6 Reasons Why I Like Google+


After using Google+ for a few weeks, I decided to share some of the reasons I like it so much, and hope that it will be an attempt at social networking by Google that will stick around for the long haul. 1. No automated updates. Thus far, you can't feed your Twitter, Facebook, or other updates into your Google+ stream. This means that if you see an update by someone on Google+, they actually made it on the network itself. Less noise, less spam. 2. Forced organization from the … [Read more...]

3 Simple Ways to Find Relevant Twitter Followers

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Just a quick note and apology to anyone who visited my site last week. Apparently it was hacked by some kind of redirection script that sent people who arrived from search engines including google.com (which also meant Feedburner, Gmail and Google+) to another site. Things should be squared away now thanks to a little .htaccess cleaning and password changing. If you're running on a self-hosted WordPress site, I would suggest you take a quick peak at your .htaccess file and make sure there … [Read more...]

Why I Turned Off TwitterFeed

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I am a huge supporter of using certain Twitter automation tools applications to help users manage their Twitter accounts and give them more time to focus on other things, like actually interacting with their followers. In particular, I had been using a combination of Twitterfeed and HootSuite RSS to update my account when new posts from my favorite blogs were available. It definitely worked - I saw little to no complaints, and actually received a lot of retweets of those posts plus … [Read more...]

3 Steps to a Productive Life on Twitter as a Blogger Using Buffer


This is a guest post by Leo Widrich. One of the most important things I discovered is to manage my time efficiently on Twitter. Otherwise I would spend hours and hours without getting anything else done. Recently I have started to use Buffer, a super simple Twitter tool which helps you to breathe a little easier by keeping my followers posted all day long. It is very different from any existing Apps and makes my life online a little less complicated. With Buffer you simply throw a few … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout


If you own a blog, I want you to do the following three things for me right now, prior to reading this post. Go to one of your blog posts. Find the button on your blog post page that allows users to retweet your posts. Click on that button. If any of the following four things happened... You couldn't find your retweet button because you don't have one. The message sent only had a URL link to your post. The message sent had the full URL link to your post. The message sent … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Website for Geolocation with WordPress


This is a guest post by Lorna Li, Founder & Editor in Chief of Green Marketing TV. It is the newest way to draw customers through your door, but is your business ready for geolocation? If you feel overwhelmed by people battling for mayorships or checking in to earn badges, not to worry – we will walk you through the basics of using geolocation on your website or blog and how to prepare your business for the new service! How does Geolocation Work? Geolocation software uses global … [Read more...]

11 Controversial Ways to Become a Social Media Authority

This is a guest post by Darren Monroe. You don't always have to be controversial as in devils advocate to stand out and build credibility. All you have to do is be willing to say the uncommon things while delivering quality content. And yes that matters in social media as well as blogs. I dare you to be controversial and challenge the social media status quo in the following ways. 11. Support the ideology of building a serious following over followers. Instead of concerning yourself with … [Read more...]

Build Your Brand through Social Media Consistency


This is a guest post by Eduard Ezeanu who provides communication coaching and helps people put their best foot forward in communication, both online and offline. I believe that one of the best things you can do though social media is build your brand. This means creating a unique, memorable and convincing image of yourself in the eyes and minds of others. Image Credit When you as an individual have the characteristics of a brand, you can leverage this to influence things on a large … [Read more...]

25 Guest Posts on Blogging, SEO and Social Media

Earlier this week, I shared the top 25 blogging and social media posts on Kikolani. Now I want to share some of my off-site content, as I have been doing a LOT of writing around the blogosphere. This year, I have had the fortune of being a regular contributor and guest blogger on a lot of awesome sites, including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Stay on Search, Vertical Measures, Famous Bloggers, and many others. The following are my top 25 favorite … [Read more...]

Top 25 Blogging and Social Media Posts on Kikolani


Thanks to an idea from Michele McGraw on ways to prep your blog before an event, I decided to do two lists for newer readers as well as people I meet at Blog World Expo later this week. This first list is a compilation of the top posts on Kikolani, as determined by PostRank's engagement analysis. Without further ado, here are the posts readers have engaged with the most. Series Fetching FridayMany great posts over the last year have been from my Fetching Friday series, where I … [Read more...]