SEO on the Go

This is a guest post by Christy Wilson.

No longer tied to a desk to create and manage our websites, an explosion of apps enters the scene, freeing us to track SEO strategies almost anywhere. While the well-designed and properly executed apps give us all the information we need quickly and are sized properly for smartphone screens, the poorly designed apps are nothing but a headache.

There are some big name apps you won’t find on this list, simply because users and reviewers ranked them poorly and they don’t belong on a “best apps” list. And, there are a couple of surprise SEO apps here you’ve likely never heard of. But users of these apps are really happy – and you should know their potential.

Get Started Using SEO Quake SEO Extension

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by users, SEO Quake was developed for webmasters, SEO professionals, SMO professionals and anyone who uses the Internet in their promotional campaigns. It allows you to track the most important SEO parameters, and is one of the easiest tools for beginning SEO practitioners to master. It allows you to set your parameters for showing SERPs search engine results, save your results and compare them to later results and turn parameters on or off to show in either the tool bar or on SERPs. Almost 100,000 users rank this app with 4 out of 5 stars.

Track Your Google Rank and More With gAnalytics

This app plugs directly into your Google Analytics account and allows you to access the full range of data from anywhere via your smartphone. One of the things Google does best is make it easy for you to see and understand data, and the formatting of gAnalytics meets these standards.

You can choose any given time period and easily determine the number of visitors to the website, how many page views you got, how many were new visitors, what the bounce rate was and view all of this data in chart form. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars even in its Beta version, this app also features support for multiple profiles and accounts.

Track Your SEO Strategies Using Raven Tools

Raven Tools has the distinct advantage of being designed and developed by SEO professionals. Over time, many other features have been added, such as MailChimp integration, a Facebook page manager, Twitter tool and PPC and management features, but these additions haven’t detracted from the SEO features benefits.

Raven Tools is a fully hosted web app that integrates well with other third party tools and pulls all data from your campaign together for easy analysis. It also offers a complete set of Internet marketing tools lacking in some SEO apps. Raven Tools is ranked by some reviewers as high as 5 out of 5 stars.

Go Pro With SEO for Firefox

With over 500,000 downloads of this free SEO app, users rate it an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars. Designed for webmasters and web professionals, this app tracks all of your SEO efforts, web traffic, analyzes your websites and more. Apparently, the trick to getting the most from this free add-on is to take the time to learn its features. The SEO for Firefox extension is one of the easiest SEO smartphone apps for the beginning SEO professional, and is ideal for Firefox browser users.

Track Multiple Blogs Using mAnalytics

Ranked 4.2 out of 5 stars by users, it allows users to view their Google Analytics quicker and easier. Users can log on securely without having to enter a password using Android account manager. mAnalytics supports multiple accounts and profiles, making it useful for those keeping track of several websites with cell phones and tablets. The user interface is intuitive and simple, and it offers a capability lacking in many lesser quality SEO apps – you can query stats from different dates to track progress and monitor campaigns effectively over time.

Choosing Apps Based on Experience, Price and Memory Requirements

These apps vary in price (from free to monthly usage charges of $99), as well as in the amount of memory required to install and operate each. Beginning SEO practitioners might be better downloading one of the free apps and wait to invest in a pricier app when you’re more familiar with what information is critical to track on the go.

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  1. says

    Wow, had no idea about SEOQuake but just installed it for Chrome, thanks to this piece! My list of “SEO on the Go” apps usually consists of iPhone apps; when not on my laptop, I can check everything about, and manage my blogs easily right from the phone! Good article though, thanks!
    Kevin Ryan just posted Writing Content for SEO

  2. says

    I use SEOQuake but only for keeping track of the PR of the sites I visit. When I’m actually doing SEO research I use Market Samurai. As for blogging, for my latest blog I’m using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin which I am really impressed by.
    Sire just posted How To Buy The Perfect Gift

  3. says

    Christy, this is a great list.

    Raven Tools is great but is no where near as good as it used to be for tracking SEO campaigns since they have removed their rank tracking facility entirely. They do seem to have some great new tools in the works though.

    I’ve been a fan of SEO Quake for quite a while but if it’s used too much then it can quite easily cause Google to block your IP. For exporting SERP results I prefer using the SEO Moz plugin simply because it doesn’t pull in any data from Google.
    Adam Connell just posted Blogger Outreach: Finding Contact Details the Easy Way

  4. says

    Christy, great post. All of the tools that you recommend are great for beginners and moderate users alike – especially SEOQuake and gAnalytics. With this post you just uncluttered the SEO toolbox so that people can start going out and doing some serious work.

  5. says

    Yes SEOQuake is the way to go. Though, I will admit I have not heard of Raven Tools, and I found that valuable to give it a good look into for sure.

    But by far Google Analytics is a wonderful, powerful, and awesome tool that I could probably study for weeks and still not know all of the great features this one has to offer!

    Thanks for sharing,


    P.S. I had to check out your site Christy very nice and enjoyed looking around!
    Eric just posted 13 Successful Blogging Tips For You

  6. says

    Hi Christy,

    I have to say I rely a lot of Firefox extensions, especially for keyword research and competition analysis.

    I’m starting to enjoy doing SEO and keyword research more and more, and the feeling you get when you see all of your hard work showing results is priceless.

    I’m not familiar with Raven Tools, I might check it out.

    Have a great day, cheers.

    Philip just posted Keyword Research: How to Find Long Tail Keywords

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    SEO is very necessary for every website or blogs. SEO is a good tool for gaining traffic but SEO QUAKE is best among the existing tool because of its best user interface and good performance.