The Opportunities of Niche Blogging

This is a guest post by Slavko Desik.

Niche blogging is, as many of us know, blogging within the frames of a certain area of expertise, sticking to the subjects closely related to it.

And regardless of the fact that niches can be broader or tighter, expanding or shrinking, you are still confined within that “small” area, where the subject concerned slowly becomes your playground for ideas, learning, analyzing, even teaching.

The idea of niche blogging is understandably compelling to some beginners, since it imposes a certain square of allowed movement. You cannot move outside of your niche, and thus guidelines are girded too tight in the eyes of some.

However, being even slightly familiarized with the principles of Internet Marketing and branding, you will come to discover that niche blogging is one of the best outlets for some professionals out there, if not even the agent of revenue itself.

The list below comprises many of the benefits as well as the flexibility which is so valued nowadays in business, along with the opportunities you can create with niche blogging.

1. You have the best chance of becoming an authority.

Blogging within a niche offers you the chance to point yourself as an authority and person of trust respectively. You see, smaller the niche gets bigger your authority becomes.

The predicaments are, then, that your focus is centered upon that smaller square, therefore getting the most out of it, becoming more resourceful than anyone else.

Similar to that, if you are, let’s say in the fitness niche, then chances are that your knowledge will be more in-depth than those who share their blog space between the subjects of fitness, health, travel, lifestyle etc.

2. You are in the ideal position for building trust.

Niche blogging reflects dedication, passion, consistency.

You see, in the eyes of others it gets clear that you are so interested, as well as dedicated to your subject of writing, by seeing how you persistently make new and new material closely connected with your given subject.

This altogether builds trust among your readers, visitors, potential buyers. It seems to them, with a reason, that you are more than just interested about the things that you write about – you discuss them constantly, and not only that, but you live them too, consistently.

Therefore it’s a no-brainer that you can not only build trust, but also promote your brand even more, since nowadays brands tend to get way more personal than ever before. And niche blogging screams personal, and it invites trust and brand advocates.

3. You are given an elevated position and a better start in SEO.

SEO proved that it’s not a passing-by thing, something that is here for just a year. It seems that we will hear about it even more in the years to come.

And in SEO it’s a known fact that the more you target your focus upon a smaller niche, the more SEO benefits you are ripping out of it. It is quite logical, since not only you are centering the same keywords and their variations, but Google starts to connect your name more and more with the niche and it elevates it in all of its algorithms.

You are also given a boost by all the links that are shared via social media (something that is now a new and very fast-growing factor), because all of the things mentioned above. As people are seeing you as an authority in a given niche, same does Google via its algorithms. Therefore, your SEO game is already on another level.

4. You can make connections more quickly.

The truth is – no matter how much some people want to deny it, that you are more likely to make a connection, no matter whether it’s a personal or business one (although business is also personal), with people that share the same interests as you.

And what is an easier way to prove that than being “confined” within a niche? I can relate, and connect way more, and way faster with people in the lifestyle niche, than people in the Internet Marketing and blogging niche. That’s my thing, you see, the lifestyle niche that is.

And no matter how seemingly easy I write and connect with people who are interested in blogging, my stress will always fall upon the lifestyle niche, where things get triple easier.

5. You learn more, write more, and eventually know more.

It’s a no brainer really. Just by forcing yourself not to broaden your focus from one to more subjects, you are in fact squeezing whatever there is to squeeze from it.

Take this example:

Let’s say you are writing about cars. You know a lot don’t you? But let’s get more specific now. Let’s say you write about Ford automobiles. Now you are assumed to know more about your subject. Now let’s say that you write about Ford trucks. See how it is?-The smaller your niche, the bigger your knowledge in it.

This can help you even in the offline world, where you will get yourself to the point where even college degrees won’t be enough to counter your knowledge. Because you are not just learning your niche, you are living it.

6. You have the flexibility to adjust to the market and your capabilities.

If you sense that there is a new trend that is becoming more popular in your niche you can slightly shift focus. You still have the upper hand, having been in the niche and all, so you will just have to adapt your writing a bit more.

This also means as much opportunity as it means flexibility, so you will be able to capture new markets the moment they rise. As for being flexible with your own capabilities, here is the thing many people regard as a jewel: Whenever your expertise comes to a plateau in terms of learning and developing, you can slightly change course.

Let’s say you write about fitness as in terms of physical exercise, and you are coming to a stop with creating articles, you can always approach your subject in a more diverse fashion.

Start making connection between your niche and something very similar, and you have your answer. You can make an article, for example, about how certain foods and certain changes in nutrition will reflect upon your physical capabilities.

Not only will you reach your deadline in publishing, but the readers will be given a slight change, which will represent a sort of refresh, a new idea, new opportunity for them to learn. And since they already love the thing you write about, they will more likely respond nicely to this one too.

As time passes by, you can grow your blog, and go from more concise niche blogging to a broader one. With niche blogging, you can sense the market, and act appropriately.

As you can see, niche blogging is not a barrier for improvement, but rather an opportunity for both you and your business to develop into something that will provoke trust and loyalty among readers and visitors, as well as increase your chances of conversion and revenue way more.

The great thing is that it will always be a fun road, given the things you will learn along the way, as well as the connections you will make and people that you will meet; people that share your passion; people that share your mindset.

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  1. says

    This niche blogging concept is really interesting. I like the third point that you said that niche blogging concept do helps in SEO. That’s great. It has also got flexibility. Thanks for the share!!

  2. says

    You are welcome.
    SEO wise you will notice great results when looking retrospectively. It comes gradually.The more you are “into” the niche, the better the results.

  3. says

    All very valid points. I have created a few niche sites and had considerable success in it at the beginning. However there are some niches where you eventually run out of new things to write about. The site would either wind down to a stand still or eventually look like a broken record when you recycle the same information over and over.

    Well, you seem to have answered that dilemma when you said “go from more concise niche blogging to a broader one.” Does this mean developing your specific site from, say, ‘the letter d’ site, into ‘the alphabet’ site. Which, then eventually will effectively negate the previous points you elaborated on. :)
    James M. just posted How to Rectify ‘Warning: date() []: It is not safe to rely on…’ Error Notice

    • says

      Thanks for your comment James.
      And in short the answer would be not really. Broader niche mostly in the sense of having a subject that can relate with random affinities (this term is coined by Ian Laurie from the SEOmoz community, and basically means an existing connection between two topics only in terms of having a common audience). This meaning, it’s not about starting with a niche and then expanding it constantly, but finding what that audience that is already interested in the niche cares about else. And this of course still in the sense of things that concern that niche.
      Say I have a lifestyle blog. I may tackle blogging, sure, but from a very different perspective. My audience, interested in everything connected with lifestyle and how to improve it, would for sure find the freedom aspect of blogging thrilling. And here it’s presented from a lifestyle view rather than anything else.
      Slavko Desik just posted The Role Of Productivity In Every Creative Work

  4. says

    I spent a large portion of the last few years testing the waters of the niche blogging world, and though I agree with all of the above, I think you missed a very important note.

    If you don’t care about the niche, it won’t matter how well you write. You have to love what you’re writing about, otherwise, what’s the point?
    Travis Weston just posted [Infographic] Why you should focus on content

    • says

      Definitely Travis. I remember Glen Allsopp talking about his showbiz blog (was it?). Whenever someone asked him why he sold it despite the rate of progress, he would say “I couldn’t care less about what Paris Hilton ate for dinner”.
      So yes, you have to be in love with what you write in order to be better at it; constantly come up with new ideas, have the passion to fail if it need be.
      Slavko Desik just posted The Role Of Productivity In Every Creative Work

  5. says

    Niche blogging is definitely the way to go. It is far easier to maintain something you have a lot of passion for and it will allow you to keep the creativity flowing.

    I’ve met some excellent people through my niche blogging efforts and it has opened up a lot of interesting opportunities for further growth as well, both professionally and personally.
    Garrett just posted Forex Trading Recap: 26 Sep 2012 +59 Pips

  6. says

    It’s a great thought, but it can also be tough depending on your niche subject. I have two niches which run from the overcrowded, to the oooh – that’s taboo! It is simple to find places to write about web design and online marketing. Both of which I have won awards for and have been asked to speak on – but the market is saturated and you can find a dozen opinions on the same subject. My first major was sexuality, which is why I now run an adult toy business. In this niche, it is hard to even find spaces where they will allow what is has commonly been refereed to as “non-family friendly” content. My reply is usually, how do you think the families got maid!? LOL. Anyway, I totally understand what you are saying, but if your niche is either over saturated or controversial, your options aren’t as diverse as one might think.
    Jordan Storme just posted It’s What Everybodies Talking About!

    • says

      You are actually right in a way Jordan. Although there is much opportunity with niche blogging, not every niche is going to make it. It’s like anything else on the market. Thus we should evaluate the market first, see if there is a need waiting to be fulfilled, gap waiting to be filled, or simply a chance to top a bad offer. We should also try and know the market via the potential visitors, think about what to expect from them in terms of engagement and readiness to buy.
      Slavko Desik just posted The Role Of Productivity In Every Creative Work

  7. says

    Awesome post, and I totally agree! The key is to uncovering your own niche that you’re passionate about, even if it’s a unique spin-off of a mainstream topic like mine is. When you’re passionate about what you blog about, you’ll not only stick with it over the long-term, you’ll have fun doing it!

    Awesome article!
    Jeff Emmerson just posted An Inspirational Story About Change and Courage

  8. says

    Thanks Jeff.
    You are right. Writing for the sake of passion separates one site from another. Big brands always care for what they do, as opposed to just doing it for the money. We are far more likely to come up with great ideas if we do what we love. I remember Glen Allsopp once saying how he sold a blog in the showbiz niche. It was profitable and generating revenue from various streams, but you know what his answer was when people asked him why? He said “I couldn’t cared less about what Paris Hilton ate for dinner”. Now he is one of the most innovative people in the Internet marketing niche, but it’s like that because he loves what he writes about.
    Slavko Desik just posted The Role Of Productivity In Every Creative Work

  9. says

    NIche blogging is a great way to get started, but I disagree with the idea that you can’t write about topics outside of your niche.

    In the beginning it’s a good idea to stay completely on topic, but once you’ve build a following and a name for yourself/your blog. Then you can easily start writing about other topics as long as you make the relevant to your niche.

    In fact starting out in a niche and becoming know as a local super hero, can be used when you start writing about other topics, as people naturally will assume you are an authority on them as well if they already see you as an authority within your niche.
    Tune just posted Namecheap Coupon October 2012

  10. says

    This is a nice topic Slavko. I wholeheartedly agree. I write for a narrow niche market (financial advisors) on a narrow topic (marketing and success). I find it is very easy to attract readers, gain more clients, and sell more products because I have a tight focus. And I also encourage my clients to narrow their focus as well. I always say “if you market to anyone and everyone, you are really marketing to no one.”
    Suzanne just posted A Financial Advisor Business Plan Template You’ll Want to Use

  11. says

    With the vast amount of knowledge in today’s world we just have to specialize. This applies to science, technology and to blogging. So the concept of niche blogging makes a lot of sense to me. In addition we can learn new things as we keep writing about them. And this is so true – the best way to learn is to do it by teaching.
    Tom just posted Overpowering the Sun

  12. says

    The points that you have described are almost all are valid. The niche blogging helps you to get a lot of faith in the field of blogging.Your SEO capability builds up and you become a very expert writer in your own niche.You also get a good position in google in a short time but if you are not niche oriented then you need to face a problem to make a position in search engine.
    Himadri just posted Choosing between iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920

  13. says

    When your writing is focused on something specific, the blog is more likely to build up a loyal following. People will know what kind of content they can expect from your blog. Over time, as long as posts go live on a regular basis and the content is good, a niche blog can become an industry resource.

  14. says

    Hi Slavko,

    great article and a question for you, would you consider residential / home design as niche?

    You see, I have been considering to start blogging (and this is a great article to get my mind focussed) and I have been trying to decide how to approach this in terms of what people might be interested in and what they might want to read about. Your article is definitely a very strong argument about specialising and I agree really. It is just that in my research I couldn’t not find many (or any) high ranking blogs on the subject and I don’t know if this is a result of lack of interest by people to read about the subject or is it that, say, architects are not as good as seo people at promoting their blogs.

    Blogging is something I will keep doing anyway in parallel to designing homes however what is your view? Is it just a matter of hard work to make the blog successful?
    George just posted Architecture and home design | Invisible and visible design

    • says

      Great question George!
      The first thing that you need in order to start such a blog is a lot of passion about the subject. You have that one set.
      The second would be an interest and an opportunity to develop your knowledge further more. You are working with it constantly, so that one is checked too. Besides, you will consume even more knowledge as you go through the process of making your blog authoritative. The very basis of writing a blog post requires knowledge to be presented in a certain way, thus pushing you to constantly access what you already know as well as research new information.
      The technical stuff is to be learned on the go, and if you approach it that way you will always learn the new from the industry, be that in terms of SEO, internet marketing as a whole etc. I started with the lifestyle niche and learned Internet marketing and SEO as a side project, but during this whole time I consumed knowledge that lets me write about these topics with ease.
      As for the market and whether people would be interested in the niche, all you need to do is evaluate the demand of such information and put that against the supply. The easiest way to do this is to visit sites like Google Adwords, Google Trends, run a check through the Facebook ads and see how many people might be interested.
      There is a great article that I wrote about this one on DailyBlogTips
      As for figuring how to approach the audience it’s all trial and error at the end of the day. Though you can try finding online communities already discussing the subject, and see what they are talking about as well as figure out the type of the visitors. You can also find couple of blogs closely connected with this niche and offer them a guest post, seeing how the audience would react.
      Another thing that is important is to think about random affinities (this term is coined by Ian Laurie from the SEOmoz community, and basically means an existing connection between two topics only in terms of having a common audience). If you cannot come up with, let’s say 30 different ideas about posts to write, in ten minutes, then consider about the niche again. The good thing is that you can always find an audience that shares the interest for the niche but is not necessarily all in.
      For example, you can capture the audience from my blog, which focuses on improving one’s lifestyle, by simply presenting home design from a slightly different angle, let’s say “things you can change around the home that will make your life easier”. The possibilities are infinite.
      The last thing I would like to add is that you will eventually have to become an authority within the niche. You say that there is not that much of a competition, and that is both good and bad. Good in the sense of the niche still being unexploited and unsaturated. But bad in the sense of not having already engaged audience before which you can present your content, as well as not having any peers.
      This though, makes a great opportunity for you in the sense that you can always be the one that brings the new stuff into the niche, and that speaks authority.
      Another post I wrote about that one

      I would love to know how things turned out. If you have the time feel free to drop me an e-mail in the contact form on my site. Also feel free to ask some questions as well.

      Have a great day
      Slavko Desik just posted The Insanity Workout – Tips And Benefits From a Veteran

  15. says

    Hi Slavko,

    thanks so much for your detailed response, that was almost another blog you wrote there, very much appreciated.

    I have just read the other two blog entries you mentioned ( and ), took a few notes, and I will also …take some time to take it all in! There is so much valuable information there and you give pretty straight-forward insights about how to approach blogging and what things to consider. I will find you and follow on Twitter, thanks again.
    George just posted Architecture and home design | Invisible and visible design