to effect the link building that you have done for your site.
    Kirsty just posted How Merchants Can Avoid Credit Card Fraud

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    Great!!! post Kristi, I just going to sign up..
    Internet marketing is totally different from other streams of marketing, I am eagerly waiting what you revel in this course material because your all post itself is a course material..
    really Nice!!!
    Brainpulse just posted Maintaining A Cluster In Linux

  10. says

    Thanks Kristi for sharing with us this great resource šŸ˜€ I’ve signed up (although I’m on the lists of dozen other marketers lol) and this will make me busy for some time.

    Have a nice day!