New Guest Post Policy – Join the Discussion or No Link

As a blogger and an internet marketer, I sympathize with the efforts made to get guest posts on blogs in order to increase exposure, traffic, and rankings to your website.

Recently, I have been doing a regular spot every Wednesday for guest blogging. This way, my readers can get viewpoints outside of my own about blogging and social media, which I believe is important in getting the best information about anything that you do. At the same time, the guest writers get to build their authority in this niche and get exposure to their website.

Increasing Discussion

One of my new goals on this site is to increase discussion. I have been trying my hardest to not only reply to most of the comments on my latest posts, but also get out and comment more on other sites as well.

Also, when I guest post on another site, I make an effort to reply to comments on those posts as well, at least for the first week after it goes live.

Since I am making this commitment with my own posts, it only makes sense that my community will expect this of all posts on Kikolani, including those from guest bloggers. Hence, I am going to implement a new policy for guest bloggers.

If guest writers do not return to their guest post after it goes live to reply to comments and be a part of the discussion surrounding their post, I am removing their bio links and any self-serving links in the content.

Because yes, I can tell if it’s a link to your property, something you’re linking to for SEO value, or anything else that isn’t for informational purposes.

I know, it sounds harsh. I don’t think it’s as bad as $10 to review guest posts as suggested by a guest author on ProBlogger though. But I think it’s becoming necessary because while I have some guest bloggers who have been amazing at getting engaged with the audience, I have had others that didn’t bother to return once the post went live.

Why the New No Engagement, No Link Policy

I see this as a good thing for three reasons.

First, it will keep the community active on every post. If you comment on Kikolani, you should be able to expect a response from the author.

Second, it creates accountability. If the guest writer puts something in their post that isn’t fact or is controversial, they will have to defend it. They can’t just post and run.

Third, it will teach guest writers to be better at engagement for future guest posts on other sites and maybe even posts on their own, hence making them better bloggers.

And this isn’t something that will just benefit my blog and community. It will benefit the guest blogger as well. I can tell you that the most successful guest posts on Kikolani have been the ones where the author has engaged with most, if not all of the commenters. Those posts have the most comments (duh!), social shares, and continued traffic months after it goes live.

How Will This Policy Be Enforced

I realize that not everyone will have the time to reply to comments right away, because of their jobs or other commitments. So I’ll give guest bloggers somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 – 48 hours to reply to their comments. And it doesn’t have to be a reply to every comment, but at least to half and definitely to any that have asked the guest blogger a specific question or challenged a particular part of the post.

Should interaction with the commenters not happen, the guest blogger will lose their author link. Should they come back and plead their case, they’ll be given the option to reply to their comments at that time and they can have their link back.

Interested in a Guest Post?

My guidelines, while specific, are pretty simple. They include:

  • Posts should be 750 words or longer.
  • You should include an author bio, Twitter username, and email address associated to Gravatar.
  • You should include links to anything you reference (tools, articles, people, etc.), but not affiliate links or excessive links to your own sites.
  • Your post should be written in good English.
  • Topics should be relevant to bloggers.

If that sounds good, be sure to read the additional guidelines and submit your post! And of course, when I let you know it’s live, be sure to come back and check on your comments! Guest bloggers will receive email notifications each time a new comment has been approved on their post, making it simple to know when they need to come back and reply.

Your Guest Post Policy

What are your policies when it comes to guest bloggers writing on your site? Do you think my new policy is a good idea? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. says

    I totally agree with this policy. I think it’s absolutely reasonable that if someone is going to guest post on a blog, they treat it with respect as a guest blogger

    I think part of the change I’ve seen in the past year or so in the blogosphere is an attitude towards guest posting as a get-traffic-and-seod-quick scheme – and a lot of bloggers have forgotten the CORE reason guest posting started wasn’t in an effort to game the system for readers or backlinks

    It was all about community, sharing, and a privilege to post on a blog and share with another blogger’s audience.
    Sid just posted Are You In Or Are You Out

  2. Dave Doolin says

    Kristi, as far I can recall, you have always been pretty good about making the rounds on commenting. Surely better than I have been lately. I think I first saw you on Extreme John as a regular commenter, what seems a long time ago now. So I don’t think you need to worry about yourself.

    As far as guest posting, I have actively encouraged people to guest post on my site, and I have been, without exception, very pleased with how responsive every person has been in the comment discussion. I recall sending an email once or twice to prod someone, but invariably, I had forgotten to notify them that their post was published.

    It seems weird to me that you would have this problem. As active in the community as you are, I would definitely have expected guest post authors to follow your example. I’m not sure I would delink (more from too busy to care), but I definitely wouldn’t invite such people to return.

    • says

      I’m always striving to improve my commenting – it’s somewhere I end up slacking off when things get really busy, but it is so valuable that I have to always make sure I come back to it!

      I normally don’t have that issue, maybe once every 15 guest posts. But recently there were 3 out of 5, so I decided that I needed to do something about it. I think the main culprits are the internet marketers more so than actual bloggers, so taking away the link is going to be the strongest “motivation” to get active in the comments. :)

  3. says

    I welcome your move Kristi. Especially for the reason 2 you’ve mentioned. Our yard is not for them to bring and play their balls!

    There are two posts on SEO MMO Tips. The GEEK pressed me hard to publish his guest post. I kept on resisting but finally when let him upload his post, I find that he does not have a gravatar. He sent me a mail informing that the gravatar is set up.

    I did not like him never return to the post once it was published. After my couple of emails, he stepped in for one or two times and that’s all. After some time again he came up with another post. I told him all the requirements. He said he would respond the comments and did not know that gravatar was not working even after uploading image. Still, I’m not happy. I had better not accepted that post.

    Now I don’t feel like deleting the post, and always felt sorry. Your method is better. I did not publish the guest post policy, now can I remove his links and/or his post?
    Suresh Khanal just posted Security WordPress Plugins for Bulletproof Blogs

  4. says

    It sounds harsher than it actually is. Truth is, people should want to join a discussion, unless they don’t really care about the content and are only concerned with the links. And the niche of “blogging about blogging” does tend to create content that can be more generic unless the right sort of conversation occurs.

    Not sure what else to say. There are times on my blog where I avoid conversation: I’ll feel like I’ve already said what needs to be said in the entry. But you could say my posts are very specific comments focused on specific parts of the text.
    ashok just posted Emily Dickinson- “We knew not that we were to live” 1462

    • says

      I agree Ashok. People should want to do this, but it seems like some don’t. Hence, I’m going to see if a little push in the right direction helps. And yes, there are certain niches where comments are not as popular, but this one it definitely is, so people do expect some responses when they participate.

  5. says

    Kristi, I don’t think it’s harsh at all, it makes lots of sense. Really it’s something guest bloggers should be doing anyway, they don’t need to be told to do this, it should be part of guest blogging. And if they don’t do it, then they aren’t really guest blogging in the first place and it shows they don’t care.

    Like you said you’re trying to build up a community so it’s only fair that you enforce such rules. So keep doing what you do!
    Tola just posted Know What Your Neighbour is Doing

    • says

      Thanks Tola. It felt harsh at the time I wrote it, but I’m starting to see it’s really not as bad as I thought it was. :)

  6. says

    Hi Kikolani. The very first guest post I did ( I’ve only done 3), it didn’t even occur to me that people would comment. I was so green, and had only posted a few posts on my own blog at the time. So I went over to Dino’s blog, just for the excitement, of seeing my post, on someone else blog, and bam…there was tons of comments. I was shocked, and embarrassed that these readers would think I hadn’t bothered enough to respond. It was 8 hours or so after the post had been published. The same happened the next day; it just didn’t occur to me people would still be interested. Over the next 2 weeks I returned to the post regularly to respond to all commenter’s, and the process taught me so much. I think you are right in adding in a time window to accommodate for people having other things to do. But like Tola said. I don’t think your new policy is harsh at all. Just respectful and caring the readers you have here. Great Idea. Stacey

    • says

      Thanks Stacey! I really don’t mean to hit newer guest bloggers – I know that some may not expect comments, which is why I make sure to send a friendly email to let them know. Most come by at that point and respond, but I’ve had a few lately that didn’t. So I figure this will help them along. Glad to hear your first guest posts went well! :)

  7. says

    Thats an interesting idea, which helps you creating additional content and keeps the discussion alive on each blog posts, making them more interesting for search engines if they are updated with new content frequently.

    • says

      Thanks Paul. Yes, between that and the fact that guest bloggers get email notification even with subscribing, there is really no excuse in the “I didn’t know” department.

  8. says


    Excellent policy. I think too many guest bloggers are out just to get a link back to their website and truly don’t care about the actual conversation going on. It should be the responsibility of the blogger to follow up and answer any questions or further the discussion from the post they wrote.

    I think that is more than fair!

    • says

      Thanks Mark! This policy just came to me while I was driving home one day, after having a guest blogger go MIA on their responses. Should be interesting to see how it turns out!

  9. says

    Hi Kristi,

    It only makes sense to respect the blog owner when he offers you a chance to write something. But I guess the same people that don’t take the time to reply to comments on their own blog probably won’t reply on comments made on their guest posts.

    For me it is plan courtesy, not to mention the fact that it is quite beneficial to respond to feedback and questions, that can promote a blogger as an authority or their website the same as the guest post itself!
    Zarko just posted Link Building Strategy Breakdown – Let’s get Link Building

    • says

      True Zarko. I think the main culprits are people who either don’t have blogs or ones that don’t reply to their own comments. I’m hoping that maybe if they do it here, they will see the value and start doing it on their own sites as well.

    • says

      I think I do good at making sure people are giving me good content. For the most part, I get a lot of good responses for my guest posts. There have just been a few that get asked very specific questions, and while I can answer them, I think they really should. :)

  10. says

    I agree with your policy 100%!

    That said, it’s really interesting how there seems to be a debate across the blogosphere right now about the value of comments. You and Mack Collier have posted in favor of comments recently. Amy Africa has posted recently that comments have little or no value at all.

    I think the difference in philosophies are based squarely on a difference in objectives. I like to have conversations, and I love getting contributions to the conversation from my readers. Other people have monetary or traffic-based goals solely, so comments may not seem as important to them.

    Quite interesting to see how this debate goes!

    • says

      Thanks Margie! I’d be interested to see the post against comments. I remember a session by Darren Rowse at Blog World last year where he got everyone in the room talking, and then had us notice that people in the halls were peeking into the session to see what was going on. He then compared that to comments – if you have a huge number of comments and discussion, people will be attracted to the post just to see what has elicited such high volume response!

      • says

        I had to smile. The only times I’ve peeked into a room that’s buzzing (on another blog with gazillions of comments) was when someone started ranting to pick a fight in the comment section of a popular blog. That seems to generate tons of comments. (But a good social media friend wisely told me eons ago that it’s ALWAYS best to never add anything to those discussions and so far I’ve managed to follow that advice.)
        Cindy King just posted Cultural Differences In Lifestyles- Shades Of Green

  11. says

    Kristi, I think it’s a good move. It’s fair and you’re clearly stating what you want.

    Margie’s comment above got me thinking. To me some comments reflect a “real” community around the blog topic and discussions with the blog author. There’s usually personality, engagement and it’s fun to read the comment threads. But some comments are on another layer of social networking and and those blogs don’t really have the same type of community. An outsider gets little value from reading the comment threads and they’re usually not 100% congruent with the blog topic. Then other types of comments are just a form of link-building and add no value to any discussion. That’s the reality to me and it’s easy to see when and where comments are great or not.

    And that’s why it’s a smart move for you to clearly state what kind of community you want on your own blog.
    Cindy King just posted Cultural Differences In Lifestyles- Shades Of Green

    • says

      Thanks Cindy! Yes, I agree there are some blogs that do not have actual discussion going in their comments. This site I do believe has that level of engagement, and I’d hate for someone to not experience it just because their first comment was on a guest post where the author didn’t come back. :)

    • says

      I’m with Alex, this should be an official rule added to the blogosphere handbook. :-) What’s sad though Kristi is that you even have to make a policy, ya know? It’s kinda like having to ask someone to make the bed if they slept in the guest room. Say what?? Anyway, good for you girl, I’ll be adding it as well.


      • says

        I know what you mean Marcus. I’m sad I had to have enough situations that made it pop into my head in the first place. I would think the benefits to the guest blogger would be reason enough. :)

  12. says

    Hi Kristi,

    I try my best to comment on other blogs but with little time to blog, write, socialize, make tech-stuff, learn myself, read and so on, it’s hard to maintaining-commenting.. oh I forgot a job too.
    Anyway I consider it’s important and whenever it’s possible it should be done.
    I’m constantly receiving more feedback and more comments with my interaction, but my 24h-time is limited and it doesn’t grow in parallel.

    With this reasoning about commenting, I’ve suggested to all my guest posters the same, returning to the post and answer the comments, and moreover with the questions or doubts. The result overall is very poor and I’ve the same situation like you.
    In some case, the worst, (a post drafted but not ready 😉 the blogger it didn’t answer me when I informed that the post was live.

    So understand completely and I support your decision, perhaps I must increment even more the strictness about that point, in my guest post guidelines. Good move!


    Gera just posted How to Transfer Intense Debate to WordPress with File Size Error plus WP Plugins for Immediate Installation

    • says

      I find that I always get fast responses from some authors before their post goes live, which makes me think that this one will be a good one. But then that communication drops completely after the post is live, like they know they got what they wanted so why should they further schmooze me. Hence, if they have something to lose, hopefully they’ll be more attentive. :)

  13. says


    I think your policy change is sound – bottom line, it’s your blog, you make the rules. Whenever I guest blog I always make sure I try and answer every comment. Even if it’s a week or two later.

    As a guest blogger I can’t see any long term benefit in NOT answering comments. Hmmm…Now I’ll have to think about a topic to submit for you!

    paul wolfe just posted Is It Time For ‘Comment Love-Ins’ To Stop

    • says

      Possibly. :) I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and judge them based on their content, not their reputation (or lack thereof). I’ve seen amazing content come from unknowns, and poor content come from people whose writing credits include Mashable. Just want to bridge that disconnect between providing awesome content and also providing awesome engagement.

  14. says

    I think that is an awesome idea and I bet your regular readers are stoked you are doing it. It shows that you are responsible and making sure that content is not just being posted for self serving seo reasons. btw, I do not think the $10 is a bad idea.

    FYI, i found you through your comment on Problogger. and now i look forward to following you.
    Dan just posted The Tahoe Computer Repair &amp Internet marketing Blahhhg

    • says

      Glad you found me in the comments Dan! Just goes to show how powerful comments can be. :)

      I don’t think it’s a bad idea either, as I have spent some odd hour editing guest posts before putting them live. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want to jump on a trend that would make it costly for bloggers to guest post. Everyone deserves a chance!

  15. says

    I’ve noticed naturally that I do see guest posters commenting on the comments left on the blog. I always thought that was a great thing to do. I’m sure I’ve seen guest posts where the guest poster was not active in the comments. However i can’t think of one off the top of my head now.

    I agree with your policy. If they aren’t willing to respond to comments, then you should remove the link. I have no problem with that. It is your blog and you can do as you wish!

  16. says

    What is the point of writing an article, if you are not going to be available to respond to questions about its content? You R right on with requiring attention to generated works.

    What is so hard with after you post an article to SUBSCRIBE to comments at the bottom of the Comment Box for the author?
    marcelino just posted Management and the teachers pet

    • says

      I agree Marcelino! They don’t even have to subscribe – WordPress will email authors automagically when new comments are added to their post!

  17. says

    Hey Kristi, I think that is a great policy change. I hate asking a question and never getting an answer from the person I asked.

    I am working on a guest posting policy for one of my blogs, and I think I will add that into the rules. Thats a great idea.

    I think part of the problem is that since the Panda update, a lot of people have been telling people to guest post rather than using article directories ( I have been guilty of this myself. ) the problem is people arent trying to learn how to guest post properly, they just go out and do it like they always have – try to submit crap and ignore the readers.

    I know I have gotten a lot of people asking to guest post on a few of my blogs, and I have yet to have anyone submit something worthy of posting.
    James Pruitt just posted Off Page Seo Techniques- What Color is Your Hat

    • says

      Hmm, that would explain the jump in guest blog submissions recently, and you’re right James. People used to article directories probably aren’t used to getting comments, let alone having to reply to them. I think it’s a great time to introduce them to guest blogging 101 in that case!

  18. says

    Great idea and kudos to you for holding your ground. If I could squeeze any time out of the day between my spamming assaults I would give a guest or two. Your site has been easy to read and very informative.

  19. says

    Hey Kristi, I think you did a great thing here.

    I actually don’t have this info on the guest post page but had a situation where a guest author did not reply to comments so I ended up deleting how links and editing the post completely.

    I do tell people they have to reply to comments and all but that one did a great job on it. However, after waiting for about day and a half for a person to start replying, I deleted his stuff. Note I told him when the post will be live a week ahead and then a day ahead.

    After I removed everything I got an e-mail saying “I got distracted but I will do it now”. Well, as harsh as it seems on my site, it was too late. I have already edited everything, and replied to more than 10 comments just sitting there.

    I think this is a great move on your side!
    Brankica just posted The War Of Art – Three Lessons For Beginner Bloggers

    • says

      I debated about simply removing the post, but that’s pretty impossible once you’ve had lots of great comments to it. I figure the link edit will be quick and painless, to me at least. Glad you like it Brankica!

  20. says

    I have been thinking about what to do about guest posters that don’t reply to comments on their post. I never thought about removing their links, but it does make sense. I’ll have to create a “Guest Post” page on my blog that outlines the guidelines for guest posting on my blog.

    I figure as long as it is in the guidelines, a guest post author can’t complain if I take away their link because of a lack of replying to comments.
    Paul Salmon just posted Changes in Local SEO Strategy- Tips for Online Entities

    • says

      Curious Danny, did you talk to the guest blogger? Not accept new posts? I’ve seen it elsewhere on blogs when clearly one of the goals for almost every post IS comments and engagement. So it strikes me as odd when I see self-proclaimed SM experts not engage or reply, esp. in someone else’s chat-happy home. FWIW.
      Davina K. Brewer just posted Share to Get I demand a refund

  21. says

    I love this idea, Kristi. Honestly, I can’t remember ever having a comment on your site to which there hasn’t been a reply. You’ve always been gracious enough to reply to my comments here or on your guest posts at other sites.

    I’ve noticed that some bloggers I follow who are great about replying to comments have opened their blogs up to regular contributors who rarely reply to comments. I’ve always chalked it up to these bloggers being too nice or timid to confront their guest/staff writer about the issue. Nice to see you facing it head on.
    Brad Harmon just posted Don’t Let Your Website Be Held Hostage

    • says

      I think guest bloggers should follow suit on a site Brad. If the main blog owner responds to comments on their site, the guest bloggers should as well. No need to be shy once you’ve put a post up after all!

  22. says

    Hi Kristi,
    I think it’s a great policy! I have recently created a page with guest post expectations and that is one of the expectations that I have from a guest blogger. It is also something that I do when I guest post because it’s something I do on my own blog. I had my first guest blogger yesterday who used my new guidelines and he was amazingly fast at replying to the comments!

    I have only begun guest posting, just one time so far. But you are on my list to write a submission for!

    Stacy just posted 3 Lessons I Learned From Failing in Business

    • says

      Your site especially deserves authors that engage with their audience – there is almost always great discussion happening on your posts Hesham!

  23. says

    An excellent decision on your part, Kristi! In a way, it’s sad that it’s necessary to tell someone that they should monitor their guest-posts, and respond to comments. You’d think it would be automatically assumed.

    I’ve had that in my guest-blog policy for some time, and the few people that have guest-posted understood and honored it. I guess I’ve been fortunate.

    • says

      It is sad Doc, but I figure start the policy now and have a great trend in the future for all of my guest bloggers and comments!

  24. says

    I have a very, very strict guest post policy as it’s my own standard and it doesn’t make sense for someone to guest post with a lower standard than my own.

    That’s probably why even though the guest post invitation is the highest post ranking in the life of my blog, I have had only a few requests. But that’s okay. I’d rather uhold it than have substandard posts.

    I’d love to guest post on your blog :0

    • says

      I’d like that too Ivin, especially since we both agree about adhering to guidelines and providing quality writing & engagement. :)

  25. says

    That isn’t a harsh requirement at all. The way I see it, guest posts shouldn’t be a smash-n-grab. You do them to start a conversation and expand your horizons. Making sure you go back to comment and respond to the readers seems like a no brainer to me.
    Gwen just posted 1001 Books Looks at Ambition

    • says

      I’m glad no one has thought it was too harsh so far Stacy. :) And I agree – they should be nurtured, not dropped and abandoned.

  26. says

    Two thumbs up, a tip of the hat, and three cheers!

    Very sensible and very fair policy change, Kristi, and I’m just grateful someone addressed this issue out loud. I normally have very conscientious guest authors who don’t even have to be asked to reply to comments on their posts. They just simply do the right thing.

    But I’ve also had guest bloggers who seem to become “invisible” creatures after I open my door to them and agree to publish their posts.

    And it just takes ONE rotten apple to spoil the cart, doesn’t it?!

    What ever happened to professional courtesy? Or better yet, good manners and common courtesy?

    When I’ve been a guest author, I’m sitting on pins and I can’t wait till the post goes live so I can catch the comments. It’s exciting! And it’s a privilege and an honor to be invited to share the precious and personal space of a fellow blogger. The VERY LEAST any guest can do is SHOW UP.
    Melanie Kissell just posted Two Ears and One Mouth – Do the Math

    • says

      Two in my case Melanie, but I feel good about adding the policy – especially since the number of people who want to guest post has increased since I did this post. Makes me feel like most understand and don’t have an issue with it. :)

  27. says

    I keep hearing the same thing…how sad it is, what a shame it is that these rules need to be enforced.

    While true, I hate to say “I told ya so” to oh so many bloggers out there touting guest blogging as “an awesome link building tool”, when it should be touted for what it truly is, a relationship/network/business builder.

    FYI: “Great post!” and those comments similar wouldn’t be nearly as popular either.
    Dennis Edell just posted How to Turn Human Spammers Into Regular Legitimate Members of Your Community

  28. says

    I also expect my guest authors to interact with their readers, I don’t allow guest articles in most cases without a “person” being the listed author. I try to create contributor accounts for many guest authors, especially if they are repeats so they auto get notified about comment on their articles.

    Best policy is to make sure you communicate when their guest post goes live and what you expect when it publishes. I noticed the guest bloggers participating in MyBlogGuest tend to be much better about responding to readers than adhoc guest post submissions via email.
    Justin Germino just posted SponsoredTweets Offers Pro Accounts

    • says

      You’d be surprised to know how many Internet marketers go through MBG to get opportunities. I think that’s where most of the ones I’ve gotten have found me. But a lot of great bloggers who want a guest post have come through there too, so it’s been a win overall. :)

    • says

      I’ve been making sure since this post went live to send everyone interested in a guest post a link to the policy page with an additional note to notice the importance I place on interacting with the community. So far only one has not replied back since that point, but the rest seem to be clear on it before submission.

  29. says

    Sorry to comment bomb your post Kristi, just really good comments… I could have posted more but will just agree with everyone else. WORD. This is not too harsh at all. I’ve read some of the posts Marjorie mentioned, different views on comments. Even Mack’s post.. some posts are about comments, others less .. but it all reflects on the blog’s overall goals. Many of the blogs I read are as much about the community and discussion – even heated, smart disagreements – so to ignore that, disrespect that host IMO just does a disservice to the guest blogger. FWIW.
    Davina K. Brewer just posted Share to Get I demand a refund

  30. says

    Good for you Kristi. I have a policy as well for this sort of thing, but truthfully there haven’t been many comments on the guest posts so I’m not really sure if they’re coming back to check or not. But when I do know, I think this is a great thing to add, and I’m going to do it.
    Mitch Mitchell just posted When Government Gets Into Our Online Lives

  31. says

    I don’t think you are being harsh. I have started soliciting guest posts on MyBlogGuest. I think it is a great way to get quality content on your blog and can help scale your blogging efforts. My requirements are that it has to be valuable or useful to my audience. If it looks like the writing was rushed and only provides general or obvious statements, I ask them to work on making it more valuable to readers.

    • says

      Thanks Charles. I have sent some guest bloggers’ posts back for rewrites as well for being a bit too generic or short. Most have not been a problem, although one (who got a post on Mashable) said he couldn’t write anything longer than 300 characters. Not sure I got that one. 😉

  32. says

    First you probably need some popularity like kikolani seems to have. Then, if you get guest posts you want to make sure it is decent quality. So although it is always a good marketing idea, it can create more work. I guess it depends on how much time you have.

    • says

      True Ray. I am trying to only encourage guest bloggers from this point on that do have the time to come back and comment on their posts.

  33. says

    Hi Kristi,

    From personal experience, I totally agree with this policy. I have always wondered why some bloggers after writing a guest post never return to reply to the comments. Blogging is definitely about interaction but when you leave the host blogger to reply to comments on a guest post you have sight of the purpose of the guest post.

    I will definitely be putting something like into my guest posting policy. I do hope that things like these will make things better for the blogging community.
    Chadrack just posted Auto Link Juicer — Another Powerful Traffic-Getting Product from Jason Potash!

  34. says

    Guest post is one effective way to keep a blog running and can build good relationship to co-bloggers. I think you have an excellent policy here. Quality posts is necessary for a chance to be given an opportunity to exposed something you desire.

  35. says


    I agree with you doing this because if I leave a comment on someone’s site and I get no reply, I am not likely to go back to that site. I think that not replying is rude and not respectful that the reader took time to leave a comment. I know that comments don’t come easily and one has to work very hard to keep readers interested in topic and to continue to return.

    Have you thought about a warning first. I’m just asking as this might not seem as harsh to your current guest bloggers.

    I love Kikolani and have thought whether I could guest post there, but I don’t right about blogging per say. I write about life, love and everything in between.

    Good Luck in your new policy. Sally
    Sally Brown just posted ‘The Help’ – A Movie Review