Only72 Review – 6 Courses for Entrepreneurs at a Low Price

Chances are, you’ve come across a few mentions and reviews of the Only72 sale from people like Darren Rowse and Chris Ducker. If you’re still on the fence on whether it is worth the $197 price tag, then read on for some reasons why I decided to make the purchase and exactly what you will be getting.

Once you purchase this package, you can become an affiliate. Since I like everything that they had to offer, I am using my affiliate links in this post.

What is the Only72 sale?

Only72 is a educational package created by Rick Mulready (Inside Social Media Podcast), Adam Baker (Man vs. Debt), and Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income). They handpicked six great courses for entrepreneurs and bundled them at a low price compared to the cost of the courses individually. The sale only lasts for 72 hours and ends on Thursday, July 4th at 12PM EST.

Who is this package for?

The courses included in the Only72 package are ideal for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online marketers. Anyone who is interested in increasing their visibility online and building up authority through blogging, networking, video, podcasting, and self-publishing will find some valuable information in this bundle.

What is included?

The following is what you will find in the Only72 package, plus the retail value of a few of the courses if you wanted to purchase them individually.


Breakthrough Blogging by Pat Flynn

This is a new course offered by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, and only available in the Only72 package. Each video discusses a specific problem that many bloggers face. The ones that are available now have the runtime noted next to them – others will be released soon.

  • I feel like I’m not qualified to teach. (3 minutes)
  • I feel like I’m overwhelmed. (8 minutes)
  • I feel like other bloggers are doing much better than I am. (5 minutes)
  • I feel like I should quit because of the competition. (6 minutes)
  • I feel like I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. (12 minutes)
  • I wish I had more time. (17 minutes)
  • I wish I had a solution for procrastination. (8 minutes)
  • I wish I had more energy after work to blog. (2 minutes)
  • I wish I had help from other people.
  • I wish I had the ability to complete what I started.
  • I want to get more traffic to my blog. (17 minutes)
  • I want more people subscribing to my email list. (20 minutes)
  • I want to stand out from the crowd more.
  • I want more websites to link to me.
  • I’m not sure what topics to write about. (13:37)
  • I’m not sure how to write well. (8 minutes)
  • I’m not sure how to best tell a story.
  • I’m not sure where to find images for my blog posts.
  • It’s hard for me to get my readers to leave comments. (6:33)
  • It’s hard for me to get my readers to share my content. (12 minutes)
  • It’s hard for me to convince people around me blogging is worth the effort. (4 minutes)
  • It’s hard for me to take criticism from others.
  • It’s hard for me to deal with haters and trolls.
  • I don’t understand keywords and why they matter for my blog. (13 minutes)
  • I don’t understand how to best secure my blog.
  • I don’t understand how to control spam.
  • I don’t understand how to make my blog load faster.
  • I don’t understand how to make my blog mobile friendly.

You can watch the videos on the website, download PDF transcripts, and download MP3 audio files. You can also ask Pat a question that might get turned into a lesson later on and vote on other questions asked by people in the community.

How to Connect with Anyone by Scott Dinsmore

This is a few select modules from Scott’s course about networking that is currently unavailable for new customers outside of this package. The videos included in the Only72 package are as follows (with runtime next to each).

  • Creating Your Relationship Road Map (4 minutes)
  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety & Creating Instant Rapport (6 minutes)
  • Creating Referrals & Enlisting Help of Others (4 minutes)
  • Creating Genuine Online Connections (4 minutes)

There is also a LOT of additional information beneath each video including resource links, interviews, referenced Ted talks, webinars, referral scripts, more videos, and action items to apply at your next networking event. Definitely great information for those who want to learn how to connect and create valuable relationships at conferences, events, and other networking situations.

Rapid Video Blogging by Gideon Shalwick

The goal for this course is to help you make money by using video to increase leads for your business and through video monetization methods. This course is normally $1,997 when purchased separately, which makes it well worth the $197 for the Only72 package. The lessons in this course are as follows (including runtime).

  • How To Find Your Sweetspot On YouTube (15 minutes)
  • How To Create Videos SUPER Fast (12 minutes)
  • How To Set Up Your Video Domination Hub (14 minutes)
  • How To Create Powerful Response-Invoking Content (19 minutes)
  • Secret YouTube Growth Strategies To BOOST Your Results (18 minutes)
  • The Theory Of Why Video’s Go Viral (17 minutes)
  • How To Make Money From Video Blogging (17 minutes)
  • Ninja Tips For Creating Professional Videos SUPER Fast, Easy And Affordably (9 minutes)

Beneath each video, you’ll find a workbook plus a lot of great resources for equipment, software, and services mentioned in the lessons.

How to Publish an eBook on Kindle by Cathy Presland

This course takes you through the process of publishing an ebook on Kindle, from why you should do it to advanced formatting. It costs $199 on Udemy, so if you’re interested in this course, you can purchase it with the Only72 package and think of it as a buy one course, get five courses free!

I won’t list out the separate modules consisting of slides, audio, and video here as there 97 of them. You can see all of the modules on Udemy and preview a few of them for free to see if they are right for you.

Better Web Videos by Stillmotion

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of video production, then this is the course for you. Here are the modules included in the Only72 package!

  • Camera & Lenses Review – 6 videos and accompanying text to help you choose the right camera and lens for video production.
  • Lighting & Interviews – 5 videos and accompanying text to help you choose the right lighting equipment and learn how to use it for interviews.
  • Audio Gear & Review – 5 videos and accompanying text to help you choose the right audio equipment and how to use it.
  • Post Production & Editing – 5 videos and accompanying text to help you choose the right editing software and how to use each one to edit your videos.

Once you watch these videos, you’ll definitely know what you will need to create great video content and how to best use the tools you choose.

Podcasting Answer Man Package by Cliff Ravenscraft

The newest online marketing trend is building authority through podcasting. Cliff normally sells his podcast training course for $1,999, but you can get the following modules in the Only72 package that covers everything from the basics of podcasting to monetization of your podcast.

  • Learn How to Podcast – 8 videos for a total of 150 minutes.
  • Before You Record – 34 minute MP3 audio.
  • WordPress for Podcasters – 8 videos for a total of 116 minutes.
  • Equipment Options for Every Budget – 1 video for a total of 104 minutes.
  • Mixer Basics – 1 video for a total of 1 hour, 14 minutes.
  • Recording Co-Hosts, Guests, and Phone Interviews – 1 video for a total of 65 minutes.
  • Passive Income Strategies for Podcasters – 4 videos for a total of 117 minutes.

Each section also comes with a downloadable version of the slides used in PDF format.

Is it worth the investment?

It is $197 to purchase the Only72 package. If you try to purchase just three of the courses included individually, it would be over $2,000. And that doesn’t count the three that do not have individual price tags or are not currently available elsewhere.

Get it today!

The Only72 sales expires on Thursday, July 4th at 12PM EST. So if you want it, don’t wait – get it today!

Have you purchased the Only72 package? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. says

    Hi Kristi,

    Oh, there are a lot of things to say about this topic:

    1. Why purchase first and then become an affiliate? Why not become an affiliate, sell the course and purchase it after a few sales? Let’s see why.
    2. Breakthrough blogging
    OK. Now I understand. It’s so simple to create a blogging course if this is what you teach. General things, evergreen things etc. These are things that can be told to anybody, anytime and there is no effort involved in creating them.
    It’s a course for total beginners. The only thing you need is a software (like Camtasia, for example) English knowledge, a warm voice and a lot of guts.

    3. How to find your sweet spot on youtube? This would be interesting but … 15 minutes !?!
    Only a total beginner would believe you can find your sweet spot in 15 minutes. Eben Pagan create a whole course for this (6 hours audio) and charged $97 .
    Rich Schefren created a course that begins exactly with this (and cannot advance, if you don’t find your sweet spot). He charged more than $2000 .
    Finding your sweet spot means a huge work with help from an expert. It takes days and days of careful analysis. You analyse the psychological structure of the person, the way he thinks, feels, writes, speaks, behavior, products of his or her activity and a lot more. There is no way you can do all these in just 15 minutes.

    5, How to publish an ebook? This may be something interesting … I don’t know. However, the Amazon market (just an example) is close to saturation and the competition is “criminal”.
    I remember I bought once a huge internet marketing course ($1000 paid) and then I realized only 10% was solid, quality information in the form of practical, actionable tips. If this course is like the other two mentioned above, then only 9-10 of the 97 modules are substance and quality. The rest is just talking.

    4. Now I understand what internet marketing is: the art of presenting low ticket items as high ticket items and charge accordingly.

    Kristy, there is a huge difference between the high quality articles you write here on this blog and this … course you recommend.
    I’m sorry I had to tell you all these. You will probably be offended but I am honest and tell exactly what I think. I accept the punishment for this.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu just posted Net Market Success Manifesto and Mainstream Wisdom

    • says

      Hi Silviu,

      I’m not offended… I appreciate the honesty.

      1. I choose to only write about things I have personally paid for and personally reviewed. Sure, I could swipe summaries off of sales pages like others out there, but I would feel awful if I recommended a product I hadn’t seen myself and people hated it. There are a lot of things I have purchased and never written about because I didn’t feel others could benefit from it.

      2. People are always interested in the answers to basic questions like this, especially from well-known and successful bloggers. Most would assume that everyone already knows the answer to these things, yet these are the questions being asked over and over and over again in just about any blogging community you may come across. I have been running a blog community over at Social Media Examiner for the last year, and trust me – there are lots of people asking very basic questions. People who would pay to get the answers to them. Heck, I even ask some these questions from time to time, and I’ve been at this for almost 5 years.

      3. No one said you could find your sweet spot in 15 minutes. They just explain the process to you in 15 minutes. Most of this guy’s videos have tens of thousands of views, so he knows what he’s talking about. I actually think the trend in courses is to have less information (shorter videos, less text, etc.) that makes a big impact vs. having super long stretches of information that most people eventually give up on consuming because it takes too much time.

      4. The price tag isn’t always based on the amount of content – it’s based on the amount of value you will gain from that content. If someone honestly went through everything presented in this bundle and applied it to their business, I truly believe they would receive well over $197 in value. Regardless of the individual sticker price.

      Hope the responses are not considered punishment. Just friendly discussion! :)

      Best regards,
      Kristi Hines just posted Grab a Copy of The Guest Blogging Survival Guide for Free

  2. says

    Nice review, Kristi! I liked the idea of the course and I hope bloggers would find it useful. I’m gonna check Only72 course package out and see if I need to purchase it or not.

    Thank you for reviewing the product! :)
    Thejas Kamath just posted BlueHost Vs HostGator

    • says

      Thejas, Think for a minute, I’d hate to pay for something that is going to teach me methods or ways to promote myself that isn’t being tested as they progress in the ever changing world of SEO and social media. Something like Hot Blog Tips I can find a lot faith in as they are common bloggers just like me or you and they provided a means to help you progress as they are progressing in the present. Sorry for the plug, but they do help. – Scott Craighead
      Scott Craighead just posted Our New Video Game Characters Are Actors?

  3. says

    Kristi, I am SHOCKED. You missed an opportunity in this “Only72″ post to include something very, VERY important to anybuddy looking to buy the thang…

    …that would be a link to one of your OWN posts, in which you insightfully admonish folks how to GET THE MOST out of their blogging/marketing/content edumacation.

    Don’t worry… I gotcha covered:

    Heh, heh. It’s almost like I read your blog or something 😉

    Keep Stepping,

    Kurt Frankenberg just posted How to Make Your Hobby Pay You More Than Your Job