My Favorite Social Media Resources For The Top 3: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

This is a guest post by Samuel Pustea.

Social media will bring you results, it will.

Extraordinaire results! If you don’t believe me, just take a good hard look at Kristi Hines and Jeff Bullas.

They have thrived on the internet through the engagement they have created on their favorite social media sites. But they have done it through much trial and error and did not hesitate to respond to criticism.

Are you able to work hard on these social media sites and optimize you results? If are willing to put in the work, then these resources are for you!

If you are constantly asking these questions to yourself, then it is time to read and get new services for your help.

Want to get more followers on Twitter?

Are you looking to rack more likes for your Facebook page?

Still wondering if you should invest time into Google+?

These resources are my favorite and have been able the answer my questions from above… questions I had for my own website, Internet Dreams.

For my favorite three social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus – the following resources are my favorite and soon to be yours!

Twitter Resources

6 Tools to Learn More About Your Twitter Engagement

On all social media sites, engagement is what separates those who are not going to be successful and those who are.

Twitter needs to be engaged with constantly and this article will give you the best tools to analyze your engagement!

4 Twitter Mistakes: Don’t Do What These Brands Did

We are human. We do mistakes wherever we are, including Twitter.

This article is one of the best because it shows you the top four mistakes one can do on Twitter and how you can avoid them.

The first point made is:

1. Tweeting From the Wrong Account
2. Tweeting Rather…
3. ….

Having long urls from your blog doesn’t look pleasant at all!

When working with twitter, never post a long url without using a service that shrinks the size nicely.

I recommend since I use it all of the time to shorten my urls for Twitter.


Clicktotweet is a service that helps your piece of text be tweetable.

I recommend adding once in a while in your post a phrase of words that can clicked and sent to the individual’s twitter profile.

From there, tweeted to his followers and help you gain more followers!

Get More Followers On Twitter Like A King!

The main point of Twitter is to get more followers under your account and tweet to them your stuff.

But many don’t understand how to gain more followers and give up trying to do so.

But you don’t since you are learning slowly through the articles you read and experience you gain through the engagement you do on Twitter.

How to Use Twitter – Tips for Bloggers

This is the most complete article that teaches you to have success on Twitter and the best one yet!

Darren Rowse’s Twitter account shows for what he writes for and the strategies he uses.
Bottom line, his strategies work and worth every minute you read about them!

This article will take you from the beginning of your Twitter journey to the end where you will see his points in this article make total sense!

Facebook Resources

8 Ways to Get More Out of Your Facebook Fan Page Today

Every blog out there should have their own Facebook page.

For your bog, you have one. Let’s hope so!

I added this one for your success on getting more likes for your page.

You will find out how to engage to your audience through your page statuses to the design aspect of the Facebook page, which is equally important.


Just like I mentioned about your Facebook cover photo for your page, it has to catch your visitor’s eye and attention to “like” your page.

CoverPhotoBook will give you your best cover photo your page and I highly recommend using their work!


I know everybody mentions Buffer for Twitter, I instead am going to mention it for Facebook!

Buffer now supports the Facebook platform, and I use it all of the time for my Facebook engagement.

You are now able to schedule your statuses and statues you can create directly in the buffer dashboard.

10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following

If you are looking to increase your Facebook results, this article will help you gain more followers on your Facebook accounts.

The article on Social Media Examiner will suggest you several ways of increasing your Facebook page likes.

Connecting is another topic that this article doesn’t hesitate to talk about and how you can increase your engagement through that.

Google+ Resources

5 Google Plus Tips and Chris Brogan

Google+ is the newest social media site among these three.

Chris Brogan is a famous user of it and this article interviews his experience on it.

He gives you 5 tips that can enhance your activity on Google plus and have better results.

The Marketer’s Guide to Google Plus

Google plus is an awesome site to work on and grow your following.

But in order to gain success on it, you will need a complete guide.

This guide is the best one to use for Google plus.

Just have a look at it and see the real stuff!

Thanks KissMetrics!


I want to personally thank Kristi for giving me this opportunity to present to you guys my favorite resources.

Favorite resources that are helping me gain better results on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

I want that to happen to you guys as well, and if you are looking at these articles and products right now it can happen to you!

What is your favorite social media site? Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?

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