Subscription Options and Social Sharing Explained

Want to know what all of these social sharing buttons, badges, and widgets mean? Here is what you will get when you click buttons under Subscribe & Share.

RSS Subscription Option

When you click on the RSS button in the sidebar, you will be taken to the RSS feed for Kikolani. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it allows you to follow the latest posts on Kikolani in the RSS reader of your choice. I use Google Reader since it connects to my Google account along with my Gmail, Google Analytics, and Google+ profile. Any blog you subscribe to in Google Reader will look like this.

View RSS Subscription in Google Reader

When you click on any post title from Kikolani, you will get to read the full article in Google Reader. You can click on the title of the post again to bring you to to comment on the post or share it using the social sharing buttons at the top or bottom of the post.

Email Subscription Option

Prefer to receive the latest posts from Kikolani via email? Click on the Email button. You will be taken to a page asking for your email address and a captcha to prevent spam subscriptions.

Email Subscriptions via Feedburner

You will also receive a confirmation email to activate your subscription. This ensures that no one signs up your email address without your consent. Then, each time there is a new post (no more than 1 per day), you will receive an email with the entire post (minus any videos as those don’t travel well via email).

Connect on Google+

Google+ is an essential network for both social and search engine marketing. Be sure to create your own personal profile (if you haven’t already) and add me to your circles on Google+.

Follow on Twitter

If you want to follow me on Twitter where I share my latest posts along with other great posts throughout the day on blogging, business, freelance, online marketing, personal development, search engine optimization, and social media, then click the follow. You will automatically follow me using the Twitter account you are currently signed in to. If you’re not signed in already, you’ll get the following screen which tells you a bit about my account and allows you to sign in.

Twitter Follow Button Popup

Google +1

If you like the content on Kikolani, you can click the Google +1 button to let Google know. It will show up on your Google+ profile under your +1’s tab.

Google +1s on Google+ Profile

Facebook Like

If you like my writing, be sure to click on this Facebook Like button. You will then become a fan of my Facebook page where you will be kept up to date with my latest writing on Kikolani and other sites I contribute to including KISSmetrics, Social Media Examiner, SEOgadget, etc.

Newsletter Subscription

Sign up to receive the Kikolani newletter, jam packed with information on blogging, social media, and online marketing plus a 20% discount code for my new eBook on Blog Post Promotion!

This box will allow you to sign up for my newsletter. Don’t worry – at the most, I send out an email once a week. You’ll also get a coupon code for my eBook, Blog Post Promotion – The Ultimate Guide.