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Like many, the Twitter craze reminds me of the hula hoop, cabbage patch dolls and many of the fads that surely fade over time. Twitter is gaining popularity, but studies indicate that only 40% of new members return within 30 days. It looks like they need to work on user retention and not celebrity tweeters.

SPNbabble LogoThere’s a new service like its counterpart that is more targeted towards web professionals. The new service is called SPNbabble – Micro-Blogging for Web Professionals, as their tagline indicates.

The site has many of the same features as Twitter and Twitter users should have no problems navigating through the site. SPNbabble hopes that it will serve as a useful medium for an interchange of ideas and tips related to any and all webmaster related topics.

SPNbabble, as the name suggests, is an outgrowth of SiteProNews and runs under a SiteProNews sub-domain. Like SiteProNews, SPNbabble is a site in the Jayde Online Network. Jayde Online was founded in 1993 and incorporated in early 1998.

About: SPNbabble, SiteProNews and Jayde Online.

The Jayde network of web sites includes ExactSeek.com, SiteProNews, GoArticles.com and Blog-Search.com among other high profile web sites. Jayde Online is also the founder of the ISEDN.org (Internet Search Engine Directory Network) which currently boasts a membership of over 200 search engines and web directories and serves over 150 Million ad impressions each month. Jayde Online is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and has offices in San Jose, California.

Visit SPNbabble at http://spnbabble.sitepronews.com/. If you are a member of this network, tells us what you think of it, leave your profile link in the comments below, and subscribe to Frank and Kikolani.

If you are interested in writing for kikolani.com, please send your information and post idea (related topics include blogging, social media, photography, personal development, motivation) via the contact form, or email me at webmaster at kikolani dot com.

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    Thank you for allowing me to guest post and thank you for doing the same over at TechJaws. I have signed up with this service. It’s still very new and it will need time to grow. So far I met some cool people that have the same interest as I do.

    Frank Js last blog post..Video and MP3 Support for Fedora Core 11

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    @Frank: You’re welcome. And thanks for letting me do the one on the WordPress exploit on your site too!

    Personally, I like to get in networks at the beginning… that way, when they do grow in popularity, you get to be one of the senior member, and therefore, the one that looks like the authority on the network.

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    Actually this sounds pretty good. I’ve had dealings with Jayde, and Exactseek, on the free level, and have always been impressed on the quality. This certainly bears looking in to. I wonder if Tweetdeck will incorporate it into their system?

    Kristi, I reckon this is the closest I’ve been to getting near the top of the comments, and it’s all because of TweetScribe me. Cool huh?

    Sires last blog post..Securing Your WordPress Blog Against Hackers

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    Twitter should work on developing a bit different goal for its users. Once the novelty wears off noone will want to remember that they were spending so much time on twitter.

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    Thank you Frank and Kristi,
    I am not sure I had heard of SPNBabble until now. I poked around over there and it seems VERY new, I’ll have to take a better look and see what what I can figure out. It looks like I could post there and send it to my Twitter at the same time? That would save me from going to 2 places if so. I’m a little slow some days!

    Sheryl Lochs last blog post..Twitter Replies Problem Fixed

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    @Sushi This is not going to take over Twitter, but I think Twitter needs to create groups for professionals only. It would dominate for sure.

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    Twitter will decline as fast as it took off if they don’t find a way to better group niche’s and the users of twitter. Checking out the recommended site now.

    Extreme Johns last blog post..Cry for Me

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    Hi Kristi,

    I noticed that you had soared high up as an active Comment Luv blog on Andy’s list. So I thought I would drop by and see what’s new.

    I hate Twitter… But this other site looks promising. I rarely update my account yet I get people almost daily becoming followers. I gave it a few months and I didn’t find the ROI justified the effort. I could justify it if the links were do follow but they are not. What Twitter traffic that I have gotten provides a 100% bounce rate.

    Boriss last blog post..The 109 Day Link Building Explosion Day 95

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    Hmm.. i think i’ve came across SPNbabble before, just can’t put my fingure on where i seen it at. Anyway, thanks for the info. I’ll check out the site :)
    .-= New from Josiah@Tumblr Themes Reflect =-.