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    I was prepared to say something snide about how a miniature schnauzer isn’t a dog. They’re more like a dog toy that can fit in my chocolate lab’s mouth. But, he’s adorable. How can anyone resist this cutie?

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    @MikeC: Thank you! He is definitely one of the most adorable puppies I’ve seen, but I could be a bit prejudiced. :)

    @Sandra: We certainly couldn’t, not from the moment we saw his photo. And especially not after he started bonding with us by chewing on our hands when we first held him.

    @Debbie: We haven’t gotten to the name yet. We are getting to know his personality so we can give him a name that fits perfectly.

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    Such a cute the “Dobbie”! I love the name just want to know how you arrived at it!
    We are a Dog lovin family!and great love and joy will be comming your way for many years with your adorable addition.

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    @mrmuggles: Thanks! I think he was the perfect fit for us. :)

    @Carol: Actually, my fiancé and I are trying to figure out the spelling. I like it with the “ie” at the end, but the character he’s named after (the house elf in Harry Potter) spells it with a “y” ending. Either way, it is a fun name to say.

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    Ahhh!! So this is the new puppy! Adorable… I think it’s almost equally adorable that you’re waiting to get to know your puppy before you name him. :)

    Best wishes and keep posting pictures of that cute little thing!

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    I dropped over from Twitter to pay you a visit. First, let me say that your website is truly well-presented; its layout, nicely-done. It has much to offer and I’ll be back for more. Thanks for the invitation.

    I’m in agreement with everyone else on this thread in saying that your dog is REALLY CUTE. I’m a sucker for cats and dogs and this schnauzer would certainly make a sucker out of me. Is it my eyes (I AM wearing my eyeglasses) but does he have blue eyes? That, I think, is unique amongst the canine(and feline)set.

    See you later.

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    @Morgan: Yes, we waited and picked out Dobby as his name, and it totally fits him. He seems to love it, as he likes to give us kisses when we say it.

    @Michael: Thank you Michael. I am glad you like the site.

    His eyes are brown, but they come out blue in the camera flash, which is something I have never seen before. Our cats come out with alien green eyes sometimes. I think it has to do with his being all black, and the way the flash bounces off of him. :)