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  1. says

    Wish I had something funny to say but I guess it’s too early in the morning. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Pretty kitty! I can’t see the pen, but I can clearly see the black ink on his tongue. Funny.

    Thank you for visiting Dating Dames today. I appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment.

  3. Mrinmay Bhattacharjee (mrintech) says

    Hey you can Email this PIC of your CAT/Kitty to 😛 They will add a very Nice Caption to it 😛

    BTW Cute Kitty :)

  4. says

    My cat Penny once did this and made a right mess of herself before I realised what she’d done. Blue ink on paws, tongue, and face – what a sight! I was too panicked to take a photo of her, but I needn’t have worried – there were no ill effects.
    .-= New from Stephanie Cat Santa Hats Bring Festive Cheer =-.