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    Wow, what is the resolution for this phone camera?
    I love it, Kristi.
    Do you have used LG before? I like to buy the new one but still afraid of its capability and durability.

    Aldhiss last blog post..Are you blind?

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    @Ben, Irtiza: I just started playing in July I think. My rating is between a 2.5 – 3.0, and I am going to try out a league in January. Singles and Mixed Doubles. :)

    @Wayne: The spire has been up as long as I can remember. I’ve only been in Scottsdale for 9 years though.

    @tikno: Pride that I finally hit hard enough to break strings! :)

    @chloe, Dennis: Thanks!

    @alem: There aren’t any different settings. It does pretty decent shots at most lighting levels that do not require a flash.

    @Aldhis: It’s a pretty simple 2.0 mp camera. This is my second LG phone. It’s pretty nice for a iPhone type touch screen.

    @Roshan: Thanks. It does look very sci-fi.

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    @Shanker: I am very picky about framing. If something looks less than centered or if I cut off the edge of something, I take the shot again. Thank goodness for picture review on digital cameras!

    @Future: Thanks! :)