The Pros and Cons a Home Based Blogging Business

This is a guest post by Brian Stephens of Moulin Website Design, a web design company supporting small businesses.

A home business sounds great, doesn’t it? Rolling out of bed in the morning when you wake, rather than to an alarm clock. No boss giving you grief for getting in late. You can do what you want when you want Life couldn’t be better, or could it?

First of all, there are two ways to work from home. There is working for a company from a home base, and there is working for yourself, self employed and building your own business. Making money blogging as a business venture is a great example of a way to do this.

Working from Home

Working from Home for Someone Else

Lets discuss the working from home for a company option first. This is a real work at home job where you actually are working in your home – not out on the road servicing clients all over the country and not getting home until 8.00PM, exhausted from all the driving.

Here are the pros for a real ‘working for a company at home’ type job.

  • Save on the commute time to and from work.
  • Have some flexibility in your working hours.
  • No office politics to deal with.
  • Far fewer work clothes required.
  • You have a high level of autonomy on how you do your work.
  • You can enjoy a peaceful environment with little or not interruptions, which is great for a profession like medical billing online (assuming you don’t have others working at home or kids running around simultaneously).

So what are the cons of this type of arrangement?

  • You are still working for a company and need to meet their targets.
  • Yes, there will be flexibility on time, but the company will expect you to be available if they need to speak to you.
  • No human interaction – can you really work on your own or do you need to have contact with people?
  • Who is paying for the extra heating or cooling of your home now you are there all day? You need to be sure this is clear.
  • You are now responsible for getting your work completed so you need to be self motivated and disciplined.
Home Based Business

In a word, working from home for a company will suit a lot of people, but not everyone. For some people, the crack of going to work is what makes life enjoyable: social interaction and having someone tell you what you need to do and when to do it may be your motivation, and you might find that you need that environment in order to function.

On the other hand, if you really can handle the cons of a work at home environment and love the fact that you can stay at home to work and enjoy the benefits that come with it, then it could really be what makes your working life enjoyable.

Working from Home for Yourself

So let’s take this to the next level – working from home building your own business. Clearly some of the pros and cons of working from home for a company will apply equally to working from home for yourself when you are building your own business.

So what are the additional pros and cons that come from building your own business?

  • First of all, you really are in charge and you really do get to decide what you do.
  • Now you have complete flexibility, if you want to sleep all day and work all night, it is up to you.
  • Any profit you make is all yours, and the amount of profit you make is down to your ingenuity.
  • The work you put into the business potentially increases its value, and it can become a disposable asset if and when you are ready to move on.
  • Anything you buy for your home office from the rent to the blinds are tax deductible.

And what are the cons?

  • First of all you really are in charge and you really do get to decide what you do.
  • You have to provide all your own equipment and deal with your own technical problems.
  • You are responsible for your heating and or cooling bills now you are working from your home.
  • You have to formulate and implement your own business plan.
  • You have to identify what skills you need for your business and whether you require any additional training.

Now that you know the pros and cons of working from home, you can decide whether that is a lifestyle you aspire to. Before you make a final decision, it is possible to test the water. There are many fine home based business that were started on a part time basis with very small start up costs, and now provide considerable incomes for their owners.

Of course there are cons associated with any business development, it would be naive to think there wasn’t. But starting a home based business can be exciting and rewarding and as long as you are persistent and patient. It can be made to work, and sometimes to levels you would not have believed possible.

The Blogging Business

Going back to the ‘blogging for business‘ option that was mentioned previously – all you really need to get started is a computer and access to the Internet.

Many people actually blog using free blogging platforms like Blogspot, for example, to get started. You can see the appeal of this – you don’t have to pay for a domain name or hosting and you can get started straight away including placing ads on your site, promoting affiliate links, or even selling your own products directly.

A word of caution however, if you take the free platform route, you never have complete control of the site. There is no way to recover the value you add to the site and you could, heaven forbid, find that for reasons outside your control your site gets shut down and your income stream can be cut off.

That is why it is recommeneded that you commit a little funding to registering your own domain name and paying for your own hosting. This way, for a very modest cost, you can control the site and add value that is potentially recoverable if you decide to move on, as well as ensure that no one can decide to shut the site down outside of your control.

So to start a home based business as a blogger, using the Internet as discussed, requires you to know at least something about how to register a domain name, where to find a suitable hosting service and how you go about creating your first blog.

This is all described in a free ebook available via Creating a WordPress Blog. So go take a look and find out how you can start building your own business through blogging, it may be the start of your dream lifestyle.

Your Experiences

Do you work from home for your company for yourself? Is your business based around your blog? Please share your experiences, both positive and negative, about these home based work options.

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  1. says

    I started my own on-line business approx 4 years ago while working full-time for a large corporate business.

    I worked on my own business in the evenings and weekends.

    18 months ago, I left the corporate world and now work from home full-time, blogging and running the business.

    …and I love the freedom. I do so much more with my time now. More time doing the things I want to do and more time with the family.

    As you say, you could test the water while still working for someone else – just like I did.


    • says

      Hi Andrew,

      That is a great example of a safer way to build your own business from home. It may take a little longer to achieve the level of income you need to live, but you can learn your business inside out and what it takes to succeed without putting the quality of life for you and your family at serious risk. I would actually recommend the approach you have taken to most people.

    • says

      That’s a great story Andrew. It’s really motivating to hear from other people who have made it.

      I have been building my blog for 4 months so far. It is starting to pick up now, but it is really hard to stay motivated in those first few months. I guess the next 4 months are the critical ones now though.

      Do you earn a living just from your blog? or do you have other businesses too?
      Mark Johnson just posted The One Keyword Experiment – Day 1

  2. says

    I have a friend of mine that three months ago was laid off from his job of ten years, which around these parts means you’ll have to move. However he’s been working on doing something just like this and a few weeks ago he launched his own blog. From what he’s telling me he’s enjoying it quite a bit, and while he’s looking for some part time work is building the business.

    • says

      It’s good to hear he is taking positive action in a time of hardship and with that attitude I am sure if he perseveres he will be successful.

      It’s possibly an incentive for someone in a full time occupation to consider a contingency plan as well. You never know when income may be taken away from you beyond your control. So building an online business in your spare time under your own terms could prove to be of real benefit.
      BrianRS just posted How Promoting An Online Business Works

      • says

        Truer words were never spoken. I was doing the same thing starting a few years back and this week was my last (comapny closure), but thankfully I had this type of business on the side. Now I can nuture it full time and have it take me from making enough to stay fed and heated to enough to have some extra.

  3. says

    I do think working from home is better than the standard 9-5 , but it is very difficult to get a decent income from blogging. Unless you are generating massive traffic it will be very hard for you to earn any sort of good money.

    • says

      That is correct, traffic is the key to generating a reasonable income, and ideally this needs to be targeted traffic that comes to your site looking for what you offer. I think anyone who has been in this business a while will tell you that building traffic to your site can be one of the most difficult things to achieve, that is why it is worth spending time finding out which techniques work and which don’t.

      There is a learning process to go through and far too many people trying to sell systems that simply don’t work just to line their own pockets. The trick is to persevere until you find systems that work and people that you can trust.
      Brian just posted How Promoting An Online Business Works

    • says

      I know all about that one, as I`ve tried it myself. I had a news blog once, and I had 2-3000 uniques a day. Still hopeless to make money, because people reading news are not out to buy nor click anything at all. Just took down the entire site, as it didn`t make enough to even buy a pack of mints..

      Have you tried to make a niche site instead? Build a good site with lots of content in for example the sewing machine niche, and then create a post with recommended machines. That, or something similar probably would make you a lot more money.

      Another thing you could try, is to create a niche blog; the same as the sewing machine site above, just with a lot more focus on comments and returning visitors. A mix of blogging and salespage, if you will; just as much focus on selling as getting visitors and comments.
      Roger just posted Liverpool Mastercard

      • Brian says

        Hi Roger,

        There are without doubt certain subjects that are unlikely to earn you any money, some people cover these for their own interest and are not really concerned about making money.

        But if you are interested in making some cash you have to find the subjects that have a hungry audience and a high demand. I still think you need to have a genuine interest in the subject otherwise it is too easy to run out of ideas and flounder. I think an audience can tell if you are not really interested in the subject and will be less inclined to take on board your message or buy from you.

        At the end of the day it is mostly about solving problems, if the information, services or products you provide solves a problem for a lot of people they will come to your site. Providing of course you can find the right keywords and show them where you are. Using what are called long tailed keywords tends to work best for niche markets. The reason is that there is usually less competition and they are more focused in to what you are offering.

        So in answer to your question, yes for selling it is a good idea to identify a niche and offer products, services or ads that are related to that niche in order to make money. But in addition you want to attract people that are looking to buy, a simple example of a long tailed buying keyword for your example ‘where can I buy a Singer sewing machine’ . Clearly you would need to research whether that inquiry is entered into the search engines and how often and what the competition is for it. Then when they arrive guess what you need to be selling.

        Hope that helps

  4. says

    Hi Brian,

    I started getting interested in Internet Marketing a few months ago, and have been devouring every piece of information that I can ever since.

    I was stiil working fulltime, but managed to put in more hours in front of a computer at home than hours at my 9-5 … obligations :) .

    Two weeks ago I lost my job ( good thing ), and was able to get so much more done. I will still need to get another job, but have had a taste of what it’s like to work from home full time, and as Mick Jagger says… It’s only R&R but, I like it.

    One thing that I have noticed though, to add to the Cons. Sometimes you and a problem are all alone. There is no Boss to ask…. your it !!



    • says

      Hi Neil,

      Yes I sort of touched on that in my cons about having to deal with your own technical problems and the other one about the skills you need to develop, but you put it more succinctly.

      It’s good that you were already working on a contingency, because what happened to you can happen to anyone. It’s also worth knowing that there is probably an answer to every question anyone has on building an online business already on the Internet. You just have to sort the wheat from the chaff to get to it.

      Sometimes as well, if you can afford it, it really is worth outsourcing certain tasks or perhaps buying some software that makes your life easier. This will free you up to do the more important stuff, but the wheat from the chaff analogy still needs to be applied.
      Brian just posted How Promoting An Online Business Works

  5. says

    Just the heads up I needed for my online business adventure, thanks for the great info – EXCELLENT BLOG!

  6. says

    I am spending more and more time working from my home when it comes to my primary job and I spend a quite a lot of time on the internet. I read your post with interest as getting compensated somehow for all those hours spent online seems to be the next logical step. I have spent some time reading your posts on your site and getting familiar with the blogging process. I have one question though how do you find the discipline it takes?

    • says

      Hi Greg,

      That’s a good question and difficult to answer. I think in truth everyone already has a natural level of discipline inbuilt, and in truth there will those out there who simply will not be able to do a business of this type because they simply do not have enough; for whatever reason.

      After that it becomes a question of how badly you want to do it, because it is one thing to have the discipline and another one to have the will.
      Brian just posted How Promoting An Online Business Works

  7. says

    In my case, I manage my own consulting business. Before, I used to have my office and all that but after a while I realized that, thanks to technology, it was possible to conduct all of my business virtually online. With the exception of attending meetings and the sorts, I manage it at any place that provides me with an internet connection :) Since I am on and off with consulting, I have some available time to spare and so I began to set up some online businesses and after a little over a year, it is now starting to move towards my intended objective. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I ditto on your opinion about the pluses and minuses of working at home.
    DiTesco just posted CO Virtual Real Estate Now Live

  8. says

    Brian, I love working from home but it does take discipline to get done what is needed without getting sidetracked. It’s best to have your office in a separate room and be able to close the door and turn off the phones and concentrate on work. Sometimes it means turning off your instant messenger app and not having your personal email open as well.

    Some of the best and most productive days are when I can completely concentrate on what needs to be done without having any distractions.
    Aaron just posted New Bing Webmaster Tools – No more backlinks?

    • Brian says

      Hi Aaron,

      That is correct, distractions can have a big influence on your level of productivity and it is very easy to get sidetracked.

      Different people can work in different environments without being distracted, personally I can sort of zone out and don’t need a huge amount of segregation. But for others they do need to be able to isolate themselves, so definitely something to consider, especially if there are young children at home for example.

  9. says

    As one who works from home for myself I’m not sure the con list really captures the downside. My biggest cons: it is a really isolating lifestyle (there are no coworkers, virtual or otherwise) and you have to provide all your self motivation (no one is going to say anything if you take one too many days off). That said, I’d never trade it for my old office job. In the end, every gig comes with pros and cons.
    Spot just posted The Kindle 2 vs the new Graphite Kindle DX

    • Brian says

      Hi Spot,

      Yes lack of human interaction can be difficult and you really do have to be self motivated.

      It is also about weighing up the pros and cons at a personal level as you rightly suggest.

  10. says

    We kinda have the best of both worlds Brian. We blog for business as we work from home. We are self-employed and our blogging brings the lion’s share of our business. While we rank for some of the competitive real estate phrases in our area, it is the longtail of blogging that brings us our most cherished clients.

    Blogging, self-empolyment, – all music to my ears! :)
    Colleen just posted 45th Annual Columbia Cup Hydroplane Races on the Columbia River

    • Brian says


      Sounds like you are doing great, a good demonstration of what is possible taking charge of your own future through self employment. The longtail is a great way to focus on a specific audience and potential customers for your niche as well.

      Thanks for the comment

  11. says

    Working for myself is the best decision that I have ever made. Obviously there is no safety net, if I don’t put in the effort then I won’t get the money. Bu at least I’m free now.

    • Brian says

      Hi Saliba,

      It is nice to be in charge of your own destiny and actually some aspects of blogging can still bring in revenue even when you have stopped giving them attention, for example evergreen posts that stay relevant for a very long time.

  12. says

    I have experienced both these options. I worked from home for part of my Corporate life. When I left the Corporate world I set up my own home based business. For me there is no contest – I would never go back to working for a company. Working for myself is where it is at for me.
    I have only recently added a blog into the mix (starting a blog for the first time in Jan). Just been getting to grips with a blog as part of my business but I have plans to add some more stuff shortly.
    One of the things I have learnt is that, as with anythnig new, there is a learning curve. As a result I have split my blog development into phases. Phase 1 was just getting to grips with blogging and finding my blogging voice (still a work in progress!!!). Phase two will start to see me add products in there too.
    So in addition to your points I would add, give yourself permission to learn to walk before you can run. Makes the journey so much more fun.

    • Brian says

      Hi Ali,

      That is one of the beauties of blogging, you can actually go at your own pace, well as long as you are not totally reliant on it for your income.

      So yes it can and should be fun, particularly if you are passionate about your subject matter and actually enjoy researching and writing about it.

    • Brian says

      Yes discipline is important when you are the only one responsible for making sure you get through some productive activities. But, carrying on from an earlier point, motivation is so much easier when you enjoy what you are doing.

  13. says


    You articulate well the pros and cons of working from home. I work from home on the computer and I will say that the main drawback, for me, that you mention is the no in person interaction. For me, everything else is a plus. That’s my tradeoff.

    Tim just posted Best Web Browsers

    • Brian says

      Hi Tim,

      Everything in life is a compromise, glad to hear yours is an acceptable one.

  14. says

    It’s a nice write up with an impartial view on the pros and cons. Since I do both regular work for an employer and blogging for myself I must say that I enjoy the balance so far. However, it is getting really tiring at times and now I have reduced my post frequency.

    In the imaginary situation of myself blogging full time, the most challenging thing (probably a con) would be to keep myself motivated. When you are working for someone else, there’s always someone on your back lol
    Ajith Edassery just posted How to Diversify your Blog Income Streams and De-risk your Online Business

    • Brian says

      Hi Ajith,

      Well I guess that is one of the points, if you need someone on your back to be productive, then working totally from home may not suit you.

      You just need to assess if the problem is actually taking on too much or whether, assuming you have found a way to generate enough income from your blogging, going full time and not having the job would renew your enthusiasm. Only you will know the answer to that.

      Thanks for the comment though and that goes to everyone else to.

    • Brian says


      No it’s definitely not a no brainer and will not suit everyone. That is why I would normally recommend starting a blogging business on a part time basis to see how you get on with it.

      Everyone is different however and sometimes a person needs to fully commit to a project to make it work. So it really is a personal judgment call, but being informed never hurts.

  15. says

    Great post – I just want to add one to the cons (or pro, depending on how you look at it) of a working for yourself. No one is going to fire you if you are not motivated to work or get anything done. As a blogger / writer sometimes it can be hard to get motivated and stay on track – especially when the sunshine is calling your name!!
    Julie-Inspired to Write just posted 6 Ways to Stretch Your Mind Every Morning

    • Brian says

      Hi Julie,

      I can’t disagree with that one, and living in the South of France I know exactly what you mean.

  16. says

    Hi Brian,

    I also do think that another advantage of working for a home based company is the stable income it will allows you to generate monthly, unlike with blog as a business which will take time before you get the juice out of all your efforts. both requires time and skills and the best thing of all, both require lesser investments aside from the effort that you really need to put to work. nevertheless, I believe that both have limitless potentials in terms of income and the skills that you will be able to acquire.


    • Brian says

      Hi Bishwajeet,

      That’s a great idea, you can be learning the ropes, finding out what works and what doesn’t in your spare time. By the time you leave college you can potentially be set up ready to make some decent income or at least you will have got through the initial learning curve that everyone has to go through when they start.

  17. Brian says

    There is a lot to be said for having a regular income and knowing what you will be earning each month, well provided you don’t get laid off.

    So yes being able to work from home on a salary is very appealing to a lot of people and better than going into work. I know I would have preferred that when I was working for a company. I think that brings us back to personal choice and weighing up the pros and cons again.

  18. says

    Being that I’ve participated and been a moderator for a once popular webmaster forum, alot of people try to take on the whole working from home deal, mainly due to the money potential that is often displayed online. I’ve seen alot of people come and go. Each case has their own reason why they failed at the working from home gig, and went back to their regular 9-5 job. For the most part I think it’s a lack of quick success when you enter the online world. I think that can discourage alot of newcomers who expected riches when they first started their home business. Definitely though for those who stay dedicated to it, can often find themselves leading a new lifestyle, some for the better, and some for the worse.

    Till then,

    used tires just posted Places to sell used tires

    • says

      Hi Jean,

      It’s not really surprising that so many people get disillusioned and give up, especially when they are bombarded with promises of instant success from all directions; the vast majority of which are simply unfounded.

      Working from home does take focus, dedication and should be treated as a professional exercise, but it can still be fun.

      Instant success is a very rare commodity but success itself isn’t so rare. There are many ways to generate an income working from home and if the right approach is taken and the correct products or services offered in a professional manner there is no doubt success is achievable over time.

      Thanks for the comment
      Brian just posted Best summer vacation activities when it rains delicious

      • says

        @Brian, You are absolutely right the opportunities online really are limitless, and with the right approach as you say, success is definitely bound to happen.

        Till then,


    • says

      Hey Jean,

      Your comment reminded me of something, so I thought I’d chime in again.

      I took some courses years ago towards a realtor license.
      They said that more often than not, you would not make any money in the first six months.

      They even went so far as having you write down all your expenses, and get a total of how much money you would need to make it through.

      Neil Macdonald just posted How to Install a Theme in WordPress

      • says

        Hey Neil, glad my comment led to you bringing your experience from a different point of view. I am not surprised to hear that about the Realtor business. I am sure it varies from state to state, county to county as well as far as what you can expect.

        Til then,


  19. says

    Way back in 2000 I was laid-off from my employer. While searching for a new job, I also taught myself how to create websites. My first website was born – a bit rough around the edges at first, but a great stepping stone towards continuing the learning of websites and making money with them. Then, in 2007 I was laid off again (from a different employer) and decided to turn a negative situation into a positive experience. I created an information site, with an accompanying blog, and attempt to make serious money. At least that was my goal. Although I’m not making serious money, I do OK. Long story short, I am so happy to have the opportunity to work for myself. I can’t see myself going back to working for anyone else – even if I am able to work at home.

  20. says

    Given the choice I’d take working for myself every time but whether working at home for someone else or working for yourself, they both take discipline.

    Some people, when left to their own devices, don’t have the discipline to get what needs to do done and blogging is pretty much a daily discipline. Working for someone else can be motivation because you’re answering to them, but working for yourself means answering to you and for some people that may not be enough.

    Another thing folks working from home should consider is being paid consistently. Some people like the consistent paycheck they get from working for someone else, working for yourself paydays may be more spread out. Just some food for thought :-)

    • says

      Hi Liz,

      You make a very good point here. Going from salaried employment with regular paychecks to the intermittent nature of working for yourself can be a real shock. So people do need to be aware of that.

      Over time and with the accompanying success, things should level out and the income become somewhat steadier. Obviously there is no room for complacency in the world of business and nothing can be taken for granted. You need to keep on top of things to make your business work, and that is never truer than when working for yourself.
      Brian just posted Excuse Me- Does This Abandoned Shopping Cart Belong To You

  21. says

    It’s interesting to read other’s views, opinions and experiences regarding their home based blogging business. This post is a great eye-opener for those who venture out of the 9-5.

  22. says

    What people need to know about creating a career through blogging is that IT IS possible, but that there is a large lead time…maybe of a few years. If you are not struck by some lucky lighting (like a referral from important traditional media outlet), it simply takes a long time to acquire a solid viewership which is what you need to make money blogging.
    Richard just posted Earn 1000 An Hour With AdSense- Massive AdSense Success!

    • says

      Hi Richard,

      Totally agree with that statement, most people will take a while to build a reasonable income because for most you do have to earn your traffic by gaining respect and trust.

      I have seen some people gain huge traffic over night as well, but essentially because of a certain amount of luck.

      Basically if you publish a post that suddenly gets a huge amount of attention and draws lots of people to your blog, then you will have a whole new potential audience in large numbers.

      But what will retain that audience is if they find additional great content besides the scoop that attracted them in the first place. So basically you need to be sure you are publishing quality in either scenario, because it is the content that will keep your visitors interested and coming back for more when they do arrive, whether that is because of an overnight coo or a solid and steady building process.
      Brian just posted Castelnaudary France- Home of Cassoulet delicious

    • says

      Hi Rohit,

      Yes it is very much up to the individual whether they take this option or not and I think I have stated before that an option for many people would be to start on a part time basis. This is to be sure that first of all it suits you and secondly that you are able to build some income before taking the plunge.

      Of course if you have some resources behind you making the decision to quit a job is easier to do.

      • says

        I agree, but at the same time, some people who take this on part-time with a vision to move it into full-time work often find themselves stuck. They keep waiting on the “I just need a little more money before I quit my job” scenario, but it never seems to come. I’ve been down this road more times than I would’ve liked, but here’s my thing to overcome this – stop spending your extra income and put it to the side. Save up at least 2 to 3 months of your monthly expenses and then quit your job (your business has to obviously be doing somewhat good though – I don’t suggest quitting without knowing exactly what you’re doing).

        That’s the plan I’m working on right now, and I hope to make things happen. Wish me luck :)

  23. says

    Brian, thanks a lot for putting all this together. It’s sure to help a lot of newcomers, like myself, in fact. I am not going to be impatient but will put in my good effort and hope I’m rewarded for it. I’m not much of a people person and hate politics and having to deal with people to get things done or vice versa so I would much rather try and stick with this. Your blog post is also a great way to explain this to friends or family who aren’t sure about this whole business.

    car battery just posted Dealing with dead car batteries

    • says

      Hi Sandy,

      First of all you are very welcome and glad you found the information useful. Hadn’t thought of this post as a way to explain to others what working from home is about, but I guess it does that job as well; now you have pointed it out.

      Anyway good luck with your endeavors, perseverance and effort are two of the most important components for making this work and it sounds like you have those.
      Brian just posted Article Spinning and Article Submission

  24. says

    Home based business is dream of every young entrepreneur. But you might miss the office environment and colleagues. You have to be self motivated and passionate to get things working correctly.

    I don’t know if it’s good or not but you might start living a different life which will change your attitude towards things.

    • says

      Working from home is definitely a different way to live. Not sure about that changing your attitude though, I think your basic values stay with you regardless, while your attitude to the peripherals will probably adapt according to circumstances.

      Although the things you value most will change as you go through life whatever you are doing; that’s sort of an age thing. Also whatever you are doing you need to make time to socialise and pursue your passions otherwise life could become very dull. It’s not all about work or money, its about working smart to make enough money to do the things you want to do.

      Thanks for the comment.
      Brian just posted A Social Bookmarking Campaign for Lazy Linkers

  25. says

    I have to agree with you Brian, working from home is very very tough. People are sucked into this image that its easy and its not. Far from it.

    Working for someone in an office is easy compared working from home.
    I love the post, cause it is straight to the point. I’ve mentioned this on my blog.

    Excellent content.

  26. says

    There are always differences of opinion between parents and their children, and always will be.

    I think you are right, a good time to start blogging is when you are at college, you will have your finger on the pulse for your generation at that time. But I also think that this should not be to the detriment of your education; which is probably what your parents are really worried about.

    Its all about contingency from a business perspective, having a fall back position that can keep you in the game. But it’s also about education and your level of knowledge, always nice to be able to have a conversation about more than one subject.
    Brian just posted A Social Bookmarking Campaign for Lazy Linkers

  27. says

    Never hurts to learn your trade in the safety of employment. All you need to do then is work out the best time to leave if you decide that is the right decision.

  28. says

    I agree with Patrick that we do need to work for other to gain the value experienced for running our own business. I am doing this at the moment. I am working for one company for about 5 years now, my role is for SEO, gaining traffic, getting more sale to that company, when I think of something new, I test with the company’s work first, if it work, I then keep it in my record. 😉
    About 1 month ago, I start to sale my painting online following all knowledge on my record. It’s not a bad result considering 1 month of part time work.
    I am expect to be able to run my work full time in the next 6 months. Wish me luck.
    Rose just posted What Oil Painting Material & Equipment Are Needed for Oil Painting

  29. says

    Hi Rose

    I would imagine that quite a lot of people follow this route i.e. learn the ropes and tricks of the trade working for someone else and then set up on their own. That’s the way of the world and it reduces the risk because you are not beginning from a standing start. Your paintings must be quite good as well though, you still need to have something people want, so well done.
    Brian just posted Using the Internet to Build a Network Marketing Business

  30. says

    I started my first business 10 years ago and I have been self employed or running a business of some kind ever since. Things changed quite a bit in how the web is used and I got left behind in the blogging and social media side of things on a business level. Mostly this was because my business was successful without it but now I have changed priorities and written a book I have had to catch up fast. This year has been a steep learning curve in regards to creating and running my blog and I still have a great deal to learn but it’s working and it’s fun. However I can get a bit obsessed with it and need to know when to leave it and go outside to get some fresh air!
    Matt Kinsella just posted 101 Ways To Be Lucky and Make Things Happen

  31. says

    Hi Matt, becoming obsessed with blogging is a bit of a risk, especially if you are not earning as much as you expected. The trick is not to work longer but to work smarter, look for what is working and do more of that. Likewise if something you have given reasonable time to has not worked don’t be scared to change tactics and stop doing it to pursue more successful options. It sounds as though that is something you already understand however, and have done, so no problem there I think. Thanks for the comment.
    Brian just posted How to create a site map for submission to Google