7 Steps to Great Vlogging

This is a guest video post by Chris Antoni. 7 Steps to Great Vlogging Outline I Used While Delivering the Presentation: 1. Who is Your Audience? 2. Preparation – Write a. Rough outline (outlining view in word) b. Say ideas out loud many times, see how they sound c. Read them to someone you know that is impartial 3. Create a Cheat Sheet a. Big cards b. Computer monitor – try one screen, zoom, two pages, etc c. … [Read more...]

How To Build an Awesome Video Trailer For Your Blog

This is a guest post by Logan Marshall. "Do I really have to film this? It's so stupid!" I'm 12 years old and perched on the top of my parent's minivan like James Bond. My best friend Willie stands below me. Holding a video camera. His head cocked to one side in a look of amused bewilderment. "What?" I reply, "YES you have to film this! Watch me, it's gonna be SICK! Determined to showoff my newfound parkour ability, I spring from the hood like a FELINE TIGER NINJA. Soaring through … [Read more...]

New Downloadable Guide Helps You Rock Video Marketing

This is a guest post by Adria Saracino. With over 500,000 new WordPress posts made each day, it's important that your blog is the highest quality it can be in order to maintain your readership. But don't worry, maintaining and attracting a strong readership is not impossible. It's actually very doable. One of the best ways to interest readers in your blog is by using video, and specifically video marketing. Why will video and video marketing make a difference to your blog? Simply put, … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Video Blogging Is the Best Way to Attract Business

This is a guest post by Kevin Lau. Are you confident in front of a webcam? You'll need to be if you want to get new business in the months to come. Video blogging is becoming a hugely successful method of winning new customers, and if you're not yet on the bandwagon you should start thinking about getting on board very soon. You could be missing out on a huge audience if you don't dive in. Here are five reasons why video blogging will be a big success. And who knows, they might convince … [Read more...]

How To Create Better Video Blogs

This is a guest post & video by Andy Havard. Welcome to the online video masterclass. Today we'll be looking at how you can better your video blogs through 8 simple steps, which will really make your vlog stand out from the crowd. Video Transcription 1. Know What You're Talking About Before you even think about recording your videos take some time to work out what you're going to say, how you want to say it and who you're saying it to. By drafting the key points you want to … [Read more...]

Why Writers Need Video & How to Do It Well in 15 Minutes a Day

This is a guest post by Sean Platt of Ghostwriter Dad. A lot of writers make the mistake of assuming video isn’t for them. This makes sense, were writers. We build our worlds with words not images, right? Well, yes. But whatever future we’re writing for ourselves will need to be fueled with intelligent marketing, and video offers raw potential like little else. I made the same mistake, but I’m not making it anymore. Video is already BIG, but it’s going to get BIGGER. Once … [Read more...]

How to Conduct Valuable Interviews for Your Blog

This is a guest post by Ivin Viljoen of Authopublisher, a self publishing blog. How To Do Great Blog Interviews Interviews are something that not most bloggers do, like video blogging (or vlogging). IMHO it's something that lifts your blog into a higher standard than the rest of the blogs in the entire sphere. If you want to play the game and win, you have to hustle with every post. Let's take a look at interviews, from the benefits to how to conduct them, plus some great tips! Benefits … [Read more...]

5 Types of Video Posts for Bloggers


One of the areas of blogging I have not jumped into yet is video, but it is getting hard to ignore the benefits of video for blogging and SEO. When people Google my name, aka personal brand, I want my results to look something like Matt Cutts, my current "personal branding hero" in Google, with no one else in the top 10. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for my own personal brand, therefore I plan on expanding myself into the realm of creating different types of media for myself, blog, … [Read more...]