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    I believe if each family has at least 1 pet like this then we’ll never have to had a terror like those in Mumbai.
    Thank you for sharing this, Kristi.

    Aldhiss last blog post..Am I Winning?

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    @Vixel: Thanks!

    @Freddie: She is sitting on the edge of a patio wall.

    @Evita: Yes, I love the colorful kitties.

    @Aldhis: If every person could find that one companion, person or pet, that made them feel love, then we could hope that there would be no more motivation for terrorists. You’re welcome.

    @Wayne: That’s what I was saying to coax her to look over. I only got the sideways glance.

    @Suntabby: Yes, this cat is a sweetie once you get to know her.

    @Dennis: Yes, she is. :)

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    @Sire: I’ll do a puppy posting soon! :)

    @Steve: Calico cats have unique coloring, yet somehow all look about the same.

    @Morgan: Thanks. We do have our tree up. Not fully decorated, but it has been a busy week with us going to Vegas this weekend. Next week we’ll get the ornaments on. :)