Thursday Things

Fun Resources

Tennisopolis – A social network for tennis fans and players. I am hoping to find some cool gals to practice with before my league starts in January.

Let Me Google That For You – For all of those people who constantly ask you for information, here is a great little joke. Enter a search term, and it will generate a link that you can send your friend that shows them exactly how you find their answers. For example, here is an example search on Twilight.

Free Twitter Backgrounds – Easily create a Twitter background using custom background images or pre-designed ones with your social networking information. See my Twitter profile as an example.

Cartoon Characters – Create cartoon characters / avatars of yourself with these sites. I personally enjoyed Yahoo Avatars, creating a tennis character of my own.

Puppy Cam – A live webcam watching over six Shiba Inu puppies daily. The best previous clips are linked below the main cam.

Youtube Picks

An Adorable Puppy

My Most Popular Video – A Short Clip of the Vegas Strip

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  1. says

    @Evita: You’re welcome. I love that puppy. One of my coworkers has a Welsh Corgi, and I looked up videos on Youtube and fell in love with that one.

    @Kim: Those informational Twitter backgrounds make a difference. I feel like I’ve had a spike in contacts on other networks since I put up that info. Too bad we can’t have them as real links.

    @Lagawan: Thanks!

    @Aldhis: I don’t think anyone could resist that little guy!

    @Dan: I wish I had that at my old job. I would’ve gotten everyone with that site.

    @Irtiza: I had a bit too much fun on the avatars sites. :)

    @Dennis: That would be a good thing to use on forums. Maybe those people who leave rude replies could use that instead, to be a bit more humorous and helpful.