Thursday Things

Haiku Poems

Ever since my previous post on haiku poetry & examples, I have continued to write experiment with them. Here are some of my recent musings.

A haiku on love

I wonder my heart
will you love me in the fall
when my colors change

A haiku on longing

I wish I knew why
whenever you are away
my heart always hurts

And a funny haiku on social networks

So much boredom time
oh Facebook application
you have prevented

Want to read more haiku, or share some of your own. See the results of this Twitter search, and tweet yours with #haiku at the end.

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YouTube Favorites

Did You Know?

The future of tennis?

24 Time Lapse of Tokyo

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  1. says

    I like the YouTube movies! My favorite one is the “did you know” clip… but I was naively waiting for an answer at the end 😛
    And it’s fun to know that 1 in 8 couples in USA met over the Internet. Wow. And when you ask them, Internet never seems to be in their “story”… weird 😉

    mrmuggless last blog post..Another nice little flash game!

  2. says

    @mermaid, Hamdani: I have watched that video a lot on my ipod. With the music, it is very awesome.

    @jois: Thanks!

    @Wayne: I liked the racket best.

    @Dennis: You’re welcome.

    @Yan: Hope you had a great one too! :)

    @Mr. Muggles: My theory on online dating when I tried it was if I could order a pizza, clothing, schedule classes, etc. online, why not find a date? Of course, I do enjoy the fact that I met my sweetie the old fashioned way. :)

    @Ben: That’s what I created Thursday Things for… all the random cool things I come across during the week.