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    @Sire: Hmm, that square wasn’t open yesterday. It only picked out of a random selection of my friends, but since you asked so politely, I made a modification. :)

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    Hi Kristi – wow that is so neat!

    I haven’t even registered to Twitter yet… maybe in the near future. Just too many great things on the web I find where social networks are concerned, never mind the fun of blogging :)

    Evitas last blog post..Rising To Your Destiny

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    Great find…who knew there were so many ‘interesting’ people on Twitter…

    Especially that guy who apparently is made out of scrambled eggs..(upper right)…

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    Twitter is just crazy, it’s blown up to this big microblogging service and it seems to be growing still.

    I’m pretty sure soon enough it’s going to surpass digg and other social networking sites.

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    Do the pictures on the mosaic continually rotate to different ones, or do you have the ability to individually select each one and make up the mosaic you like?

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    @Sire: You’re quite welcome.

    @Rico: I love following people on Twitter. Anytime I pop on there, I find a smorgousboard of great information.

    @Pheak Tol: Twitter is just so simple in terms of connecting with others and posting updates, it’s easy to see why.

    @Gennaro: Yes. I love mosaics!

    @Khaled: The website that creates it just picks a random selection of about 250 of your friends. You can go in and manually add to or remove certain people if you choose.

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    @Madhur: Thanks. It was a great find indeed.

    @Freddie: Ah, take a look again. :)

    @Aminhers: You’re welcome… glad you liked it.

    @Ana: I think you could use the coding that they give you and just make a custom one to put in the sidebar. It is just a link to the Twitter user using the image from their Twitter profile sized down to 48×48.