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    Interesting composition kristi. I assume you did this when you were a lot younger? I only ask because I feel your other painting of the stream shows much more maturity.

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    @mrmuggles: Thanks. This is one of my favorite paintings.

    @Sire: I think they were done within a few years of each other actually, both before I was 12.

    @Christo: I am glad you like the art. Art is one of those things I like to think you don’t have to be an expert at to be able to appreciate. :)

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    @Sire: Most of my oil paintings were from elementary school. I plan on posting some more in the near future. My artistic nature turned from visual art to writing when I got older, although I always hope I’ll get the inspiration to paint again. I have paints and canvases, just in case the mood strikes.

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    I used to love painting until I failed because of theory. I did a few in oil including a self portrait. Also tried a few using Kadinsky’s technique with geometric shapes. Maybe I should post a few.

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    Love the quilt on the fence, it entices the visitor with expectations of a warm, cozy ambiance inside, despite its simple facade.

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    @Sire: I was the same way. I did lots of artsy things, and then failed a basic drawing course my first semester in college. That hurt my art, until I got to the point that I believed art is subjective, and just because I can’t see a geometric shape in a tree does not mean I can’t do it. You should definitely post some!

    @Richard: You sound like me, more likely to photograph an experience than to experience it. I have had to work on finding that balance.

    @Miruh: I based that off of the kind of quilting my grandmother used to do. She would just take leftovers of mismatched fabrics and create quilts with them.