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The meteoric rise in popularity of Twitter has spawned a rapid growth in media coverage, Twitter books and numerous Twitter-related applications and tools. The best hands-on book about Twitter, the social media platform, that I have come across is an e-Book written by well known blogger Marko Saric entitled Twitter Marketing: How to Go Viral On Twitter. Mr. Saric developed much of his material through substantial experience in acquiring over 20,000 Twitter followers and through his successful blog, His understanding of social media is evident in the practical nature of his explanations and advice.

Twitter Marketing eBook

Tactical Twitter Marketing

As Twitter’s popularity continues to grow many people are looking for methods to use Twitter and other social media more effectively. Mr. Saric’s 55-page eBook is focused on the tactical, hands-on use of Twitter for marketing and promotion, from growing an online audience, presence and reputation to driving more traffic to a web site or blog to growing product sales to lowering customer acquisition costs and more. Twitter Marketing provides tips, tactics, explanations, examples and graphics to help flatten the Twitter learning curve for readers. Mr. Saric also draws on his extensive experience to cite real world examples of what not to do on Twitter and how to avoid the potholes on the Twitter Highway. Sometimes knowing what not to do can be as evaluable as knowing what to do.

Twitter Marketing begins with a short overview of setting up and personalizing one’s Twitter presence and useful Twitter do’s and don’ts. The e-book addresses the importance of a Twitter username, bio, site link and avatar that people will use in finding and identifying a Twitter user. Very useful information for novice users and not overly long for people already using Twitter.

The next four sections in Twitter Marketing delve into tweeting, replying, following, followers, and the tools for growing and managing these important areas. Mr. Saric shares insights and suggestions for selecting a Twitter client other than the standard Twitter web interface. He then provides guidance for effectively growing the number of followers and methods of finding the most beneficial people to follow. For people who haven’t done much research on the various Twitter tools that are available, the suggestions and insights in Twitter Marketing can provide significant benefits by helping save time and energy determining which tools will work best for particular needs and goals.

Going Viral on Twitter

A key strategic aspect of tweeting is the very important Retweet or “RT”. Retweeting is when another Twitter user sees your tweet and then “retweets” or broadcasts your tweet to their list of Twitter followers. Since their followers may be significantly different from your list of followers your tweet will then reach a brand new group of people. As Mr. Saric explains, “Word of mouth or viral marketing is when your content is spread from person to person. Retweeting is the most powerful factor in something going viral on Twitter.”

Methods and tactics for retweeting are explained in detail. Areas explored include: suggestions on how to optimize your tweets for retweeting (less is more); how to get your tweets retweeted by others; and how to track retweets. Twitter Marketing also includes information and suggestions on specific tools to use for maximizing your retweeting opportunities.

How Retweets Scale

Retweets provide a way to leverage your communications (tweets) on Twitter. Say I send a tweet to my 1,000 followers and 10 of those followers retweet my tweet to 10 of their followers and then 10 of each of their followers retweet that tweet to their followers. My single tweet can reach a very large number of twitter users in a very short period of time if enough people find it compelling enough to retweet. Especially if a few of the people who retweet my message have 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000 followers. The trick of course being to write interesting, useful tweets that people will want to retweet.

Twitter Marketing does have a specific focus and so will not answer everyone’s questions about every aspect of using Twitter. Having described some of what Mr. Saric’s eBook covers here are some things that it does not address:

  • Twitter’s role in the social media universe.
  • How Twitter compares to any other product or technology.
  • How Twitter functions as a service.
  • Where Twitter fits within the marketing spectrum.
  • The philosophical aspects of Twitter.

As mentioned earlier, this eBook focuses on the hands-on, tactical use of Twitter along with the use of a number of related applications and tools. Each chapter ends with a list of suggested Things To Do designed to further the reader’s understanding of the contents of the previous chapter. The eBook also includes a glossary of Twitter terms, and a list of 40+ links for additional useful Twitter information. Many of these links are referenced within the text.

The Value of the Twitter Marketing eBook

There are a large number of other articles, books, eBooks, and blog posts about Twitter currently available. The things I find most appealing about Mr. Saric’s eBook are: it’s very current, being an eBook it had no long publishing lead time; it’s very strong in proving a number of practical tips and suggestions that can be implemented immediately; and it is written in a very easy to understand and digest form that never tries to intimidate or impress. Twitter Marketing is a valuable, easy to implement resource that will help improve productivity and efficiency for most Twitter users.

The Twitter Marketing: How to Go Viral On Twitter eBook does not break any dramatically new ground. In reality most of the basic information could be found by spending many hours online combing through web sites and blogs, reading content that may or may not be well written, current or accurate, and then distilling out what is appropriate to your needs. And therein lays the true value of Mr. Saric’s eBook. For $20 the reader can save themselves many hours plus have a well written, very current resource that also contains 40+ links to further extending their knowledge on Twitter marketing and social media. For the sake of clarity, I actually paid for my copy of Twitter Marketing before I had any plans on writing a review. It was well worth the price.

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  1. says

    I have never really been into Twitter even though I understand the potential there. I have also not been able to achieve the maximum benefit many articulate. Maybe it’s me and maybe it’s Twitter, but we just don’t get along.

    You provide a good overview and insight though and who knows I might come around yet.

    Jay Zucks last blog post..Fear and Loathing: Vegas Lizard People #3

  2. says

    @Frank J: Glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, it does seem like some of the frenzy around Twitter has quieted a bit. However it also seems like people are now utlizing Twitter more effectively and gaining some real ROI and other benefits through methods like viral marketing. Should be interesting to see how Twitter evolves.
    You can also reach me on Twitter: @Mike_hts

  3. says

    @Kate Reynolds: I agree. Twitter provides some strong opportunities for growing a business. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    @Jay Zuck: Glad you found my post useful. Regarding having Twitter work for you, I think it’s helpful to have a goal in mind for what you want Twitter to do for you at the outset. Check out HowtoMakeMyBlog for some additional useful insights on Twitter.

    @bunnygotblog: You’re welcome. If you find you really want to dig in and use Twitter more you should consider “Twitter Marketing.” I don’t want to sound like a shill for Mr. Saric, but his eBook can save you lots of time in becoming more proficient with Twitter.

    @Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills: Excellent point. There are a number of strategies and tactics that can be applied in a somewhat similar manner to a range of social media sites. Depending on your goals, you can use these different social sites to reinforce your presence on each of them in a kind of holistic manner.

    You can reach me on Twitter: @Mike_hts

    Mike McEvoys last blog post..6 Common Computer Data Backup Mistakes

  4. says

    @irtiza104: Glad you found the post helpful. Best way to simplify the retweeting process is to use a different Twitter client such as TweetDeck which provides a “retweet” button. Clicking TweetDeck’s retweet button automatically copies the author and the tweet and puts RT in front of them for easy retweeting.

    Using the standard Twitter web client requires you to use a copy-and-paste process for retweeting.

    Reach me on Twitter: @Mike_hts

  5. says

    @Marko Saric: Hi Marko, you’re welcome. Glad you found the review enjoyable. You wrote a very helpful eBook and I felt it was worth letting people know more about it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with Twitter in a very accessible format.

  6. says

    @ Stephen – Rat Trap Race: You are obviously doing something rght on Twitter if you have 10,000 followers who are interested in what you have to say. “Twitter Marketing: How To Go Viral on Twitter” has some great information that could help you leverage the significant number of followers you have built up.
    You can reach me on Twitter: @Mike_hts

  7. says

    Get More from Twitter – Twitter Marketing eBook Review,while i have more than 1000 followers in twitter and seriously it very useful for taffic purpose.

  8. says

    I was trying to explain to someone the other day and like most things Twitter has a learning curve. Unfortunately, she didn’t get it. The difference between followers and friends and the timeline concept was too much for her.

    In this case, the goal was to understand twitter (which she still doesn’t…)

    jonathans last blog post..Give your customers a good listening too…

  9. says

    An e-book regarding twitter hmmm what can I say. I’m personally not a big fan of e-books. I see at digital point and other webmaster forums people selling links inside their e-books or selling ad spots for article etc… It seems to be a huge scamming industry and I just don’t want to become a sicker for something that won’t help me out anyways.

    p.s I’m following you on twitter :)

    bbrian017s last blog post..My First Official Blog in Advance Article

  10. says

    @bbrian017: I definitely hear your concerns about some of the low quality, free after sign-up, eBooks that are floating around the Internet. Some are 2, 3, 4 years old and of very little practical use.

    “Twitter Marketing” is vastly different. I mentioned a number of the items that provide real value in this eBook in my post. However you can also check out the quality of the author’s writing on his blog which includes some earlier posts about using Twitter along with a wealth of other information on blogging, writing, and social media. You can also view a 4-page sample of the “Twitter Marketing” eBook.

    I do understand your concerns with low-quality, dated, spammy type of eBooks, but I can also safely say that “Twitter Marketing” is quite well written and provides real value for Twitter users.

    Thanks for following me on Twitter.

    Mike McEvoys last blog post..6 Common Computer Data Backup Mistakes

  11. says

    @bbrian017 – Glad you liked my review of “Twitter Marketing”. I think you will find the eBook quite useful.

    @Landscapers Brisbane – Yes, it has been very interesting to see how Twitter and other social media are impacting journalism and in particular the role Twitter played in the Iran Conflict. It will be interesting to see how social media’s different roles evolve over time.

    @SEO Company – Thank you. Glad that you found my review of “Twitter Marketing” interesting and informative. If you are looking to build your knowledge of Twitter quickly and efficiently Mr. Saric’s eBook will be very helpful.

  12. says

    @rei99: Glad this post was helpful. Yes, retweeting is a powerful method of having your message reach new and different audiences that you might never have reached otherwise.

    @Love poems & Love Quotes: Yes there are a lot of tools available for Twiter and the number seems to be increasing everyday. Applications like TweetDeck, Seesmic and Twellow are only a few of the very useful free tools available.

    Also be sure to check out Twitter’s Advanced Search functionality. Not just the standard Search box but the actual “Advanced Search.” Many people overlook this.

    To get to Advanced Search go to the bottom of the Twitter web page and click on the Search link. Then click on the Advanced Search text link. Loads of options for tailoring your search.

    Mike McEvoys last blog post..Twitter eBook Review – Blog Guest Post on

  13. says

    I am hoping to gain some additional insight here from people who enjoy answer questions. I will add each of you that takes the time to answer and thank you on my Twitter stream.

  14. joel says

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    Twitter can help promote SMM-Interesting